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Testing Reality Star Products

September 18, 2019

– Reality stars can sell the drama. – But can they sell anything else? – Let’s talk about that. (bouncy music) – Good Mythical Morning. – You know her from Grace
and Frankie and Big Mouth and she has a brand new book
called Represent out now. It’s June Diane Raphael. – Hello.
– Hello, June. It’s me! – Welcome to the show. – Happy to be here. – Thanks for being here. June, we’re gonna be
talking reality shows today. What is your favorite reality show? – You know… I pretty much will watch
anything that Bravo offers me. – Okay.
– Okay, I get it. – With one exception. I don’t go below deck. – I saw about 12 minutes of that and–
– [June] Yeah. – I couldn’t take it. – There’re in such tight quarters that it makes me feel a
little claustrophobic. So I do all The Real Housewives, you standard fare there. – So you know your stuff. – Listen– – We’re gonna put that to the test. – But yeah. – And, so we’re gonna test our knowledge of reality TV stars who have then sold reality TV star products. – Which is only a matter
of time till that, they’re hawking something. – It’s time for, we didn’t come here to make friends, we came here to guess the products reality TV stars
sell when their show ends. – Okay, we’re gonna be presented with a product made or endorsed
by a reality TV star and we have match that product to one of
these reality stars. Kandi Burruss from Real
Housewives of Atlanta. – Spencer Pratt, The Hills. – Nick Viall from the Bachelor. – Snooki from Jersey Shore. – Kylie Jenner from The Kardashians. – Heard of her. – And The Kylie Show. – Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty. – Okay and Mark Dacascos
the Iron Chef America guy. – And Cardi B from Love & Hip Hop. – You called him “Dascascos”. You put an extra syllable in there.
– Dacascos. – The winner of this game–
– Dacascos. – Gets to throw a drink in
one of the losers faces. – Oh.
– Oh, fun. – But I’m a woman. (laughing) – [Rhett] Round one.
– [Link] Round one. – Okay, look.
– Oh, my. – Oh, we’ve got an…
– I wasn’t expecting this. – An amulet. – Some sort of an amulet. – [June] This is–
– [Link] It’s a crystal on a string or a cat toy perhaps. – This doesn’t feel like
a product as much as just a found object. (laughing) – Yeah, right. – I’m lost here and I
don’t think that’s right. – Oh.
– No. – Hey, I will take any help you wanna give me.
– No, no, no, no, no. – I’m gonna tell you, I don’t think that one’s right. – I’m more of a Crystal Light kinda guy. – Actually, I don’t think
that’s right either. – Now the more you tell me I’m wrong, the more I’m gonna end up
throwing a drink in your face. – I just don’t see
Snooki doing that, this. Wearing this. It just doesn’t feel right. – She wears a lot, she’s got a bow in her hair in this. – Yeah, the fact that
it’s on that, kinda like, string, kinda thing, it’s not the kinda thing
that Kandi would do, she’s too high class.
– It’s definitely not Kandi. I just feel like this lady right here, I have no idea who she is, but she looks like someone
who would wear a crystal. (laughing) – I know something about her that I think she would
be opposed to crystals, but I’m gonna let you
stand with your answer. – Wow. – All right.
– She’s from Duck Dynasty. – I’m ready.
– I don’t know what that is. (laughing) – Lotta camo. – Oh, really, this lady? – Lotta beards and camo.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. It would be a cross it
wouldn’t be a crystal. Let me just say that. – All right–
– I’m helping you out here. – Let’s lock in our answers. – Oh, who does crystals?
– Okay. – I think Snooki’s gotten
a little bit freaky. (laughing) – All right.
– That’s what I thinks happened. – And I’m going with this dude. – [Crew Member] Okay, you ready? – Yeah.
– No. – [Crew Member] This is a
singular healing crystal and it’s sold on by the cast member of The Hills, Spencer Pratt.
– Wow. – Pratt Daddy.
– Daddy’s got crystals. – Oh and look there’s a handwritten note.
– [Rhett] Oh, he wrote us a note. What does it say, Link? – Thank you so much for your support. Pratt Daddy loves… You. Enjoy this elite level energy trip. We out here, players. (laughing) – I’m very upset.
– Oh, wow. – [Rhett] Round two.
– [Link] Round two. Oh, we’ve got a feast.
– Oh, wow. – We got french fries with… – Oh, gosh, this is some
strong smelling mushrooms. – Fire Garlic Blend that goes on them. – Fried zucchini? – I’m sorry I went right with my hands and you had a utensil there.
– Oh, no, that’s fine. – Oh, we have forks. – I’m okay. (laughing) – But there’s a fork just in
case you change your mind. – You know what?
– We also have plates. – Just put that on the
plate to be discarded, because… – Actually I like this a lot. That’s got a nice little kick. Blend of fiery flavor, adds the ultimate taste to your meals. Spice up your chicken
kebabs or grilled corn on the cob with this savory
mix of garlic and spices. – Now we got the, what’s this? The Iron Chef dude? – Yeah, I mean, this is.
– Yeah, Dacascos. – Some cooking dude.
– Yeah, if it’s anyone else, I’d be shocked. – I think this is happening
down south, y’all. – Oh, that’s interesting. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. She’s known for her large meals. Everyone gathers around the table. – I don’t know.
– [June] Really? – Maybe this is too–
– On the nose? – [Link] Too obvious. – Yeah, I feel like these people should be opening restaurants and not pedaling spices.
– But it is zucchini. I mean, it is just straight up zucchini. You know.
– Mark Dacascos. All right, I’m gonna stick with it. – [Crew Member] Okay, you locked in? – Yeah.
– Locked in. – [Crew Member] Okay, this is a garlic blend seasoning made by star of the show Duck Dynasty, Korie Robertson. – Wow. That’s an upset.
– You know what gave it away guys? – Duck Commander.
– It was the wood paneling. On the bottle. (laughing) I was like, Mark Dacascos, he would never do that. – So she doesn’t sell zucchini, she just sells–
– She just sells the spice. I knew that but I was
throwing you guys off. – I didn’t even see this. – Good. – You kept on talking about the zucchini and I thought he’s
misunderstanding something. (laughing) – [Rhett] Round three.
– [Link] Round three. Okay, guys, I’ve got a jar with a gold top. – [June] Nice packaging. – And some…
– What is it? – I don’t know, you wanna open that? Can we open it? – I feel scared. (laughing) Okay, it’s a dessert.
– That’s a regular jar. – Gets cheaper.
– It’s a dessert and what’s in here is–
– Why would it have a paintbrush? – It’s chocolate brush.
– Yeah. – This is a face mask. – This is not. This is a bucket of (beep). (laughing) I believe it’s fudge. – It’s pudding.
– Why is there a paintbrush though? We have to ask that question. – You paint your mouth with it, I guess. Paint out pudding right into your mouth. – Why are we eating it from paintbrushes? (laughing) – [Crew Member] You do paint it– – Oh, Just Dessert, is the perfect end to a romantic dinner. – Oh, I don’t like that.
– Oh. (laughing) Create fun, sexy body art
on your partner’s skin. – All right, well I know exactly who created this.
– Well hello there. (laughing) – This is Kandi Burruss. – I’m a mural painter.
– [Rhett] You sure about this? – I don’t like what I’m seeing at all and I feel unsafe at this table. – Okay, that’s fair. (laughing) You know something about Kandi, but… I don’t know. I don’t know. This could be a–
– Wrong. – This could be a Snooki. – But I mean, look, Cardi B is like, she’s got her tongue like she’s ready to put some pudding on it. (laughing) – I’m gonna just reserve
my comments for after the winner is revealed. – Oh.
– Okay, all right, well I’m going with Cardi B.
– Sounds like we’re locked in. – [Crew Member] Okay, this is Just Dessert, Chocolate
Body Paint by cast member of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss. – Yeah, so Kandi Burruss.
– Okay, how do you know that! Because Kandi Burruss actually has a whole line of adult toys and– – Kandi.
– Bedroom Kandi. – It is an entire line
called Bedroom by Kandi or, yeah and she had a late
night talk show similar to what you guys are doing, but at night. – Exactly like us probably.
– Exactly like you two. And where she got a little, sexy, it got a little–
– Chocolatey? – Yes, exactly. So this has got Kandi written all over it. – Heat to 98.6 degrees. Okay.
– I understand. – I’m gonna take that home. – [Rhett] Round four.
– [Link] Round four. – Whoa, gosh.
– Oh, hello. – What is this? – It’s an animal… Here. – Whoa.
– Wow, it’s heavy. – It’s like a Willy Wonka coat. – I gotta tell you, it’s got a nice… Texture to it. – Oh, yeah, that’s
definitely pink and red mink. – It sure is. And this is definitely not real. – Yeah, it’s synthetic. – 100% fake. Pink and red meet right around the sleeve and in other places. – [Crew Member] Rhett we
specifically got this in your size. – Oh. (laughing) – Sounded like an invitation. – Oh, gosh. Now you gotta walk with
a strut once that’s on. – [June] Okay. The collar popped is really important.
– Is that a hood or a collar? – [June] That’s a collar.
– [Link] Oh, yeah, pop the collar. – Okay, this is… And it’s not a robe. – I look like a Disney villain. (laughing) – That is a statement, man. Oh, somebody got some style. Somebody’s got some provocative style. – I know I just looked over
to see what you would pick up, but actually I was gonna
pick up the same exact thing. – You’re thinking Cardi?
– I am. Although I feel like I would
know about a fashion line. – I know, I know–
– This is hard, this is a hard one. – I feel like this is–
– ‘Cause we forget she was on a reality show. ‘Cause she’s just… Everything now.
– I know. I didn’t know, I’d never seen that show. – I mean, you’re kinda near
the Jersey Show though. I mean, you need that extra… – Layer.
– Yeah. – It gets cold at night. – I’m just gonna point out. Let’s not underestimate Dacascos. (laughing) You know, I mean. He could pull this off. If you’re there and he does pull it off, run. (laughing) I know nothing about this guy. – He’s very intense, which would go nice with this. – This is… Sophie’s Choice right here.
– Kylie Jenner. – But I think I’m, it’s definitely not Kylie. – Kylie has way too much class for this. – All right, I’m gonna go, oh, you’re going. Oh, no, no, no. Okay, fine. I’m gonna go out on a limb. – [Crew Member] Okay, are we locked in? – Locked in. – [Crew Member] This is a faux fur coat, I know you’re surprised it’s faux, from Fashion Nova.
– I was not surprised it was faux. – [Crew Member] Designed by
Love & Hip Hop star, Cardi B. – Jesus Christ!
– Bam! Yeah, buddy! – Cardi B made this? – She got her own clothing line. – You should of gone with
your instinct there though, that’s what you wanted to say.
– I know, I know. – [Rhett] Round five.
– [Link] Round five. Hey, everybody.
– Whoa. – What does this say? Resting Beach Face. – Oh!
– That’s fun. – Somebody with a sense of humor. – Gosh, this seems like something
you’d wear at the beach. – At the beach.
– At the shore. – It’s kinda like. It’s supposed to be back though, right? – [Crew Member] Well link if
you wanna hand June that hat, we actually got custom ones
made for you and Rhett. If we could fly those in. – What did you make for us? Resting Itch Face? – Mine says Resting Bean Face. I really like beans. – I have an enormous head and I hate to announce that right now, but this doesn’t fit because
of the size of my head. – It’s working, girl. – Is it? – Yeah.
– I think so. – Okay, it’s really just sitting on it. – Let’s go to the boo after this. – It’s not.
– You just don’t wanna go into the wind. – Yeah, no. – You wear it like this with
that coat from the last round and then you’re talking. – I think this is definitely
Snooki from the Jersey Shore. – Where is this guy, Nick, from again? The Bachelor?
– The Bachelor. I think I heard–
– I can’t imagine him making this pun. – No, I’m surprised you don’t have, there’s another reality
star that’s just started a line of pillows from
Southern Charm on Bravo and it’s such an unlikely move. – Oh, yeah. – That it’s reminding me, like, who knows, maybe Nick
Viall’s making beach hats, like the world is topsy-turvy right now. – And again, never underestimate Mark–
– Never, not for a second. – Dacascos. – In fact, that’s my answer. (laughing) Because I think Mark
threw us all a curve ball. – I think this is Kylie. We locked in? – We are locked in. – And this is worth two points by the way. Final round worth two points. Anybody’s game. – [Crew Member] Okay, this is part of the Snooki Shop Beach Collection made by Jersey Shore cast member, Snooki. – Are you sure that’s not a misprint? It’s not Mark? – Sometimes the right answer is the most obvious answer.
– That means, June. – You have won. – Wow, coming from behind.
– I didn’t know this would happen today and I’m honored. – Now, either one of us are losers, technically.
– We’d be honored to have you throw a drink in our face.
– I mean, I technically only got one point. Just so you know. I lost more.
– Who. This is really gonna thrown in your face? I’m really understanding this correctly? – Yeah.
– Hey, I’m not here to make friends. – Yeah, okay, yeah, your crew is nodding
emphatically at me. People are smiling. They are ready. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– So maybe you wanna like, you know, usually when they have, they’ve like said something… Snappy or sassy. – Oh!
– And then they’re like, giving it the old. – I see, like on a reality show. (laughing) – And I can say something
to set it up for you. – Okay, go ahead. – I didn’t know it was your mother. (laughing) – She’s 84 years old! (laughing) (applauding) – Hey, that’s a good techinque. Kinda just went across. – Honestly.
– She’s 84 years old. She looks great for her age. – That was a little scary, because I wasn’t expecting to backhand it. – Right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Totally backhanded it. – Could’ve gone horribly wrong. – All you needed was a set up. Okay, thank you June for being here today. Make sure to check out June’s new book, Represent: The Woman’s
Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World. Available now! – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing. – Now you say you know what time it is. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Dave. – And I’m Nicole. – And we’re on Anini beach in Kauai. – [Couple] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Woo! – Woo! – Nice shirt. – One of my favorite places.
– Beautiful island. – Click the top link and
watch us play good gal, bad gal. And Good Mythical MORE. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] We’re commemorating
our creative promise to each other with the Blood Oath tee and long sleeve at

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    But theres a picture of Korie on the garlic seasoning…? And their all pretending its not there? Whatttt

  • Reply xKiLLzZx1 September 18, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Celebrities? Literally only knew Cardi B and kylie.

  • Reply Live Studio Linda September 18, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    I dont like this broad…

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