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The Irish Adele Singers Are Here to Perform!

September 11, 2019

Over 10 million of you listened to our
next guest sing a medley of Adele songs from their home in Ireland, and then just
a couple of days later while they were at Adele’s concert, she surprised them and
called them to stage to perform. All the way from Dublin, Ireland,
please welcome Glenn and Ronin. I mean,
this is what a crazy experience for you. So you post this on YouTube,
you get all these views, which is very exciting and
that enough would be enough. Then you go to see her in concert,
and did you have any idea, or you must have been thinking
what if she calls us on stage.>>Well, a lot of people had said to us,
she’s definitely gonna do this, she’s definitely gonna do that. But obviously, you would never
allow yourself to think that, and when we got there we saw our seats and
they were really far from the stage. So, we said no we’re fine.>>There’s no way we could
possibly be called over.>>I’m just gonna enjoy the concert.>>And then yeah, and then it happened.>>It was amazing.>>So you’re just like, you’re literally.>>That was before we knew.>>We were just excited to be there.>>You’re in a balcony, is that how high?>>Yeah, that’s how far away we were.>>Wow, so you had to run
from a balcony and then sing?>>Pretty much.>>Well, what happened was,
do you wanna say it? She was talking.>>She talked between every song in
the show, just saying different things. And at one point she said, so
I spend a lot of time online, and during the week I saw this thing and me
and Glenn like grabbed each other going, this could be the video maybe and
anyway it was about online shopping or something stupid, and we were like.>>She’s talking about her favorite songs.>>False alarm.
>>But then later on in the concert, she said, so I saw this video yesterday. And when we heard the word video,
we went okay, this might be it. And she said, of these two Irish guys,
their names are Glenn and Ronin so we stood up in our seats. And we were like waving, waving, waving
really crazily and she was like, and they’re here tonight, and
they’re gonna come up on stage now. And we both were like, what?>>Frozen.>>Like, my God and then the next thing we knew we were
running down these flights of stairs, like five flights of stairs, I have
never cursed as much in my entire life.>>[LAUGH]
>>In those 20 seconds.>>Ronin was so cool, and
I was like, my God, my god, my God.>>Well cuz I was trying to be calm for the both of use being like right,
there’s not time for nerves here.>>But then, prior to that, we had seen
the likes of, there was Bono, The Edge, Colin Farrell and Hozier sitting in
the rows just literally in front of us. So that started to sink in and I was like,
no there’s a need to be nervous here. This is scary, so yeah.>>My god, she’s amazing.>>Yeah, she is amazing.
>>What an incredible thing to do for anyone.>>Yeah, she’s obviously brilliantly
talented and a lovely, lovely person. What an experience. So here’s the thing. I know that you’re gonna perform a little
later, but you wanted Ellen underwear.>>[LAUGH]
>>Well I made you a special pair of.>>No way.>>My God.
>>For both of you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Amazing, amazing. Thank you so much.>>Thank you!>>Thank you so much. Thank you.
I wanna put them on now.>>Also, I know you wanted to go shop in
the Ellen Shop because there were some things you wanted to buy. So I thought I would give you just
about everything from the Ellen Shop->>No way!>>So all that’s going to you.>>My God.>>My God
>>Thank you so much! My gosh!>>We are just gonna be so fly! All our friends are gonna be so
jealous, this is amazing.>>All right, we’ll take a break, and
then you’re gonna perform for us. Here to perform a medley of Adele’s
Someone Like You, and When We Were Young, Glenn and Ronin.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]

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