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The Masked Singer’s BIGGEST Surprises! | WHAT THEY GOT RIGHT

January 29, 2020

– Hello, all you
singing fanatics. It’s time to announce
your host for today. It is me, Samantha! And today, we’re talking
about “The Masked Singer.” “The Masked Singer” has
taken America by storm. In two short seasons,
it has become one of the most popular
singing contests on TV. I can’t wait to
tell you four ways this show hits perfect notes. This is what they got right
with “The Masked Singer”. ♪ Wanna know who’s on stage ♪ ♪ You gotta sit tight ♪ ♪ It’s “The Masked Singer”
on “What They Got Right” ♪ – To start off, it was amazing that they even brought “The
Masked Singer” to America in the first place. The show originally
started in Korea, where it was called
“King of Masked Singer.” Then it moved to China,
Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, before finally
coming to the States. America, first in business, but fifth in singing
through masks. (horn blows sadly) The decision to bring
the show to the States was made in a Thai
food restaurant? I’ll take a chicken curry
and a hit TV show, please. The executive producer
saw an episode of Thailand’s “Masked Singer” while eating at a
Thai restaurant. He was so impressed he immediately brought
the show to the states. (man belching) Well, not immediately. He first probably
finished his meal. I mean, Thai food is delicious. They second thing they got right was they kept the
show’s star power. The Korean version
brings in talent from the biggest K-pop bands. It even had Jungkook from BTS. If you’ll excuse
me for a moment. I love BTS so much! Sorry. Just had to get that out. The American version
had a lot to live up to, but it totally has, with stars like Michelle
Williams, T-Pain, and Ninja. If you’ll excuse
me for a second. I love Ninja so much! The third thing they got right
with the American version is they made it a
season-long competition. In the original version, two singers would
go head and head, and the winner would
face the current champion for the title of king. All of this would take place
over only two episodes. Unmasking a singer we’ve
only seen for two episodes is cool, but unmasking a singer we’ve seen for a whole season? That’s giant golden
peacock cool! (peacock squawking) The final way they got
“The Masked Singer” right, they got serious about
keeping those singers hidden. The American version
singers go all out, with extravagant
full-body costumes. But the original version just
basically focused on a mask. Obviously that’s Junkook. But it would take a
mask the size of a house for me to not recognize
a member of BTS. I love BTS so much! Due to all that hard work, “The Masked Singer” has become
one of the most popular shows on TV. In fact, season three is
just around the corner, which means I have to start
working on my audition. I should try singing
through a mask. ♪ Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi ♪ Wow, this is harder
than I thought.

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