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July 10, 2019

all right welcome back friends so in today's video we're gonna do things a bit different today I want to talk about one of the most important principles that every artist a creative person should know about and along with that you can watch me paint my little companion Mew into my sketchbook so without further ado let's start talking about one of the greatest art advisors out there okay so 80% of what we do is pretty much pointless what how so you ask well one thing after another so in 1906 the Italian economist vilfredo pareto created a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country and what he found was that 20% of the people owned and produced 80 percent of the wealth in his country and later he also noticed this unequal distribution his own garden when he realized that 20% of the peoples contained 80 percent of the piece over the following decades many other people have observed similar phenomena in different areas and this has later become recognized as a universal principle called the vital few and the trivial many today this is known as the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule and it is one of the most important and helpful principles to know about to be more effective and productive and also to be a bit happier so what exactly is the 80/20 rule it's actually quite simple the Pareto principle states that approximately 80% of all effects come from roughly 20% of the causes or in other words most of what we do roughly 80% as little to no effect the main idea is to realize that a small number of causes produce a large percentage of the effect and this is something that applies to our professional as well as our personal lives here are some examples of how the 80/20 rule applies in real life that might sound very familiar to some of you 80% of the time is spent on 20% of the apps on your phone 20% of the shows you watch account for 80% of your enjoyment 20% of your clients create 80% of your income or on the other hand 80% of the complain come from 20% of your clients the Pareto principle can be found in all areas of our lives I mean this is probably even true for wearing your shoes you probably wear 20% of the shoes you own 80% of the time once you start looking you will see it everywhere and what's so great about it is that it often means that by focusing on just 20% of what's wrong we can expect to solve 80% of the problems now don't get too caught up on the exact numbers here the numbers don't always have to be 8020 and they also don't always have to add up to 100% 100% of your income can also come from 10% of your collectors it's not a mathematical law it's a rule of thumb the point isn't the exact numbers but how more often than not things aren't distributed equally and they usually aren't one way of applying the 8020 rule to your life could simply be to ask yourself this question what is the 20% of my day that is producing 80% of my happiness and most of us will probably realize that indeed the majority of the things that we enjoy doing or that make us happy happen in a time span of a few hours maybe the last few hours of the day figuring out when those hours are and how we spent them ultimately allows us to consciously focus on them and therefore maximize happiness if you realize that you are most happy in the few hours of the work when you go out for dinner with friends you should do that more often if you have the most fun watching a TV show in the evening well then you should spend some time and energy on making that experience the best it can be you will find the Pareto principle in all areas of your life but since we're talking about it in the context of being an artist and creating art let's talk about some practical ways we can apply this principle to our daily lives so let's start with the example of creating a piece of art and since I'm a painter I will go with the example of creating a painting so when I start a painting it actually doesn't take much time to get a good impression of how the finished painting will look like and at some point in the process the painting stops going through major changes once I filled out the whole painting surface and everything is in its place the changes start to become so menu that they sometimes only become a pair when viewed up close or than viewed in direct comparison to the earlier stages in the process which basically never happens of course you can put all your efforts into one painting and try to get 100% of the results but you can also spend just 20% of your time and effort and get 80% of the results many will say that it's totally worth it if you put everything you have into one piece you're working on and sure the end result can be great if everything works out which is never guaranteed but the question is is it worth more than having five pieces of art of which some are almost as good and maybe a couple even just as good or is it worth more than having created two pieces of art and having a whole bunch of free time that you can spend on doing other things that make you happy I think in everyday life for the most part at least the answer is clear instead of spending one week on creating a piece of art spend one day on sketching and collecting ideas and then four days on realizing a couple of the most promising ones and on the other two days you spend your time with your family and friends or do whatever else makes you happy working this way doesn't only produce a much higher volume of high quality work but you're also focusing your energy on what's most promising and effective the point is to realize that you have the option to focus on the important 20% and not waste all your time and energy on the things that have very little significance if you're a beginner and you're just starting out you can focus your energies on the things that will bring you the most bang for your buck do you really need to be able to draw and paint everything in every medium and style well no not when you're starting out figure out what's most important in case of drawing and painting it's the ability to capture likeness and lighting situations so basically getting better at drawing and painting in black and white is the best thing you can do and once you understand that you can start to focus 80% of your time on developing these skills instead of spending it on a bunch of things that ultimately aren't as important but do you ever find yourself working all day but at the end of the day you look back and you realize you haven't achieved much that's productive well this happens because 20% of the important things often end up taking 80% of our time a good way to solve this issue is to at the start of the day make a list of maybe 10 things you have to do or work on then you go through your list and find out what the three or two most valuable or important things are and once you've figured that out you can spend 80% of your time working on those things this way even if you don't get everything done to make sure that whatever you get done is most productive so as you can see the Pareto principle doesn't imply that you shouldn't spend a lot of time on one project or task it rather means that you don't get caught up in the 80% that won't really make much of a difference in fact the Pareto principle doesn't even suggest you work less it just indicates that you need to focus your efforts and only work hard in areas that matter most now I would be remiss if I didn't mention that there's also a time and place for perfectionism or spending all your time and effort on one specific task perfecting a concept or a technique can be a very important thing but on the other hand sometimes there's also work that just needs to get done work that isn't part of the important 20% but that will enable you to focus on the important things once it's out of the way this could be paperwork cleaning up organizing or prep work in these cases it's best to just sit down and get the work done the Pareto principle is actually pretty straightforward if you can identify the 20% that create the most rewards you can also spend more time on doing the things that create the greater rewards and on the flip side you can also cut back on the 80% of the time that is often less important since it only creates 20% of the rewards so the takeaway is basically this the Pareto principle is a practical guideline that can lead to greater effectiveness and also help us use our time and resources in a way that leads to better results and that's all it is it's just another tool that helps us realize our visions but with that being said guys we're going to bring this video turn it thank you all so much for watching please hit like subscribe if you're not already a subscriber and yeah have a good one [Applause] [Applause] you

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    Could you explain how you prepare your sketchbook before painting with oils? I noticed you use gesso, but do you put it directly from the tube or mix It with something?

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    I love these sketchbook videos! I would love to see more focusing on your process of painting in your sketchbook! Or talking about your materials, your palette set up, etc. can’t get enough of your content! Love it !! 🙂

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    Wow I’ve never heard of this but it’s very interesting to learn about!

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    I think best art advice is not to just copy photos and think it makes you a good artist.

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    What are things that would count towards the 20% of art skills that will boost the level of amateur painter? Comment below please

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    Thank you, I truly needed this reminder.

    P.S I've been following you on IG for years and wished I could see the process of your paintings, so I appreciate this video even more.

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