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Print your BREAKFAST – NEW 3D Pancake Printer!!

August 25, 2019

[Robotic movements] [Plop] Whoa!!! So we’ve all heard of 3D printers and being
able to prototype and make stuff out of plastic, you know, a machine just printing it out for
us. But what about food? The future is here! There is a 3D pancake printer that literally
3D prints your food. And I have my buddy Jared here and we’re
going to build this together. [Intro] Alright, so this is everything inside of the
box. I’m not exactly sure what everything does
yet. This is the griddle where the pancakes actually
go on. [Jared] I’m really surprised on how few
pieces there are. I mean, this can’t be that difficult, right? [Zack] I know. I sure hope it’s not that difficult. [Jared] Knock on wood. [Zack] And then this should rest right on
top of this other side here, right? Okay so right now we have the gantry in place. I’m going to slide this down to the end,
which is actually pretty interesting because it’s got this little rubber belt drive right
here and that’s what’s going to control it. So if you’ve ever seen a 3D printer, it’s
got its different axes. So right here, this belt is going to bring
it back and forth and then this belt right here is going to control the actual pancake
mix itself and go left and right. That way, through the computations of this
system, it can get pancake mix wherever we want it with whatever artwork we’re going
to be printing at the time. So I’m going to go ahead and slide this
all the way back. I’m going to put this over here in the corner,
and then I’m going to set the griddle into place. [Jared] So obviously this is where your pancake
mix is going to go. And you see that there are a few different
slots right here. That’s going to identify your printing mode
and your standby mode. So we want to make sure we have that in the
right position, and then that just drops in. And then you can change your different modes
here. And then this is your air tube, and that just
plugs in right there at the top. And then it will print out the bottom. [Zack] What’s nice about the PancakeBot
is that it does come with an SD card and an SD card slot, so it’s a little more high
tech than the newest MacBook from Apple. So I think we’re done right? It’s built. [Jared] Yep, it’s all the way done. Five pieces went together really quick. I’m really impressed with that. [Zack] That was a lot easier than I thought. So now we need some pancake mix right? [Jared] And then we’ll get some designs
and we’ll print something. [Zack] Okay, let’s try it. [Music] [Zack] So we’re going to do the T-Rex first. Did you pull the T-Rex? [Jared] Yeah. [Zack] Alright. It says it’s working. Something’s moving. Okay, we’re in a bad spot! [Jared] Ha ha! There we go! [Zack] Was it going to start printing the
T-Rex on the edge? What is going on? Alright, that doesn’t…..Oh! Freaking need this! The air compressor hose! [Jared] Oh no! Ha ha! [Zack] It’s moving! Quick! Get it on there! Alright, is it working now? We are terrible pancake printers. [Jared] The air pressure definitely makes
a difference though, doesn’t it? [Zack] Yeah, it is coming out more. [Jared] If this were on it probably wouldn’t
have leaked, right? [Zack] Yeah, because of the suction. The suction would have kept it in. That’s a leg…right? [Jared] I think so. Or is it the tail? Ha ha! [Zack] I don’t think our first print is
a success. [Jared] No, but that’s on us. That’s not the printer. [Zack] I think it is a leg. Look, this was supposed to be a leg. If we had this set up right…look this is
the mouth right here. Here, I’m going to turn this down because
we might be burning it. So that’s good to know, if it starts to
burn too fast then you can just turn down the heat. Like for the bigger designs that take longer
to print. So that will be good. And now it’s filling in. Oh hey, we can dial in the air pressure. So it looks like we’re on low pressure right
now. I wonder if we dial this up to a 4. Now it’s actually like pouring it in. [Jared] Oh yeah, there we go. [Zack] Alright. So there’s definitely some dialing in that
you have to do to get the art just right. You can increase the air pressure. You can turn up and down the heat so it cooks
slower. So yeah, when the air pressure was low it
was barely filling in, but now that we’ve turned up the air pressure, it filled in solid. [Jared] We just gave our dinosaur stripes
is all we were really doing. [Zack] I see the potential though. I see the potential in this thing. Look at that tail! Dude we’ve got a tail! [Jared] Um, I’m going to let you try and
flip this one. [Zack] Ha ha! Okay hand me a spatula. It almost looks like a dinosaur skeleton because
we didn’t have the pressure turned up all the way. [Jared] Well and that’s what we were going
for. [Zack] Yeah, a skeleton. [Jared] Yeah exactly. [Zack] So we have one dinosaur right here,
slightly dilapidated. We’re going to see if we can make him a
friend now that we kind of know how the system works. So we’re going to jump in here to the…so
last time we did a T-Rex. I downloaded the triceratops file so let’s
try that one. Hitting play, now it’s working. And we’re not drizzling out this time so
that’s good. We got the air hose in place. [Music] [Zack] Alright so this is our second attempt. We have our dinosaur buddy, Mr. Dead T-Rex
over there, and it looks like, you know, I haven’t flipped it yet so it’s still in
one piece. But one thing I would change is that every
time this goes back to rest in the corner, it drizzles out a little bit from the nozzle. So if PancakeBot is watching this, I would
put some kind of spill catch on this very end thing because as soon as the machine turns
off it’s going to start dripping out of that nozzle. Ready? [Jared] I’m ready. Whoa! Oh wow, that’s not that bad! [Zack] Dang that actually looks pretty cool! [Jared] Yeah it does! [Zack] So it looks like we had a little bit
of spillage right here. Oops, ripped his tail off. [Jared] We were thinking that we had to turn
down heat for the horns because they were starting to curl a little bit. But it looks like we need a little more heat
for the coloring. [Zack] Yeah. So now we are going on our third dinosaur. We’re going to reprint the t-rex and see
if we can get it a little better than skeletal over here. [Jared] We’ve got to redeem him. You know?! [Zack] Alright. I think we finally figured out the magic recipe
for this. We have the consistency of the pancake batter
to that about of eggnog. [Jared] Maybe like a warm Inn and Out milkshake. I think that’s a pretty good example too. [Zack] But it’s working. It’s filling in pretty well. The only problem is when we have the heat
too high, like it starts to cook and curl up a little on the edges…so with the tail…
sometimes with the feet. Right now I have it turned on low. You can also see over here the horns are starting
to lift up a little bit too. [Jared] Whoa!!! Look at that! [Zack] That actually looks sweet! Look, it’s got the eyes on there and everything! [Jared] That’s awesome! Woo! [Zack] That’s insane! [Jared] It only took four hours, ha ha! [Zack] How many tries are in the bone yard? We’ve got at least 6 different dinosaurs
buried in here. Like sometimes it was too thick. Yeah, that was terrible. But we finally won! [Jared] Look at that! [Zack] It’s the consistency of eggnog. That’s what it is. We did a level 4, eggnog batter, and then
it was like a low heat so it wouldn’t curl up on the edges. Victorious. [Jared] So we finally got the design down. We finally got the settings where we want
it to be. But this is someone else’s design, so let’s
go ahead and try to make one of our own and see how that goes. [Zack] You can go to a website and get all
kinds of different drawings and stuff. Like here we have a dog, here we have a stegosaurus,
a teddy, and Easter bunny. This is also where we got, you know, the Tyrannosaurus
Rex that we’ve been doing. So you can download any one of these, or go
to the PancakeBot program itself and you can draw whatever you want right there and it
will print that in pancake mix. Or we can import a picture by clicking here,
drop the logo in and then you can just kind of like trace around it wherever you want
and color in. This logo has some pretty thin lines but hopefully
it prints out pretty well. I mean I’ve drawn in most of the area. Like I’m missing a few gaps. I wish there were more tools with this drawing
program. It’s called the Pancake Printer. But you got to work with what you have. You can do straight lines pretty well, but
I wish there were more like circle tools and stuff. Anyway file and export for printing. And then I will save it to the SD card as
EJ, and it’s exporting. So I saved it as EJ. So we’re going to go to EJ and then we’ll
hit play. And now it’s going to make our design. [Jared] I’m anxious to see how it follows
the pattern. You know, like if it knows it’s a circle
or if it’s just going to like scribble it in everywhere. [Zack] We’ll see how it turns out. [Jared] I mean this is already good. [Zack] Yeah, it looks like it’s working
out pretty well. Remember it’s printing it backwards because
it’s going off of when we flip it. So the J is on the left and the E is on the
right this time. It’s getting that outer layer in. Yay! [Jared] Nailed it! Ha ha! [Zack] So maybe it’s not good for like super
fine drawings, but for like kids artwork or for just normal artwork in general, I think
it looks pretty cool. [Jared] I do too. [Zack] As far as 3D pancake printing, I think
the future is definitely here. It was definitely fun to attempt for the first
time. [Jared] Once you get everything dialed in,
you get like a good understanding of where your mix is, where your temperature is, and
where the pressure is, I think that you’ll be able to have a lot of fun with it and you’ll
be able to create some pretty cool things. [Zack] Huge thanks to Jared for letting us
use his kitchen. I’ll put a link for his channel here. He does a lot of family vlogs with his family. And I’ll also include a link for this PancakeBot
in the description of this video as well. So take a look at that. It’s on Amazon, and it’s relatively well
priced. [Jared] For the ease of assembly and what
you can do with it, I defiantly agree. [Zack] It was a fun project. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you around. [Jared] Is my hair okay? [Zack] Yeah, your hair looks better than mine
at the moment. [Jared] Ha ha!

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