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STACKED Ep. 3 – Staying Ahead | G2 League of Legends

August 14, 2019

MIKYX: So for me, adjusting to new patch is not really difficult, because every patch is just like, kind of a new way to play the game, or some champs get better, so you need to like, try them a bit, or some champs get worse so, maybe – I don’t think it’s difficult, as long as I have an open mind to it. JANKOS: I think the meta feels good for us because it feels like you can flex a lot of champions, but not only that – I feel like right now, the pool of the champions is really huge – you could even called it an ocean of champion pool, basically, and you just pick whatever you want kind of, unlike most of the lanes, and I feel like we have good enough players to actually play a lot of champions, so our drafts are very good because of it. GRABBZ: As a coach, I think the most important part of new patches is to make sure that the players stay rational and how they judge certain things, right, because they like certain champs or dislike certain champions, and so emotions play a role, and you have to be there behind them and tell them, “Okay, that’s – that’s why actually it worked” “and why it didn’t work,” so they don’t get in the mindset of “kill a champ now, it’s garbage,” because it got nerfed, maybe they just misplayed and the champ is still fine. So I think that’s one of the most important roles of the coach when a new patch comes in. CAPS: I mean, I don’t think it’s like that difficult to – to adapt to new patch – I kind of find it like, interesting because we’re playing a lot of solo queue anyway, and when there’s a new patch, you get to see a bunch of new things, and then you can play those and basically just practice them in solo queue – and it’s more like, motivating, I would say, because you get to play new things, but at the same time, it might be annoying if like, some of your favorite champions get nerfed, or some champions you’re really good at get nerfed. But overall, I like it when they – when they make other champions strong. [PAN SIZZLING] JANKOS: Oh, wow. [CAPS LAUGHS] WUNDER: That’s wild. GRABBZ: So for us, it’s really important to get the team together out of the game as well, especially on game days – so we try to eat together, but of course some people are not that punctual. GRABBZ: So Duffman said he saw Luka when I came here a few minutes ago, so I have no idea where’s he’s gone. Oh – there’s our answer. Oh my god. Film it, film it! JANKOS (amused): Well, I see a lot of people are not quite – not prepared for 1 PM. CAPS: What’s the earliest memory you can remember? [PERKZ HUMS] PERKZ: Not sure. You? CAPS: When I was like, in kindergarten – I guess I was like, four, probably?
WUNDER: Oh, yeah? CAPS: I remember every morning, I would write like, a love letter (OFFSCREEN): Good luck. WUNDER: Thank you! to someone – thank you!
PERKZ: Bye bye – CAPS: someone from my kindergarten. PERKZ: Really?
CAPS: Yeah. PERKZ: That’s so cute man. I dunno – CAPS: I was like a hopeless romantic. [PERKZ LAUGHS] CAPS: But I don’t know about how long it lasted, it probably didn’t last that long. CAPS: ’cause it was like –
PERKZ: You could write when you were four? CAPS: No, I mean my dad helped me write it.
PERKZ: That’s really insane. CAPS: I was not like a child genius, you know. [PERKZ LAUGHS] DRAKOS: Here we are: first game of the day, first game of week three. The question on everyone’s mind – can SK do it? Can they be the first team to take a win off an undefeated G2 Esports, or does the super team keep on rolling through? SK vs. G2 starting now. FROSKURINN: The countergank here, Selfmade and Pirean are trying to set a trap. DRAKOS: Baiting him in – Pirean does the double dash forward – Caps says “hey, maybe I have an opportunity here.” He does get locked up, they’re going to keep going – they’re looking for a little bit more – are they going to be able to run him down? But no – the perfect stun!
FROSKURINN: Pirean! DRAKOS: Fear Beyond Death! FROSKURINN: Oh!
DRAKOS: That was so clean! DRAKOS: Crownshot trying to flee, trying to get something back – kicked into the team, they will get one, but G2 now realizing the end is in sight, will just focus the Nexus and take down SK. CAPS: Snake, Splyce – actually wait, you guys want to play – oh, you guys wanna play like the old game? What was like the game? It was like where you’re a snake, you know,
WUNDER: uh huh? you’re a snake and you can’t touch the other person’s tail. DUFFMAN: It’s called snake?
JANKOS: It’s called snake, yeah. CAPS: Actually, you guys want to play it? It’s really funny, it’s really funny.
WUNDER: What? I don’t know how to – CAPS: Okay, okay, so I had these… MIKYX: Anaconda… CAPS: You’re WASD, are you ready?
MIKYX: Okay. CAPS: Wait, wait, which side am I? Okay, you have to press what direction you’re going. Oh, wait, what’s side am I? Green, green. MIKYX: So what do I have to do? I have to block you or what? CAPS: Yeah. CAPS: One clutch player. CAPS: What, it lags a bit.
[MIKYX SNORTS] WUNDER: I’m straight smurfing, no? Wait, you are – CAPS: Wait – I’m going to troll now, I’m going to troll now. Actually I’m not going to troll. JANKOS: Actually it’s – (sighs) no, but I can’t – like I can’t,
[MIKYX GIGGLES] like my small finger is blocking me WUNDER (deadpan): Hate to see it. Oh shit – I inted – JANKOS: Miky! WUNDER: Black inted, black inted. WUNDER: Oh –
CAPS: Oh yes! JANKOS: Oh my god, Miky – you got so –
CAPS: That’s right! That’s right! MIKYX (faintly): Oh my lord – CAPS: Actually red is so OP. You have an OP position on the map. PERKZ: You know how they say, boys – Different day, same time. Today I’m even more sick than yesterday. MEDIC: G2 on the top side of the map – going to jump straight on to Xerxe. Holy moly that’s a lot of damage but the World Ender comes out just in time. Not going to get too much regeneration from that but it – does land the Shock Blast! And once again, G2 come out of the woodwork and pick up two kills. JANKOS: I feel really happy that we are actually 6-0. I mean, we were 6-0 back in summer split last year, but that was because of funnel and right now, I feel like we’re 6-0 because we are good – like raw skill good; we still do mistakes against Splyce, y’know, we fell behind early and we had to bounce back and it was kind of difficult and the same goes for Excel, but I think the game against Splyce was also really fun and there were a lot of kills so, I mean, we were like, sweating for the win, but it was also really fun to play the game and it was fun to actually like – figure all the stuff out like, how do we win the game, y’know, and playing from behind so I think it was very fun but at the same time, I want us to work on early game – so instead of let’s say winning two early games and being even in two early games and being behind in two early games that y’know, we were behind against Splyce and Excel. I would provide us to basically win every early game – or at least not lose it, so that we can play from there and instead of playing from behind. MIKYX: Well, it feels fine to go 6-0, ’cause I was already in like, a similar position last split when we went 9-0. But there is always this like, kind of fear if – if – when we lose a game, if it like, kind of collapses like in Misfits. But I don’t really have that kind of feeling in G2. I think everyone would take it fine – like a loss. This week on stage we played – we like, showed some weaknesses that we can definitely improve on and yeah, looking forward to next week where we play like, Vitality: they are the second best team in the league I think, right now, so that should be fun.

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