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What to do BEFORE and AFTER you stream on Twitch!

August 24, 2019

What’s going on guys my name is gothix model and today i’m gonna be discussing my own personal flight checklist These are things that I do to prepare for my stream and things that I do immediately after I’m done streaming now This is a huge difference compared to a year ago When I first started on Twitch I would hit the live button do my stream and then go to bed One of the biggest excuses I have is I don’t have time. No you have time you need to prioritize and make time So let’s start on the night of your stream And if you guys don’t know I recently quit my job to pursue full-time streaming as of a week ago So this checklist is specific to what I’ve been doing literally for like that last eight or nine months Okay, so forty minutes before I go live, I would open up all of my programs So my voice meter banana my stream labs of yes my steam my chat BOTS I open up everything and I did this to make sure that there were no updates that needed to be made especially if you have Windows 10 because Windows 10 has a tendency to just say hey, I’m gonna no shit up and Update for 30 or 40 minutes. So make sure If you come home from work or whatever start updating all of your stuff Make sure there’s nothing else that needs to be downloaded before you actually start using the program. Okay? 30 minutes before you go live. I post all of my social media networks So that includes Twitter Facebook snapchat Instagram stories And when I mean Facebook, I mean like Facebook groups So 30 minutes before I go live posts to all of your social media Accounts letting people know that you’re gonna be live in 30 minutes be very specific 20 minutes before I go live. I grabbed everything I needed for my stream that includes any snacks Water my cell phone my cell phone charger everything Okay, ten minutes before I go live. I would power on my umbrella lights for my green screen Obviously if you don’t have a green screen, you don’t need to do this steps But if you have a green screen sometimes depending on the bulbs You might need to wait a little bit for the bulbs to warm up. So everything is lit evenly against your backdrop Also within the last 10 minutes of before starting my streams I use the bathroom Okay. So now you’re live at this point. I have a starting soon screen that runs for about five minutes What I do here is I have a button on my stream deck that I’ve configured. So when I press it it sends an Automatic gif and a tweet to Twitter with a few hashtags now This is a separate tweet. From what I had you post 30 minutes ago. So 30 minutes ago I actually would have posted a video of me saying I’m going live within 30 minutes now This is a gift saying hey, I’m live now and while I press that button my chat bot is also sending something to my twitch chat so that Anybody that’s watching me can click on a link and it’s gonna audit a tweet for them to send out to their followers So if you’re interested on how to auto-generate that suite I actually have a separate video that covers this I’ll put the link somewhere over here. Go check it out. Um okay, and so now Assuming that you’re live for a little bit Two hours into the stream. I have a separate button that does the same exact thing It sends another gift that is different than the first one that says Hey, I am still streaming or in still live and I also have different hashtags to use for this second tweet I usually do that. Like I said two hours into my stream I scream for hours at a time So you’re gonna have to adjust timeframe depending on you and at the same time it also sends another Message to my chats saying hey, are you enjoying the show? You can let your friends know that I’m live with that pre-generated Tweet that I said that you can check out in the other videos the last five minutes of your stream is super super crucial So we have to work very quickly We’re gonna be letting people know that we’re about to rate somebody and the reason that I save this information for the dead last is because if you tell people 15 minutes beforehand that you’re getting ready to raid someone Usually you’ll notice your viewership decrease because not everybody wants to hang out for the raids So always save this information for the very last portion of your street And so what I do is I have another button on my stream deck that I press and it sends out all of my social media links in the chat and it also spans several lines of my raid command that we’re gonna use for the rape in addition to That I also have a script that I use at the end of every single stream Um after you say it for a while it becomes like second nature to you So feel free to use it and tweak it for your needs but pretty much this is what I say again while I’m hitting that button so we can Send out those consecutive lines of text in my chat, so I go something like this Alright guys, it has been a pleasure hanging out with you tonight My name is gothics motto. I stream Mondays through Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time You can catch me on all of these social media sites Snapchat and discord is where you want to be if you want to see what I’m doing when I’m not streaming on Twitch We’re gonna rage Whatever whatever whatever streamer it is. So go ahead and copy that rage command in the chats And once again, I thank you so much for hanging out with me tonight. I really appreciate it And I will see you tomorrow at the same time 8 p.m. Eastern See you then and so pretty much like that So again tweak it to whatever information you have And the reason that I said snapchat and discord is where you want to be is you want to create this feeling of Exclusivity. Okay. So you want to say these two things if you really want to grow these two things Snapchat is freaking huge as far as promotion and I’m gonna talk about this in another YouTube video later on and discord, of course without even like it goes without saying you want to grow your discord So always try to plug in the two main platforms that you really want people to acknowledge And say okay. So after I give that script now we move on to the actual rate. So let’s say you successfully raid somebody Now you’re in their channel. You want to try and stay with them at? Least for 10 to 15 minutes get to know that streamer If you don’t know who they are Or interact with them already a lot of the times I get raised and people just boom just leave Instantly I get it. You have a busy life. I get it But if it’s someone that you’ve never met before get to know them cuz that’s networking Okay, because if you rate them, who knows they make no irate back to you someday But probably not if you don’t stick around and actually have a conversation Um, okay. So now that you’re Done with that. Let’s say you stay 10 to 15 minutes doing that and talking to them now You want to check your analytics? So I have stream elements in stream labs that send me automatic emails With my stats and I also check my twitch dashboard and check my stats very very important. Check your stats Daily, okay daily. Alright. So now that you’re done with your stats You are going to go to your discord or to your Twitter and thank people for hanging out with you. Very simple Thanks so much for hanging out with me. I had a blast this is it done. Okay now this next part is where I Sometimes be up until two o’clock in the morning So I would end my stream at midnight and sometimes I stay up till 2 a.m. Doing this. I would check my Clips to see if anybody clipped some hilarious stuff that I can use for the previous day And so if there are any funny clips if I remember that something hilarious happened during my streams I’ll kind of skim through the vaad and find out where that is and clip those So I clip those and I save them for the next day. I Personally have Dropbox on my phone You can use Google Drive upload that video that video to Google Drive or whatever. So you have it on the go So there’s no excuse to do these next two steps. So the next thing that has you saved all of your clips You’re going to post a tweet or you’re gonna post Post on Facebook wherever decide where you’re gonna post this clip, but whatever you do Don’t post it on all of your social media sites. We’re not doing that because once again, we’re trying to create this sense of exclusiveness on whatever site that you’re using So I usually do Twitter because I’ve had some crazy viral videos on Twitter lately So that’s what I do If you want to do Facebook groups, you can post as many Facebook groups as you want to keep it on Facebook. Okay, so during lunch time or during Let’s say 5 o’clock 4 o’clock when people are about to leave work Those are usually the prime time to post on social media alright So before I get to the last portion of this checklist I just want to let you know that this video is sponsored by movements. They offer premium watches at unbeatable prices So if you’re interested in leveling up your style without breaking the bank you can use my promo code gothics model for 50% off at Checkout. Ok. Now in addition to do that clip that you’re posting on whatever social media site you selected You also need to be posting on your main social site throughout the day. Ok. So we’re talking like Four to five times a day. You should be posting on social media and not just clips, you know Just like I don’t I don’t know motivational quotes are talking about your day asking a question creating some type of dialogue You don’t have to post on every single social media site throughout the day because that is just crazy Okay, pick your main platform and and post throughout the day So me I use Twitter, so I will always be on Twitter occasionally I’ll post on the other sites, but Twitter is my baby And so if you don’t have time, let’s say you’re at work. You’re in a corporate office. You don’t have time to use Twitter I don’t know you magically got diarrhea. So go to the stall, okay, and and keep posting I’m serious. Keep excusing yourself to the boom-boom room and stop posting on that Twitter. All right, because you you need a work okay, and now That’s pretty much it. Um, yeah, that is it honestly and I just keep please Recycling this over and over and over again My day to day. So again, it is totally possible to have social media engagement And it’s possible for you to do all of these before and after steps when you’re done streaming You just need to find a way to do it. So Again, don’t get fired from your job by going to the bathroom and doing all this stuff. I mean, that’s what I did. Um, but It’s you know Where there’s a will there’s a way take your lunch break to take your lunch break and post on social media find some time But that is it guys. I hope this video helped and yeah, if you have a suggestion for another video Please let me know in the comments and I’m gonna post like I said a link to that other Tutorial that I had about the automatic tweet somewhere below about but that is it. I will talk to you later. Bye you

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