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Sammy Wilk Explains How Los Angeles Influences His Music & Performs “Lift Off” Live | Bose x Genius

December 14, 2019

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, born and raised,
and moved to LA in 2015, when I was 18 years old There’s no mountain ranges, there’s no oceans,
nothing like that, but the people there in Omaha, Nebraska, are so incredible. But you got to go experience life to be able
to write about life, and so I try to experience as much as I can and LA I think is the best
place to experience life to the fullest. I think, Ride is one of those records
where you can blast it down the 101. I was so lost when I first got out here. Geographically, I had no idea where I was,
but I always saw the 101 come up. So that’s just ingrained in my head. I didn’t have a plan to become
a musician. I just played guitar and then I was given
an opportunity to write a song when I was a junior in high school. People loved it and I was like, “this could
be something that I could do as a job.” I didn’t know, exactly the vision, but there
was something I knew I wanted to do. Being in Omaha, thinking of LA
and the city life, you think of the palm trees and the beaches and the mansions and all the
lavish lifestyle. It’s such a foreign idea, it doesn’t even
seem like real life. Living out here for four years now, it’s such
a different reality than what you would think it would be. I threw myself into the situation, by myself
and had no idea what the hell was going on when I got out here. The highs are so high and the lows are really
low, which is one of the toughest parts. It was my first time being away from my family
and my parents and it was tough. LA is such a crazy hectic place. Going to the studio really lets me zone in
and it’s a calming place for me. I write at the beach or on a patio
or whatever it is. If something sparks, man, I just write right
there. My music, it’s just the experience I’m going
through my life. Living out here, there’s endless things to
write about. That’s why LA such a cool place for songwriters
and it’s such a melting pot of all walks of life Hell yeah! This song is called, Lift off. If you guys know it, sing along. The concept behind Life Off is,
who’s going to love you when the money’s not around? I have this lyric, it’s from West Roads,
that luxury apartment, and I think that’s the same exact idea of, from Omaha, Nebraska
to LA and that whole move. And West Roads is a mall that we used to always
kick it at, in Omaha But yeah, then moving out to a luxury apartment,
got to get a yacht, man, and live on the ocean. Those are the goals. The first show I had an LA, was
at the Troubadour, which is a legendary place. And that was the first show I had with a live
band. And it was a sold out show. Talking about right now, and it just blows
my mind. In Omaha the dream is, I want to be selling
out shows. And when you come out to LA and you get on
the stage at the Troubadour, I’ve seen pictures from the green room from the 70s and the 60s,
that feeling of pure bliss when the dream and the reality meets in the middle, is such
a beautiful thing. I was just writing the music for
myself, I was writing it in the studio, you know what I’m saying? Wherever it was, but there’s a different level
of enjoyment about the songs when I see them singing and smiling and I don’t, man, it’s
crazy. You gotta set high standards or you’re going to fall short. And if you do fall short, at least you set
the high enough. Thank you! LA what’s up, man?

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