THE KINGS | BTS NBC World Of Dance Season 3 Qualifiers | Reaction!

June 2, 2019

I'm jabbing away joined by a chart Kirk and we are looking at behind the scenes NBC World of Dance season three qualifiers performance the Kings this comes from Kings United India official the YouTube channel so here we go let's check this out it has been really long journey values of hard work struggle dedication passion from entire team to read so far is too much data to use so much of success on national and international level and finally after all this achievement it was time for the king we don't have subtitles sorry aha [Laughter] the second test instead we this is the King's cabbage but excitement kisaki body responsibilities are to keep the Kings se team Geno nature because we could represent Poochyena coach achieved here solo gavotte immediately home safe – my name is a partial banana to be on my first time stays realistic dragon zombie hamari mulecada mopping will knock a sub say but he could refers him Napoleon and Tabitha didn't look nappytabs can on CB jungle after seeing of our ovens for the first time they literally went crazy I mean they were clueless like how to respond to our performance and Napoleon he called us together and how Monaco's have to give confident it was powerful economy switchgear another or what strongly choreography at our journey so finally a backstage editing job imperative to marry the magnet Kumari ten years ago flashback Amara journey Amara ups and downs struggles and all the success also sorry cheesy Exedy Mach molarity or AB Hawaii Verity de Miyako but Aniki king's comment [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay [Applause] that's dough yeah not supposed to be possible he'd be five gravity move had a better button at the end it was like ooh pop oh now what just dance defying moves I'm blown away so just giovanna commensurate directly no matter performance they kick and they come on you are the kings this compliment really meant a lot to us because yeti-ism never forget Akari Tiki I'm saying I'm taking me we are the Americans all right guys we have the scores back then you need an 85 better to get your tools down two point three points down the qualifying score the 85 or Kings cos 47 [Applause] so pilaster felony as a champion top scorer and develop qualify as men achieve Korea and if you get all the other Saturday tomorrow next wrong obviously there was a lot spoken in there that we didn't understand but I think we got a good sense of the gist I think a lot of what they were saying was that they were very proud to be able to represent India on the world stage and there was a lot of responsibility about that no I mean I got all I got I got the the broad-strokes right a general feeling but there was a lot of nuance and specificity in what they were saying where I was like oh gosh I'd known if I'd known in advance it was a lot of like Hindi in there I would have asked someone but it doesn't matter I mean I nevertheless I got the gist of what they were saying but I do wish that I could have understood you know some of the specifics I was actually hoping to see more of the behind the scenes like of their rehearsals and right yeah they showed us just like glimpses of it I'm like no but that's that's what I came here for probably don't want to give too much away right because that's their secret sauce no it's all been out there I mean they show it on live television yeah but like you just see the end result yeah you see the magic behind the end result when you're looking at stuff through the lens of like the final product it's given to you in a very specific way but I wanted to see it from the angle of just like something candid when it's removed where you're looking at it through the world of dance you know what I'm saying even though it's all real there's still a bit of artifice to it because you're looking at like an edited product but even just a little bit they showed us of the rehearsal behind the scenes that candid camera kind of thing if almost felt like you were there like it was more real just kind of this fly on the walls is looking at this happen and that's amazing because you're seeing it from a different perspective that allows you to appreciate it on a deeper level and in a way and maybe it would have been cool to see them try and fail and try again or maybe they just never fail maybe they just nail it every single time yeah seeing that actually what you're talking about is also interesting to me that's why I included in some of my recent gymnastics flipping videos is that people often forget the trial and error involved in getting to that level and so that's why I've made it a point to include mistakes in my videos cuz I'm I I used to be the kind of dude who he's like no I'm only gonna show the good stuff it's like well that's not interesting what's interesting is seeing the progression of how you got there that's that's what I wanted to see here is where they made mistakes where they went wrong and how they overcame those mistakes those hurdles that is inspiring to to see people come out there and come out the other side of mistakes and and be amazing that's what I was really intrigued with what do I clicked on this and wanted to share my reaction with you guys because I was really hoping to see some of that stuff what I also enjoyed was the camaraderie that they all kind of have together that brother the Brotherhood they have I was surprised to learn just how open and transparent everything kind of is between the dance groups that you see different groups rehearsing and they kind of vibing off each other on the bus like these different dance groups I mean of course there is a rivalry in in the sense of like we're going up against you guys in this big dance competition but I think there's also a sense of friendship and camaraderie like you said because they're all in this together and many of them have different dance styles when you love dance you just love dance you know and it's fun to be with other people who love to dance as well anyone can appreciate a great dancer or a great dance act so I definitely felt that from watching the episodes right one of the interesting things that we missed out on was what they were up against and they kind of gave you a glimpse of it here between the different dance troupes or groups partners there was like twin dancers and whatnot that looked really interesting and all that stuff was super cool that I almost wish I could have seen along with the Kings like watch it in process yeah because then you have a deeper appreciation for what they were up against and how they were I mean maybe they just completely obliterated the competition anyway but to see it is still cool to see who they were competing against because even the little snippets they showed us I was actually kind of blown away having studied ballet recently I'm like whoa I get that on a deeper level why if those moves are so incredible what they're doing is so amazing because it's easy to watch a fight scene for instance or watch a dance and be like oh but that's great that's amazing but to study it and watch it you have I think a different kind of appreciation for it because you know the pain involved with getting to that stage every time they were doing a crazy move on like I wonder I wanted to see the failures because I've experienced the failures and it's it's always uplifting to see people who who you appreciate and look up to like you know I obviously we appreciate the Kings it's inspiring like I said a moment ago to see the trials that they go through and they mentioned a little bit about that as well you get a good sense of their journey how far they've come was like twelve years or ten years of hard work to get to being the champions on NBC's world of dance I also a super excited in the beginning when I saw them at the world Hip Hop Dance Championships or something cuz I used to go watch that for like a couple years back in the day and that was always a good time so it's nice to see how they've come so far going to different dance competitions and then finally getting this big one I liked how he remarked about one of the judges saying you guys are the kings yeah you know like living up to the name yeah I think I imagine that's the gist of what he was saying in his Indy because I didn't understand it I've got glimpses of English there but in his body language so I'm imagining that's essentially what he was communicating was that we're living up to the name of the king we are the kings you know I mean they stole the competition it's what it looks like anyhow you guys thanks so much for hanging out with us hopefully you enjoyed our reaction even though we didn't understand most of the Hindi in there just subscribe if you haven't already and follow a chart kirk demicco a on the social media Instagram Twitter all those good things check out our other reactions reviews short films vlogs interviews I am javi coy this is a shower cook

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  • Reply ADVAIT NAMBIAR June 2, 2019 at 9:39 am

    if you watch cricket , pls react to ms dhoni stumpings

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    a movie will be made on their journey of winning the world of dance. watch it it will be an ABCD sequel.

  • Reply Jenny Sapam June 2, 2019 at 9:39 am

    Please do the other behind the scenes as well. They struggle alot before every routine. They almost got disqualified at every routine. There was injuries and fracture legs everytime. But yet they came over every obstacles and difficulties. You would have known if you watch the full show. They deserve to win it more than anyone. 😄

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  • Reply NITESH NAIK June 2, 2019 at 9:39 am

    I am just waiting when JABY will go on World of Dance . (Warrior Music in background)

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  • Reply FASEEH FAISAL June 2, 2019 at 9:39 am

    Please react to 50Facts you should know about the kings. Remember there are two versions hindi and english

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    I love how u guys were laughing as if u understood what they were saying even though u didn't 😂😂 goes to show how contagious a smile/laugh is 😂😂😂

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  • Reply Janhit Sandesh RG June 2, 2019 at 9:39 am

    U R DOLL

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    Throwing shoes is regarded as disrespect in India

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    Achara means Pickle in Hindi

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    They have one more videos..please react on that also. 😀

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    Need to learn hindi, now… What are you waiting for!! Some day you have 2-3 million subscribers , it's your responsibility now to learn hindi for them

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    When you strike at the king you must kill him

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    The king's performance makes World of dance femous worldwide

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  • Reply Rax Tax June 2, 2019 at 9:39 am

    I agree with jaby's point . Where they failed and having that failure how they grew to this amazing dancer group. The injury and still standing strong on the stage with pain shoild have shown. Well actually jaby and achara, this very group was once a single group with V-unbeatable who was at AGT lately. .

  • Reply Devendra K Dharmadhikari June 2, 2019 at 9:39 am

    You are both nuts!!!😂😂

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