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Skylar loves singing while Eating (SATISFYING Kids Mukbang Eating Show) 아기먹방 吃播 | LALABOOMBOOM❤

January 11, 2020

drink water today’s menu chicken drumstick, broccoli and cherry tomatoes she is trying to take off the skin… she loves all kind of skins…….. i forgot to tied up her hair… this is what she called ‘cinderella’ hair i think she loves this hair style? ha trying to show the tomato on camera but wrong way…lol (bone) she just took his brother’s drumstick skin…… o god………. stinky feet i told her to put it down and she gave me this look …lol does anyone know which song she is singing? lol go search babybus “Rescue Team” (♫Go go go♫) (♫Wee woo Wee woo♫) (♫Run Run♫) (♫Wee woo Wee woo♫) (♫Run Run♫) (♫let’s go to the hospital♫) (♫Go go go♫) (♫Wee woo Wee woo♫) (♫Run Run♫) (♫Wee woo Wee woo ♫) (♫Run Run♫) (♫i got hurt♫) (♫ambulance please♫) (♫oh oh oh oh♫) (♫come and help me♫) (♫he needs my help♫) (♫ambulance’s here♫) (♫hey hey hey hey♫) (♫i will help you♫) hayden’s laugh…lol wao..i’m kind of amaze that she memorized all those lyrics…haha (pineapple)

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