"TRUTH IN RHYTHM" – Lisa Coleman (Prince), Part 1 of 3

May 19, 2019

hello and welcome to another edition of truth or rhythm brought to you by funky stuff net this is the interview show that gets deep in the pocket with contemporary music's foremost masters of the groove I'm your host Scott dr. jinx go find musicologist and author of everything is on the one the first guy to funk if you don't have your copy get on over to Amazon and pick one up you'll be so glad you did it's just cover to cover full of funk goodness makes a great gift to with your watching on our video format on YouTube or funky stuff that net or listening to the audio version through the podcasts on iTunes or other leading providers I thank you so very much for continued interest and support speaking of which subscribe if you haven't already done so subscribe to the funk except channel on YouTube that's where truth and rhythm lives and breathes and thrives and show us the support that we need and that you love the artists the funk R&B and jazz artists that are featured on this program thank you so much for that continued support featured in this episode is keyboardist singer composer producer Lisa Coleman a core member of Princeton Revolution band during his peak started mirrors of 1980 through 1986 she then formed a duo with fellow ex revolutionary guitar singer Wendy Melvin as Wendy and Lisa the pair continues to work together having also scored music for films and television Coleman has also contributed to several other noteworthy artist recordings just 19 when she connected with Prince Coleman took part in hundreds if not thousands of rehearsals recording sessions concerts after shows film and video shoots and TV appearances with a man widely viewed as modern times most gifted and accomplished musician among the classic albums from that period were dirty mining controversy 1989 Purple Rain around the world in a day in the parade parade key tracks and hits from those records and besides included head when you were mine let's work little red Corvette delirious dmsr lady cabdriver erotic City when doves cry let's go crazy darling Nicki Paisley Park raspberry she's always on my hair 17 days pop life kiss mountains leather lover hole in the head girls and boys and many more after the Revolution was dissolved Coleman and Melvin went on to release 5 out losses Wendy ELISA between 1987 2008 including their eponymous debut the featured their best churning newest single waterfall other catchy singles that failed to chart but we're still very very good included Honeyman Express and lolli lolli they also contributed music to movies like Deidre's minds and TV shows such as crossing Jordan heroes touch no tomorrow shades of blue and Nurse Jackie Coleman has also collaborated with artists such as Joni Mitchell seal Katie Lange when Stefani Bale Evette F deluxe and even Alice in Chains she continues to be very active today and after princess tragic 2016 death she reunited with all four fellow revolution members to perform tribute concerts dedicated to their fallen former leader Coleman talks about working with one of the most creative forces music has ever known and her special connection with him also the personalities and talents of the revolution some of the fantastic albums and classic songs of that period unforgettable memories and highlights including being taken lingerie shopping with Prince and Morris day to get her wardrobe when they first started when she first started with the group if you can imagine that and also dealing with the loss of Prince and carrying that torch forward and so much more so to put a twist on the opening Lawrence of computer blue lisa is a water warm enough then we shall begin I am so excited to welcome to the truth and rhythm show keyboardist singer composer producer Lisa Coleman who was a core member of Prince's band the revolution during the 1980s and went on to release several albums and other projects with fellow revolutionist Wendy Melville in under the name Wendy and Lisa Lisa so great to have you how are you doing today thank you it's great to be here I'm doing okay just been running around and I'm in LA so I just got out of my car which is you're either in your car or on your way to your car or on your way from your car so I'm a little a little frazzled from traffic I'm good this will be a nice way to sit down for a while gab and wine can chill yeah I spent my life up until 13 years ago in Los Angeles born and raised so oh really yeah yeah I'm a rare native that's crazy usually people move to here not from here yeah I'm the odd one well I started a family so that's what prompted that but yeah worthy cause so from there originally yeah I actually am i I'm I'm born I was born here my mother was born here too so I'm second generation my father was not born here though he was from Pennsylvania so but yeah I've lived here all my life so far and all over the world well I went to about sound like a high school so I'll give you an idea oh wow all right deep surf for what and I kind of went the other way there were the surfers and then I was part of the more like toward the the black culture and the funk music and all that yeah that's Larry and I dabbled in both I straddle the the worlds but I know you didn't you you still do I do you know I checked out your show and because I was I digress sorry but I was thinking about friends of distinction and I was seeing that song you know love or let me be lonely I love this song and then I noticed that he you interviewed one of the guys Elston yeah and that was that's so cool because I was thinking they're like overlooked too in a way you know it's like they should just be like they were amazing they were yeah I'm so glad that he's still around to tell that story I know that's so cool yeah yeah that was great to see so yeah I I was spying on you a little bit last week feel free whenever you want to I'm glad we could finally connect very very pleased and you know if I feel like I've had just about every keyboardist that's been part of the purple well except for you so I'm going to Clannad around that out Morris was on mat st. Paul Monti chef man so yeah Wow yeah that's crazy so I saved the best for last no doubt we're good and then have been late to the party all right you ready to test your memory banks a little bit yes let's go so Lisa who are your early musical heroes and inspirations before you ever connect you with Prince well it started so early that you know I could have a million answers to that and two of my heroes are my mom and dad because they were musicians as well my dad was a studio musician and my mom you know was a mom but she used to sing in clubs at night and she would have her voice lessons and stuff at the house like she had this guy that would come play the piano and and she would sing and that's how I got the idea that I wanted to play the piano was watching this guy and watching his hands like how how is he doing that that's it's like that's so cool if I just do the right shapes it'll come out just like that so I don't really left I went there it was really frustrating but other than that what's really funny is that when I got my first record player I think that was you know 1970 maybe something maybe 1971 1970 and the first three records I I bought were Stevie Wonder Innervisions Joni Mitchell blue I mean talking book talking book not intermissions it was talking book Joni Mitchell blue and lists b-minus from Sonata was our Burman and it's like I look back on that and just it was just so perfect like who who I am its Who I am the rest of my life I mean just those three and I mean I still love Stevie Wonder and listen to probably you know several times a week you know Joni Mitchell I had the great fortune of just seeing her the other day which was I mean I could I'm tearing up because that I thought we lost her for a minute there you know and oh my god it was just so amazing to see her and look in her eyes and you know are you okay and you know she's working on it she's he's okay you know but she's she's got some struggles ahead but she's just starting to play the piano a little bit again and so that that was amazing and she's such a huge part of my life and the fact that that prince had that same kind of love for her and that I connected with Prince so strongly it's just a it's something magical I I can't really name it it's it's just something I've been able to experience you know in in my life and I'm really lucky that when did you first meet her it was it was princess princess doing actually he III think I think it was the first time I don't remember having met her but he never wanted to have dinner with her and he invited her to his house for dinner and she accepted and he was so excited he called me and Wendy and he made me Wendy go pick her up and we were like okay we're like yay no aah what are we gonna do so that was the first time I met her I was just picking her a better house and you know this poor woman they had to get in the car with these two strange girls literally like oh my god is doing it was odd the mid-eighties about yeah yeah that was the mid-eighties 8485 something like that it was great and then she you know then we would hang out every once in a while and she would come out to see us and on the road and we used to go to her house and play Scrabble and pictionary I played pictionary with Joni Mitchell and I can't find that I wish I could find those pictures now yeah so get it back to those influences so you had the Stevie the journey and the classical what what was your level of playing sort of professionally before you get with Princeton I had just a little bit of experience I mean I had my band and we played in clubs around town and the one thing that I did have was a really good understanding of the work ethic and not only from being classically trained and you know just practicing all the time but my dad would take me to the studio with him sometimes and and he was a real studio musician like put the chart in front of you you know and count it in and play you know and he could do that and I saw him do that over and over again in these guys and very few women most of them were guys but amazing that they could just read charts and do like you know these four-hour sessions where they cut you know ten songs and you know that was like the Jackson 5's album or something you know they just did it so it was so I knew about that I knew how to do that and it was perfect to meet Prince who was such a maniac in the studio and just worked all the time and you know it was like the two worlds collide you know with the practicing constantly and like cutting records and and songs really fast because you know it's just if you got it you got it and you just gotta get it in that moment you know there's no demos you know it's just everything is real go boom sink or swim yeah so when Gayle left around I guess 1980 how did you come to find out about the opportunity and I'm assuming you auditioned and how'd that go yeah a friend of mine who I went to junior high with um she got a job working for Stefano Lee there was Prince's manager back then and and he put the word out that he needed someone you know a girl to replace kale and I am a girl yeah that part down yeah I mean that part could work and uh she's fine I she thought of me and told me about it and I didn't know her prince was at the time so I enlist I went and got his his records he is he had two records that by then and I was really impressed and like oh no who is this guy and um and then when I found out it was him like playing all the instruments like what does he need me for like what what's going on here but then they did present it to me initially like the met the management got in touch with innocent you know it'll be like a six weeks or two months kind of tour situation you go to Minneapolis and rehearse and then you know go out for you know a period of time and and that pretty much it and you know Here I am like doddering old woman and you know I'm still in the band exactly so that would be five so did you audition for Prince or I made a tape I sent him a cassette just a few songs I had written um you know and I sang and played the piano I wasn't that I lied and said the I sing all the time you know I'm a singer but I hadn't really I worked with someone else who and she was the singer I was always the one that wasn't listening but um but he really liked he really liked the tape he got it on his birthday which was really funny I remember talking to him on the phone and it was his birthday and he said what a great birthday present and and then I flew out to meet him in person and that's when he picked me up at the airport and started having second thoughts because as he tells the story I wouldn't look at him in the eyes and I was quiet and strange and he didn't know like this isn't gonna work out but you know I mean that's Prince dogging somebody that's the pot coming calling the kettle black right I mean he's strange and quiet even look anybody in the eyes and in fact after the band broke up I don't hear people say you're not allowed to look him in the eye right now it's a rule any right oh we got some classic projection maybe going on there I know see now you know but so we got to his house and he just he kind of pointed it like the pianos downstairs and he went to the phone to call his manager and say you know she's not the one send her home and I don't know what I was playing but he said he heard me playing some crazy chords and stuff and he he said nevermind and hung up the phone and came downstairs and we started playing together and then everything I was was okay pretty much what what type of music were you most deeply into at that point of your life Oh it's come that's a tough question probably more esoteric kind of things you know like electronic music and you know Stockhausen and John Cage and it was really giving you know because it was I was 19 and it was like you know jazz wasn't enough you know that's like that was too normal it was like you know push it to the edge so I was really interested in you know I mean there was a certain amount of like fusion jazz fusion than I liked but um even that got kind of cheesy pretty fast you know I I liked to punk rock better than I liked you know Chick Corea after a while even though I loved Korea you know but it was just like not in not enough you know mostly playing piano then or were you pretty into synthesizers and all the other stuff too um I was in I was into other things when I never I mean almost never I I it was kind of separate it was either piano or electronic I didn't I wasn't I didn't mix it up ever I don't know why but I just didn't and the piano for me was just so meat-and-potatoes necessary you know that I think I left it at home when I went to explore sometimes you know what I mean like I had to just be unencumbered because when I play the piano I play I tend to play everything but when you're a keyboard player and you're playing with other people you have to just play you know find your space and um and it's easy to do that if you're not if I'm not playing you know because I'm a pig like Oh left hand boom the bass player what are you doing sorry I was just rehoming that chord right there you don't mind oops so when did you when you were there and prints came to you and you were playing with him a little bit did he tell you then you had the gagry friend out later I found out later yeah he didn't tell me then he was still kind of checking me out and stuff and so I did go home and then I got the call like you're hired it was within a week and and then I moved out there within another week so it was like two weeks from from like idea to like I live in Minneapolis it was pretty fast that's quite a neat trick change in climate yeah it was definitely and I I was ignorant man I remember like Prince laughed at me one of the first gigs that we did was in Buffalo New York and and we landed during a blizzard and I have like this blazer on a turtleneck that was my winter garb and he wasn't a nice thing is that your coat where's your coat and he made me he made the road manager take me to the department store and buy a winter coat the next day winter column oh yeah yep I can relay that's what you know I'm gonna need of California to as I was telling you the first time I went to New York I showed up in winter just shorts off the plane and oh this is serious it's sorta like being a country bumpkin away you know cruellest so when you got the word though were you super excited or a little apprehensive er I was totally excited yeah I mean I had already lied and said I got the gig like you know to it like a stranger had a bus stop one day he's this guy was talking to me and I was like well yeah I'm just moving out of town cuz I play I play keyboards with Prince you haven't even heard no I did I did that was that was the one song I heard but I thought it I didn't know it was him I thought it was Sister Sledge honestly well I think the first time I heard soft and wet I probably thought it was a few arns yeah it was so pure it's like that's a dude not a dude though it was a creature so did you given any reason or or reak Uriel what happened with your predecessor I was curious yeah and they told me that she was very religious and that she became uncomfortable with the subject matter but they didn't really tell me about like the kissing on stage and stuff at first I didn't know about and I think it's a good thing they didn't tell me that because Wow I mean you went to so you know I Wow really and like Bobby's talks about it and just like poor gal like some nights Prince was just like kiss her friend just like minutes on end and like it was like God enough already it's close it freaked the band that kind of no I don't know how Gayle you know I mean I know she wasn't even really a keyboard player though – right it was sort of like she was a guitar player I don't know something like that but um well she ended up behind the keys she was she ended up behind the keyboard yeah yeah yeah for sure so in the when you came in there was everyone else already in place that would be what was des or Audrey still around her yeah there's an angry were we're still there yeah so they didn't stick around very long after you came in though right just like a year or something yeah about a year with on this was a little longer with Andre it surprised me too I remember when when he left the bat well Prince actually told me he came home I lived with Prince's girlfriend Kim up sure and so sometimes I say he came home because we all kind of live together like he do when you're in your 20s but he my one night and he said I fired Andre and I literally I laughed at him I was like you can't fire Andre like that he's your brother I mean what does that even mean you know he's like you yes I can and I did and he's not in the bed anymore we're gonna get a new bass player and we got a you know he got really serious you know we got to do this and get to be her slowly I think he was freaked out himself you know cuz he's just got a little bit warm mean try to like you know convince everyone that that was that had to happen oh I don't know I still wish that they would have repaired their relationship more earlier cuz they were you know yeah I mean you heard different stories you know heard that he Audrey left because he wanted to do more of his own thing and you know yeah well I mean it he was doing his thing that was his thing you know and it was just and I know how print prints was strong man you know I mean he was like you know wrestle you down and you know maybe Audrey was just sick of competing you know I mean I don't know what Lisa what were your like early impressions of prints both as you know a guy and as a musician I'm I was I felt like he was somebody special but he was definitely on a path I mean as a kid i I had been around you know like I had gone to like sly stones house or the Mamas and Papas like my dad played with people and I go to their house sometimes and they'd have a studio in their house and I just remember like there was a sense and I've was a feeling and a spent I smell even like of the studio and Mike Cologne and like somebody's busy here doing being a stalker you know like even just acting like one and um he had that feeling around him you know he was he me he could he could just make me feel like things were gonna happen even if you were just like sitting around waiting for the bus I just I believed him like I totally like oh yeah he's yeah Prince oh yeah for sure it's gonna make it yeah yeah I mean it was just kind of palatable I mean I think everyone who met him and just was around him you you know he he had an energy that was it's kind of different I'm really powerful you know just whatever mood he was in could you know dictate whatever mood everybody cuz it you know so that was difficult sometimes when he was under a lot of pressure and you know would be really hard on the band and stuff and sometimes we try to lighten it up and just be his friends and you know like I had you know fuck that don't worry about that stuff you know but if it but if he wasn't into hearing it just really kill kill the mood and everyone was how much did he sort of direct or dictate you know what you would do as a keyboard player within the band early on um at first he just was like just play your parts I can't talk like Matt had a lot to do with like teaching me what Gail used to do okay I played this string part on that song you know this organ part I mess up and it was all really easy and I read one of my first gigs I kind of he gave me a solo on the piano which I didn't expect and then for some reason after my solo all of a sudden I started just playing like extra stuff I wasn't just king of my parts on the songs I was just like jamming and he was you've got kind of happy last night [Laughter] yeah stick to your parts so at first it was about sticking to the parts you know um and that's why I used to take a yo-yo on stage and about that's how I would express my like I'm so bored back here I'm playing with a yo-yo while I play your stupid parts I was a brat what was there a particular song early on that was a little harder maybe than the rest or more challenging or you just kind of fell in line with all of it no I think the hardest part was being getting the coordination together to do the background vocals and play like two parts I had to really learn in slow motion and just like which finger goes first and then you say the word free and it was like that was hard for me at first and then he added in you know the front line did Corey but you know what are you gonna do in the back turn your head this place so yeah how did ya how did you avoid having him give you a nickname he kept Lisa Lisa was fine right yeah I was a four-letter word did he ever actually get on the keyboard and personally show you how to place her purse or was it pretty much math that kind of shows me um no yeah Prince would he would do it sometimes or he would get an idea far apart and come up to my middle station and error try something like this you know I loved I loved it when he did that because I loved watching his hands and he just had a way of finding the funk you know the space so I always was like yeah you do it you know um so yeah that would happen because usually he'd ask first like what do you what do you got you know like something like this and if it was cool it like okay cool or maybe it would have it would be half cool and then he'd come out the mic well show me what you were doing and then he'd do it kind of his way and we started doing that more and more and it was so even now I'm still discovering how how much we had in common we used to accidentally write the same things and like oh my god I just wrote that yesterday I played this extreme part for something we were working on and he was like oh my god that was I just did that yesterday for Sheena Easton song you know it's like we did these same we heard things very similarly and I think our hands kind of felt the same on the key but I don't know that's a weird thing to say but yeah I understand you had this connection I had a thought and it just passed but so the first director that you actually appear on you you did something on under D mind is that yes yeah so you're suddenly in the photo there there I am yeah so now what did you was the first thing you got to do in the studio with Prince um that's so funny because it it was head it was the the Virgin dialogue I'm just a virgin and I'm on my way to thee Wed and you know there are was learning of Mozart concerto you know at home I had to go to the studio mom and dad I'll be back later I'm just on my way but I thought that was cool you know and my parents were like they were cool they were you know they thought prince was super talented otherwise they would have gone what are you doing how many takes to take you just to get that intonation the way he wanted on that oh it didn't take much I just did it a couple times I think I think he liked the how naive I sounded cuz I wasn't totally going sexy even you know like if I listen to it now it's like I said a little bit sarcastic ah struck me as being sort of like a little cool and detached kind of vibes yeah and I think it's just because I didn't know and I wasn't all that and I wasn't all like I'm just a virgin baby and you know wasn't but that didn't fit the part you know I think he was pleased that you know I was just a 19 year old kind of country bumpkin from Hollywood but were you on other things on that record yeah I think later on at his house I think I was done party up just little things background vocals and and claps I didn't do any plane that I remember unless it was party up because I remember that was that was in his basement like in a on a 16 track reel to reel and it was one of the first times I was there and I mean I think and the guys started laughing at me and kind I bet he never thought she'd being some guys basement doing hand claps to already you know he's from Hollywood me and I was having fun and I thought it was great did Prince suggested direct you like an under oath higher or did you kind of come up with on your owner oh yeah that was that was the fight that we had all the time he was you know because it was he wanted the lingerie thing and um and I really it was like that didn't speak to me in any kind of way and so but my compromise in the beginning was and this was more you know I wore jeans and a bra and I had that raincoat like and so I'd take off the raincoat during the Virgin thing and Channel and I just have a bra and jeans and so he thought that was doable but it didn't last long next thing cut to like a year later and he calls me up and yeah they have to go shopping like oh okay mmm and he picked me up with Morris day and Prince and Morris Day took me lingerie shopping well oh my god I and I live to tell the story telling you is brutal man just imagine that everything I tried on and come out and they're like laughing and being white blue bags I don't know what they were saying and I was just like mortified and mm-hmm but they must have liked it because they made me buy it and Prince Luna let me go on stage a fight with like it I don't think he would well they stopped short of the vanity 6 thing but right I don't want to go to fuck yeah cuz I you know I mean I was a feminist I mean I'm still a feminist you know just by nature it's it's not even like a thought process to me you know so it was fair it was odd for me to put on those things as you know I needed to know what my motivation was you know like why what does that mean is it is it what kind of statement am i making or am I just being the sexy you know sex thing because that was good enough for him at the time or are you doing it because you're empowered as a woman and that's what you choose to do yeah well that was how we have to spin it right this is my power and it's part of my power but on top of that I knew that I had to play better than ever so I wanted like harder keyboard parts and I wanted solos again you know now feature me now you know showed this girl in lingerie that could pair it up you know not just like being a bear yeah oh you know that became mine I was my mission give you a little more chip on your shoulder or something yeah I want to ask you two questions about the musical part of it one is how did you decide you know part wise what Matt would play and what you would play since you're two keyboard players and the other is you know your background did not sound like you really you know came from a funk place and funk is so much about feel and space and the groove so how did you you know find the funk and and how did you determine the arrangements with Matt a great question because my my like position evolved at first bat would handle like the piano parts you know like the the meteor parts and I would just do like around the world but my prince got to know me and he he found the funk in me kind of because he would come up and tell me to play try this part and then I would play it and I think it really impressed him I you go wow because then all of a sudden I was playing like all the funky like little background parts you know about you know all the songs you know like a little organ a little funky organ part or clapping at or something and then Matt was kind of assigned to the parts you know the string part and or you know piano part or whatever but then I started you know my chordal sensibility was really kind of abstract so I could play like those funk things and then start stretching it out harmonically and that really turned prints on and and then I moved into doing things like doing little string arrangements and stuffs that kind of decorated the music a little more you know and because he liked the way I heard things and you know I don't know how I found the funk it's the funk found me because I remember even as a kid cuz I've always been I've always improvised I didn't know what that was until I grew up and now I improvise like that's a religion to me but I just when I was a kid my next-door neighbor had a band yeah the boy next door and he came over one day I said we'd be in my band you're so funky and I was like I'm not funky I even said no I'm not funky I can't be in here and I turned him down and you know I was like that so weird that he asked me and said I was funky you know and um I blame my father because he was a percussionist he played on Motown Records so you can avoid picking up some of that rhythm exactly so so yeah Prince I learned so much from him and then we we met in the middle and we shared so much you know I I don't know how to ever describe that but a lot of people got to hear a lot of good music and they're still about in the vault that can be heard things that we did and experiments we did and yeah I miss him it's like losing a brother to me yeah you played a huge role just in my family I met my wife I've said this story many times but I met my wife because of him my son is indirectly named after him oh wow it's just you know yeah I've like a brother to to me and and my wife – Wow yeah we can't we can't believe it's happened still I know I know it seems it's still unbelievable still just you can come out now yeah we get it was was eight I saw the show at the at the Coliseum where he opened for the stones and got knocked off the stage was that one of your first shows or how many had you done it before before that happened yeah that was that was kind of my second my second tour like my you know my second year of college that bad gig was ground marks very first gig with us yeah that was his and he didn't know who the stones were he was kind of so who we were opening for what yeah the Rolling Stones he was like who are they well you know the release he didn't really know I'm not familiar with them but that was his first gig and you know he got you know whatever it was two songs in and you got an orange right to the bass head and Baron did be tuned his bass and like oh is this like this is gonna be like guys did that chicken wire up there yeah exactly I I was mortified because I had been bragging to all of my friends about how great Princeton you guys were and and I'm like okay let's see this guy you know and me we all went and then that happened like I'm telling you you know what was it like to be in the audience and see bad well personally I was completely disgusted you know I mean I thought it was I thought if there was a racial element to it frankly and I was just really appalled by it you know and I felt like even he tried to in my mind try to maybe go a little more Hendrix even to try to win them over on that show with he was like really heavy to the guitar and stuff and they still did give him a chance yeah I know you know we changed the set because we came back but for the second show two days later yes and we changed the scent and everything when it's still they've been in care by that time they were just like they just wanted to hate us him or you know just became a sport like the second gig let's get pretty well those those same friends though they were all like after Purple Rain they're like oh they're forgets guy you were always saying you know but then I saw the show just a few months later at the Santa Monica Civic yeah and that was just phenomenal because I felt like he could come back to reclaim what was his you know debacle at the Coliseum yeah that Civic show is kicked ass I mean it was short but it was so tight and I'll never forget one part where he was playing the guitar and the keyboar at the same time I think during head it was just awesome Wow yeah yeah I remember that kid that I remember he asked me for a classical CD to play before the gig he wanted classical music playing or whatever reason was just interesting after having you know come from a riot at the Coliseum

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  • Reply ccfunk1 May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Thought I 'd listen again tonight. I 'm used to watching on Wendesday

  • Reply Marsellus Wallace May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    I'm waiting for the Jesse Johnson interview with his band the Revue.

  • Reply KayBee May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm


  • Reply ThaStriker May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Met Lisa @ the Ascap gathering a few years back. She was really nice 2 me and she gave me a hug.. Love me some Lisa C!! Thank U 4 this interview!!

  • Reply Adrian Lyord May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    She's very Talented and Cute ! Thank you very good interview!

  • Reply Raheem Sabastian May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    She thought Sister Sledge sung I wanna be your lover! Awesome 😂 good I love Lisa I swear!!!

  • Reply Raheem Sabastian May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Lisa's Joni story 😂 "I played pictionary with Joni Mitchell!" 🤣🤣🤣 So glad she's seen Joni recently.

  • Reply Cynthia Garrett May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Beautiful interview. I teared up a little when she mentioned about Prince bringing so much love and joy to the world. And the Revolution helping everyone heal. She is so talented. Beautiful person. Beautiful soul. Thank you.

  • Reply matt barnett May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    i love lisa!

  • Reply ccfunk1 May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    So great to hear from Lisa Coleman!!!!!!!

  • Reply Relaxation Station May 19, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Absolutely Wonderful Interview, I've been waiting for decades for an interview with Lisa Coleman.

    I always thought that Lisa was extremely attractive, I totally loved the fit and finish of her work and Prince seemed to have Jill sing backup on songs in lieu of Lisa and it was always very difficult for me to tell their voices apart.

    For me, the big question that absolutely no one ever asks any long time associates of Prince is, "Do you think that Prince was mentally ill?"

    I was married to a Japanese woman for 23 years and for 12 of those 23 years I dealt with her extremely taxing Multiple Personality Disorder / Disassociative Identity Disorder and many of the stories that people who worked with Prince, even when they were junior high school student band members, remind me so much of her being very different personalities literally every time that I saw her.

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    Why can't I watch this

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