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Victoria Monét “Moment” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

March 26, 2020

– There’s a guy that liked me for a really really long time, and there was never a
moment where we really got to like hit it off. And then also I’m the type
of person who really enjoys like the tease, like
give you a little flirt and then like hold off
and make you lowkey beg. So like this had been going
on for years and years. And so, we literally had a moment. It’s like those machines,
those fucking machines where you want that bear so bad and you can’t fucking pick it up. The claws are just like slipping past it. It’s me, baby. I’m the bear. Honestly, I got really
fucking high. I like came into the studio and I like the lights really low. And this day I had weed, I
had stopped smoking for awhile but this day I had weed. And I just like blacked out. And the rest was a breeze, like I honestly don’t recall much of like the thinking of the lyrics really. It’s kinda like I was in another space. In like a euphoric, is that a word? A euphoric situation. The strings definitely
brought it to another level, it feels very, it feels like
it belongs in a movie to me. Peter Lee Johnson plays the
strings and he’s so good. He makes it sound like I
had a whole string section but it’s literally just him
doubling it over and over. And like, I think it’s a level up of maturity for me musically. Especially because the
production is so elaborate and so, it feels expensive. When women or anybody sings along, they feel like the prize,
they feel like the queen, they feel like something important that someone really really wanted. Because you know those moments
when you’re like fucking and like it’s so intense
and someone’s so into it. And every moment feels so
delicate and important to them, it’s like dang, you
really wanted this, huh? That’s what it feels like. Someone really really
really values the moment that they’re having and it
brings you into it with them and it’s like, I’m really out here making somebody dream come true. That line is a specific instruction. Because this moment that I had, this person didn’t do very
good and I was like nigga? Get it together, pull out. Like I need you to be Denzel
in the “Flight” movie, land it, land it, you know what I mean? Like get out, in and out. Like I need this moment not
to last for nine months. I have plans, my ovaries
aren’t primed and ready. Like we can have fun, but like, don’t get me pregnant. When you’re being intimate with someone it should feel somewhat like,
and I’ve never taken shrooms but what I hear about it, it feels like an exaggeration
of everything that you feel. I want it to be that intense. And so I think when
you’re in your dream state anything is possibly and
that’s how I want sex to be. Like there’s really no limits, like this is a free sexual
space like we can do whatever. I mean not whatever, like that can go way left on the internet, I’m sorry. Not whatever, but like
most, a lot of things. A lot of things. I get really nervous when I finally get to where I have been
dreaming that I want to be. And I’ve been planning and working for it, and then the moment
comes and I’m like, fuck. Oh shit. So like that title of,
I’m like it’s your moment, like live in that. Right now for me though
feels like the most aligned I’ve ever been. As much as thought I should’ve
been wherever before, this is actually the right
time and the right place. And it is in my moment I feel. It’s just it’s weird, like so many things happening at one time and for
the song to be saying that and people saying it back to me now is making me feel like people
are manifesting for me, too. So it’s like, it’s really
cool to be able to have people saying the lyrics back to
me so I’m not the only one being like it’s my moment, it’s my moment. That line is like “Inception,” like a dream inside of a dream. But also, fall asleep in this thing, I’m rock you to sleep. It’s that energy. I wanted people who sing the song to be able to have those
lyrics to sing along to, too. And like have that type of confidence going into it, it’s like. I can switch it like special situations, but like I don’t just be
walking down the street like, you know what I mean? Like it’s not that energy, but like on stage or
like in bed I can like, there’s a switch. So like, these lyrics say that and like allow other people
to like have that switch too.

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  • Reply DarkRubeN0360 GamingYT March 24, 2020 at 10:41 am

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  • Reply Alessandro Hernandez March 24, 2020 at 11:02 am

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  • Reply Lassy March 24, 2020 at 11:26 am

    she gave a career to Ariana of course she's talented

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