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Why Sell on Etsy – Hayden Wilson of Singing Birds Art

January 29, 2020

Hi, my name is Hayden Wilson
and I’m owner of Singing Birds Art and I sell custom
watercolor pet portraits. I opened my store in Etsy in 2015. After graduating college, I worked for four years
at a screen printing company and that was while my husband
was in med school, and when he graduated,
we had a baby, and he started a new job and I quit my job. And to add to that,
the lady who raised me, her name was Martha, she passed away
when my daughter was six months old. We actually took my baby to meet her
right before she passed away, and she gave me
this little series of drawings I had done for her
when I was four years old and they were dynamite. Honoring her life and legacy, I did a little piece
for my daughter’s nursery. I blew up my drawings that I did
when I was four years old and that is what made me
start my Etsy store. It’s what made me want to create
for children and create for people and honor Martha’s life. I felt like I was connecting
to my daughter in the same way Martha connected to me and I wanted to bring my gift
and my talent into people’s homes. ♪ (music) ♪

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