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Petscop: The Best Game You’ve Never Played

August 24, 2019

Petscop is a masterpiece. [Smooch Noise] Your boys at Garalina have done it again. In the game, you take the role of this beautiful boy … Let’s just call him Anus Face. As you go around collecting a variety of items such as keys, party hats, and even beloved pets. [“Pet caught” sound] Oh nice I caught it. [“Pet caught” sound continues] *cough* And each pet has a detailed description about them. Much like reading an item description from Dark Souls. This game was the precursor to non-linear storytelling. I mean who cares about Dark Souls really? So what if you can turn yourself into a headstone? ᵉᵖⁱᶜ ᶠᵒʳᵉˢʰᵃᵈᵒʷⁱⁿᵍ ᵖʸʳᵒ
Who cares? An amusing thing about Petscop is that it’s abnormally rare. The only actual way to find any footage of it is to visit a YouTube channel with the same name; and for some reason, the guy playing it sounds like PsychicPebbles. “I’m just gonna keep going a bit here.” “Welcome to Schmucks.” “uh…” “The game is apparently unfinished because there’s nothing over here.” hhhhhnnnngh h e e n g h g a n g a a a a a a a a a a The visuals give you this nostalgic throwback to games like Spyro the Dragon and PaRappa the Rapper. Seriously to this day, I boot up Spyro just to look at them stunning skyboxes. There’s something so humbling about them. The game is just amazing: the way it can drag you in almost like an inescapable -[stutters]. “Okay.” “Alright.” *Ominous beeping as door opens* “She’s in real trouble because then everything will tumble around. *incomprehī̴̢̧͕̗͇̼̘̜͓̖͍͙̪̖̏̌͗̈̎̀̚ͅensible* *incomprehensible* *suddenly a wild Hotline Miami preference appears* *pause menu* So, I haven’t been exactly honest with you about this game. As a matter of fact, I’ve lied to you. Petscop isn’t real, It was uploaded onto the Petscop YouTube channel and nowhere else because it doesn’t exist. There is no family-time-waster game called Petscop. There is no Garalina video game company. Why are the levels unfinished? Who would release a game to the general public before completion? And NO, I’m NOT talking about EARLY ACCESS! (screeches) Petscop is an enigma and I want to dedicate this video to uncovering and analyzing it. The format is presented as a let’s-play, but as the series progresses, both Paul and ourselves find the game increasingly harder to comprehend. I’ve left timestamps in the description for each Petscop video, and then an overall conclusion to wrap the series up. And also a disclaimer, as ^ and morbid. This game does a great job at deceiving people. And I’d be lying to you if the series was bright colors and cheery music throughout. If this sounds like too much to handle, then feel free to retreat back to the YouTube trending tab. I’m sure there’s some… absolutely… stellar content to be found there. Or if that doesn’t interest you, I’m sure PewDiePie’s uploaded another 25 minute unedited Battlegrounds video. With no face-cam. [PDP]
“OH!” [PDP]
“OOH!” [PDP]
“I thought I died!” [PDP]
“What the fuck ha–” [breaks off into laughter] [PDP]
“That’s. A joke, by the way.” But to the remaining of you, let’s begin the breakdown. The first Petscop video was uploaded the 12th of March, 2017 with the description: ‘The game I found”. The video begins with your standard PlayStation 1 and Sony boot-up start screens. Something of note: how the boot-up sound for the PlayStation glitches out towards the end. As most PS1 discs at this point, unless seriously protected, would have scratches and marks, causing in-game glitches or effects. And secondly, that glitch could convey a sign of unease or disturbance. Imagine playing a video game, it’s 3 in the morning, the only light is coming from your monitor, the only sound is coming from your headphones, and then… the game crashes. Silence. We’ve all experienced this at some point or another. That unease, that tension as you’re taken away from the game into a silent, dark room. I could be massively over-analyzing a boot-up screen, but, still, that’s the way I interpreted it. The next splash screen shows Garalina, the company that I assume developed and published Petscop. Again, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m sure that Garalina is a fictitious company. With any search of the name coming up with links back to Petscop like theories and subreddits. If this is the case, then I have to commend the creator for not only creating a fictional game, but a fictional company to back it. Finally we arrive at the menu screen for Petscop, and we can see that the game was made in 1997. We are then introduced to the narrator of the series. He never states his actual name, but because he puts his save file name as Paul, that’s what we’ll refer to him as. Also of note, on the file name screen we can see the PS1 controller prompts. Select, Finish, and Go Back. But the triangle for go back seems to be quivering, while the other prompts seem fine. I’m unsure if this was intentional or not, but if it is is the game telling us to go back? Also this is a stretch as i am unsure if it applies to other countries outside the U.K. but over here on the road, signs displayed in a triangle format mean a warning. This is definitely not related to Petscop, but just some more food for thought. [Paul]
“Alright, so…uh.” [Paul]
“This is just to, uh… prove to you,” [Paul]
“that I’m not lying about this game that I found.” [Paul]
“I’m just gonna walk you through everything that I have seen so far,” [Paul]
“and uh… obviously it’ll be exactly as I described it. Because… this is it.” It’s unclear who Paul is talking to originally I assumed it was his YouTube audience as he uploaded the series on to his channel with the description “The game I found.” But his use of the pronoun “you” instead of “you guys” I feel like instead of addressing an audience, he’s addressing someone personal to him like a friend. Getting a bit sidetracked but I’m incredibly happy that he never says you guys, because on this platform that wording is so oversaturated. “I’m glad you guys joined us today.” “You guys! I’m doing a live stream!!” “As you guys can see,” “Look what I’m doing for you guys,” “you guys as well,” *sigh of depression* “You guys.” Next we see the loading screen which is presented in a somewhat basic but cheery presentation. Note the present box being held up on a pole this imagery is plastered everywhere in the opening areas of the game, and also has more meaning later on. Past the loading screen Paul is now in the first area of the game what we can presume to be named The Gift Plane. A strange almost heaven like realm where white mist, shrouds the area. Clouds can be seen in the distance as well as those presents mentioned prior. A sign states that the Gift Plane is closed indefinitely, and that all personnel have left. The sign also gives a brief explanation of the what the Gift Plane is. A shelter for over a hundred pets Unfortunately we have failed to remove All the pets from their homes 48 pets remain here We would strongly encourage you to visit our 8 homes and find some friends to take with you. Notice how the number of pets remaining and the homes of said pets are marked in red, and quiver. Not too dissimilar as the triangle telling us to go back did. So already we have been given our goal in a text box Nothing really out of the ordinary, and honestly this text crawl is how a lot of games began their adventures back in the 90s. Paul then travels to the far right of the map, revealing that the game is unfinished… There is no big door, or a gate halting our progress until we have a certain amount of items. There’s just nothing. So instead, Paul goes inside Even Care, seemingly only finished level of the game. The entrance instead of having more white mist, It’s decorated with trees, grass… …and a hedge surrounding the area. Inside Even Care, the misty plains are placed with vibrant pink, some blues… …splashed all over the walls and floors. Each room is also sparsely decorated with desks,tables… …and chairs. Even though we’re presented with this bright color palette in cheery music… …If anything, it makes you feel more uncomfortable. Like it’s a front for something… …inconveivably dark. The first item we can interact with is a picture of two pets. Toneth, the bird marked in red… …and Randice, the flower marked in green. Paul then tries to open a door down the hallway… …and he’s told; This door is locked. […] This door is locked. Or not, […] This door is locked. Or not, but you don’t know how to open doors. This is most definitely a nod to the fact that… Paul’s character has oversized feet, But no arms, or hands to speak of. From here on in thek messages on the board gets more disturbing. Much like any other horror game that builds tension. Another sign states; When you’re choosing a pet, […] When you’re choosing a pet, find somebody that you like. You don’t have to love them right away. Notice how the sign said both “pet” and “somebody”, in the same sentence. It seems strange that you refer to a pet as “somebody”. The sign adjacent says; Don’t be discouraged if they run from you! […] Don’t be discouraged if they run from you! They really do want a home. They’re afraid. Show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of. The first pet we come across is Amber. Her appearence is this giant grey ball, …wearing what appears to be a dark, green hat. *le funny fedora meme* And although she seems to be locked up inside of small cell, Her expression is one of glee. There’s a trophy in front of her cage with a description stating: She’s a real champ for never leaving her cage. And that trophy seems to hold some merit as Amber is very reluctant to leave her cage. Firstly Paul opens her cage, which makes her retreat to the empty cage. Paul then locks himself inside her cage, Amber hops back into the cage, thinking it’s empty, and we catch her. Paul was only able to catch Amber by tricking her. Amber thought she could return to the safety of her cage, only for Paul to be waiting inside said cage to catch her. Altough this was a puzzle, it was definitely one of deception and we’ll notice this as a reoccuring theme troughout the series. Amber’s item description reads: Amber is a young ball. She’s afraid to leave home. […] She’s afraid to leave home. If her home is good, this is not a problem. She is very heavy, […] She is very heavy, and that makes her life a little harder, …as well as yours. What’s the safest place you can put her in? You should start thinking about that. Now I can understand the term “homebody” is used a lot, Somebody who likes to stay at home, And it’s generally unadventurous. But what would bring Amber to classify her home, as what appears to be a prison cell. A couple rooms down, Paul finds Roneth and he goes onto saying the video, That as much as he’s tried, he’s unable to catch him. Something I’ve noticed how Roneth looks like a combination of Toneth the Bird, …and Randice the Flower. Apart from physical similarities, Roneth is a mix between the names, T”oneth” and “R”andice. So could Roneth be the child of these two? Personally, I hope not. I’ve seen enough Flowey Rule 34 to last a lifetime. Unsuccessful in catching Roneth, Paul retreats into another room, …where we find another pet. Paul demonstrates his past experience with the game, …and explains how to catch the pet. The last two pets we find in Even Care, …are Wavey the rain cloud, …and Randice, the Flower. The two follow each other in some sort of relationship, …where Wavey, has to support Randice with his rain water. Whenever Paul approaches either one of them, they disappear. So, Paul has to drag a rain bucket onto the soil. And forces Wavey to put his rain water inside the bucket, Meaning Randice can’t get any, …and shrivels up. So Paul is able to collect the two of them. Paul then returns to the room with Roneth, And reads out a note he apparently found with the copy of the game. The note reads… “I walked downstairs, and when I got to the bottom, instead of proceeding, I turned the right and became a shadow monster man.” Another section of the note displays a date. The 13th of June, 1997. [Reading] Two quick things to mention: 1. The website on the note is never linked, or spoken of again. 2. And the date on the note, 13th of June, 1997… Is 𝗙𝗿𝗶𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝟭𝟯𝘁𝗵. And, I’m pretty sure all of you know at this point, That that date, is associated with bad luck. As soon as Paul enters the code on the note, the music comes to a halt. Everything is still. And watching this series back… I now realized how well of a job the goofy music did in covering the uncomfortable atmosphere of this game. Paul then leaves Even Care the way he came in but instead of finding himself back onto Gift Plane… …We’re transported to a dark, murky and gloomy place. It looks like a test room. Not too dissimilar from a debug room, like, for example, the one in Fallout 4. But instead of dreary buildings and brown skies… There’s…nothing. Literally nothing. Only the grass Paul walks on, and the darkness that seems to stretch for miles. The only visible light now seems to be emanating from Paul’s own character. Now, there’s something I didn’t even realize until multiple viewings of this video. Watch the loading screen when Paul travels from Even Care, to here. Did you see that? Well, I didn’t either, Not until you adjust the brightness with some post-editing until you see… This. I’m not sure what this is. It looks like a crude drawing of a child, but it’s really hard to make out. And it clearly isn’t a cheap jumpscare because without post editing… …I wouldn’t be able to show you this. This face (if you even can call it that) does have some relevancy, which we’ll talk about later on. After a while, Paul finds what looks to be some sort of hatch and comments on how he can’t open it. And with no way to open the door… Petscop 1 concludes. Petscop 2 was uploaded on the first of April, 2017. The video has no description. The video begins exactly where the first one left off. With the door randomly opening on its own accompanied by a collection of beeping sounds. [Ominous Beeping] Paul then gives his somewhat confused reaction. [Paul]
“Hey, so, uh…” [Paul]
“The door opened on its own.” [Paul]
“Uh.” [Paul]
“I was just in the other room for…” [Paul]
“A couple of minutes.” [Paul]
“And I came back, and the door was open.” [Paul]
“And I checked…the recording.” [Paul]
“‘Cause I was recording…” [Paul]
“…And…” [Paul]
“The door just opens on its own, I didn’t do anything.” When Paul enters, the game cuts to black. Loading up the next area, we can see a dark image within the loading screen. Some enhancement and we can see what appears to be a collection of floating rooms and objects. Nothing too clear to be made out though. He then walks in front of some sort of vibrating machine. It looks like a generator, or a furnace, but… Honestly, I’m not too sure. The model is basic, and somewhat featureless, so… I’m not sure what to describe it as. Paul enters the next room and finds some more collectibles. I’m honestly unsure what to label these things… …As they’re never explicitly given a name. Although they look like an assortment of gems from Spyro the Dragon, and rings from Sonic the Hedgehog, I’m gonna call them gifts. As this is a much more fitting name to the overall theme of the game. And some of these items look like geniune party gifts. Take, for example, these triangle shaped ones
(cones) that look like party hats. It’s actually quite ironic that these gifts resemble items from other platformers. But if you compare these protagonists… against Paul(‘s character) there’s little to no similarities. Paul’s color palette is drab, and faded and the enlarged eyes that most characters have… Paul’s are tiny. It really shows what a juxtaposition Petscop originally was with these bright and cheery environments while your character is incredibly dreary by design. Paul seems to fit so much better in this underworld area. Maybe this is where he came from. Maybe this is his home. Another thing of note, I found it strange that there are still gifts down here to collect, almost like, someone wanted us down here. Or to some extent, this area was to be programmed in the game but never made it past the development phase. Hence why Paul needed a code to get here in the first place. Cheat codes have always been intertwined with developing games, as early cheat codes were used by developers to test their games. Like, for example, godmode or noclip. So it makes sense as to why would’ve Paul needed a code to access this seemingly unfinished area. As Paul continues through these rooms… …We hear a ringing phone that seems to catch him offguard. [Ringing] The caller states, Care left the room. With Care marked in yellow. Paul then notices a bulletin board. And on the board we can see a note what I can assume to be the same child In three different states. A B And NLM. A seems to be somber or neutral, B appears to be rugged and worse for wear, And NLM appears to be in shock. Covering their face, and even the wording being in wavy italics. Continuing on, Paul finds a walkway, with what seems to be a deep chasm to his right. Travelling through the walkway, we see a large picture posted on a wall. Displayed as a small house painted green. Paul then progresses onwards to find yet another picture. This picture displays a brick building.
I’m unsure of what the building is due to the lack of expression on it. Paul then finds a third and final picture… …showing a windmill. Something to note about these pictures is
they were taken on the same dark, grassy plane… …Paul first found himself in. On top of that, when Paul observes the large brick building… …an atmospheric audio cue plays. [Ominous Rumbling Sound] [Gifts being picked up] This cue isn’t played while inspecting the other two pictures meaning there is something much more ominous about this building. Further up, we see what looks like a road with cars travelling on it. Paul tries to explore either direction of the road. There are gifts you can collect; but they end up being dead ends. Paul walks through a small opening, and the loading screen seems to be showing something. With some enhancement, we can see what appears to be a staircase. With a door at the bottom. But also a doorway on the right. With what seems to be light emanating from it. This seems to be a reference to the note Paul found in the first Petscop video talking about going to the bottom of the stairs. But instead of proceeding he turned right… And became a “SHADOW MONSTER MAN”. Paul finds himself outside and apologizes for his lack of commentary. “Sorry for not talking very much.” “I’m a little…bewildered. If you wanna know the truth.” “This was a little more than what I was expecting to see.” This area looks similar to the first area after leaving Even Care. But this place has rocks, fencing and what looks like to be a shed. So we can gather that this is some kind of backyard, or garden. Furthermore, there is what appears to be a headstone with eyes. The headstone description reads… [Reading] This would mean Michael passed away age 7. An incredibly dark topic for such a seemingly lighthearted game. Two things to note is that Michael’s name is expressed in pink. And there appears to be a present shape built into the hęa͏dstone, which reinforces “Mike was a gift.” This shape worked into the headstone is what we originally saw in the first loading screen and was placed all over The Gift Plane further reinforcing the theme of gif̵ts into this game. Paul then comments on Michael’s headstone with what I can say, the best social commentary to date. [silence, dank memes incoming] “That’s a dead kid.” M I N D B L O W N . A V I Paul then enters the shed, and along with some gardening tools, we see an oversized daisy that seems to have broken through the floorboards. Paul then interacts with the daisy, causing it to lose a petal each time, sinking it more into the floor, with the screen shifting to a (somewhat) red tone with every few petals pulled. Before Paul can pull the last remaining petals he leaves the shed. Paul enters the adjacent door to the shed and we’re greeted with what appears to be NLM Now from what I can gather, this is Care, the child who the phone stated earlier… Left the room. And I also believe that the daisy in the previous room is linked to Care in some way. When Paul yanks the petals from the flower, you heard a high pitched tone fwing followed by a low pitched tone. fwong The low tone is accompanied by the screen shifting to red, so the red color isn’t random or for every petal it’s for every second petal, which means this daisy would work in a similar way to “They Love Me” or “They Love Me Not,” a scenario in which you’d pull the leaves off a petal to decide if someone loves you or not with the final decision being made, on the final petal pulled to conclude, I think NLM is an acronym for “Nobody Loves Me” much like when you pull the final petal from a flower and it concludes with, “they love me not” the final petal makes a low tone, and the screen shifts to red indicating the petal indeed concluded on they love me not. Paul then leaves and returns to the room with Care to see there now a disconcerted mess, broken and glitched textures moving around as if they’re in a great deal of pain. Paul tries to catch Care like they’re any other pet, but he can’t seem too, as he clips right through them. Something that genuinely caught me off guard about this sequence is how there’s no music. No dark, brooding, atmospheric sound effects, there’s nothing. Just the broken expression on Care’s face. *silence* Paul then leaves the building and you can really hear in his voice how confused he is. [Paul]
“So, when I first came down here, I thought…” [Paul]
“I was just gonna see… like, one room…” [Paul]
“Uh…” [Paul]
“Like, something, but not…this.” I really love how Paul conveys his emotion throughout Petscop. This is a game that Paul has most definitely made by himself, and placed himself inside to really sell the idea that this game existed. And these subtle moments he has where he’s clearly uncomfortable, really sells to us, how much this game is hitting him. After discovering a secret passage, Paul enters a room decorated with what seems to be children’s drawings of a figure. The drawings vary, but it always seems to represent the same overall shape. Eventually, Paul meets the object that these drawings were based off. Except, instead of colored blue, like in the drawings, it’s crimson red. Whether there is actually a blue version of this object is currently unknown. [Jokingly]Maybe the person who drew it only had a blue pen available. Paul then is given a prompt to interact with the object, and by doing so, is given a text box. The box looks exactly the same as the one in the intro where Paul was entering his file name. Albeit, the box is red instead of blue, and the text is white instead of black. (w h i t e w a s h i n g ?) One theory I had is that the colors were opposite, which would point towards this place being some sort of “underworld”. And although the white and black are opposite colours, (proof we need a race war) red isn’t blue’s opposite; it’s orange. So, that theory is shaky at best. The text box simply states, “Ask?” So Paul asks it a question, if you can even call it that. Paul asks, “What?” And the object answers with, “I don’t know.” Notice the poor handwriting of the answer the object gives. Much like a child. Paul then chuckles to himself, probably realizing that such a baseless question would give such a dumbfounded answer. Paul looks outside from what looks like a T.V screen, and we see a windmill. The exact windmill from the picture we found earlier. The object then tells Paul to “keep watching the windmill.” Paul hesitantly accepts and looks again at the windmill. We then hear two audio cues. [WARNING] Slightly l o u d [OMINOUS RUMBLING] [MORE OMINOUS RUMBLING] Paul then goes on to explain what his plans are for the future of this series. [Paul]
“Alright so it’s been like two minutes…” [Paul]
“and uh,” [Paul]
“when those sounds were playing there was nothing…” [Paul]
“…happening as far as I could tell,” [Paul]
“and nothing has happened since.” [Paul]
“So… I’m just gonna keep going.” [Paul]
“There’s already been stuff…” [Paul]
“…that… I could dig a little deeper into.” [Paul]
“And uh, I’m gonna do that.” [Paul]
“Uh, and keep you updated.” [Paul]
“Uh, but also, [Paul]
uh, when you come home [Paul]
next month, [Paul]
and uh, hopefully you’re feeling more enthusiastic about that now…” [Paul]
“We can investigate this together.” [Paul]
“And maybe you’ll find stuff that I… [Paul]
can’t find here.” It feels like Paul is not talking to us, but someone in particular. Almost like these recordings of Petscop were made for someone he personally knows. But nevertheless, this is Paul acknowledging he knows at least one person watches these videos, albeit, not a large youtube audience. Paul could be talking to Rainer, an individual listed in the channel’s about section, who gave him this gift, Which I assume to be the game Petscop, on Christmas 1997 and 2000 and that Rainer had been missing between June 1997, and 2000. Although that wouldn’t make much sense, as if Rainer gave Paul the copy of Petscop, surely Rainer would have played it themselves beforehand? Maybe it was a race to see who could uncover more secrets about the game first? But, maybe, Rainer gave up so left it to Paul to continue the search and gave Rainer updates. But this would conflict with the entire Petscop youtube channel as these videos were uploaded PUBLICLY for the world to see. They weren’t unlisted… So why would Paul post these videos publicly, but then address the audience like they’re one person? Maybe Paul isn’t even the one in control of the channel and someone else is pulling the strings. After some extremely narrow walkways, Paul enters in a room with pink furniture. At the end of the room, we see a mirror. And beyond that mirror, a copy of ourselves appears on the reflection side. It has the same oversized feet and torso as Paul. But instead of having the same head It has a menacing drawing of a girl’s face instead with vacant eyes and a frightening smile… This head looks very similar to the one we found in the loading screen when Paul first arrived here. The creature follows Paul’s movements perfectly. much like any reflection But then… Paul walks behind the shelf, and something changes. [OMINOUS BEEPING] [Paul]
“Uhh, what the fuck?” The creature isn’t copying Paul anymore. It’s moving sporadically on its own volition. It’s still following Paul somewhat, but not exactly… It loses attention and it trails off, only to quickly attempt to correct itself. It seems to have very poor attention, much like a child. A few moments later the creature corrects its behavior and starts copying Paul’s movements perfectly again. It’s gone back to a reflection. Also note how the floor says “QUITTER’S ROOM” backwards but on the reflected side is just the same thing, only the correct way around. This could indicate we’re not in our own reality anymore…but a mirrored one. A reality similar to our own, but subtle things are different… or, maybe it could signify something much darker. Take for example the mirror room from Silent Hill 3. We see a reflection of the game’s protagonist Heather. And on the reflection side a mass of tendrils leaves the reflection and enters our own side of the mirror. corrupting the room and eventually killing Heather. *HEATHER DIES* Are we the innocent person in this dark world or is our perception skewed and we’re the invader without even knowing it? Seems like a loose resemblance to Silent Hill But, come on. This is the only time I’m gonna be able to make that comparison. I’ll sure as heck take it Paul then walks to one of the walls and we see a note stuck to it. [Paul]
“This [Paul]
is….backwards.” [Paul]
“It says…” [Paul]
“Uhh…” [Paul]
“‘Do you remember being born?'” Paul then leaves and we finds ourselves exiting through the same door we entered at the beginning. Only now the door is facing away from the camera. And with that… Petscop 2 concludes. Petscop 3 was uploaded the 2nd of April 2017 A day after Petscop 2. In this video, Paul walks past a wall, with a giant text saying: GOOD GRIEF, AND ALAS This quote is very important, as it was also said in the Dr. Seuss book, “Daisy-Head Mayzie” In-said book, a girl called Mayzie has a daisy flower grow on her head. And, she’s mocked and bullied for being different. This links back to CARE NLM as NLM, or…. ŅOB̀O̵D͏Y is what Mayzie said, near the end of the book. [Mayzie]
*crying* [Mayzie]
Nobody loves me. [Mayzie]
*sob* [Mayzie]
Nobody loves me. [Mayzie]
*more crying* [Mayzie]
Nobody loves me. Notice how Mayzie and Care both showed their distress in a similar way. The most morbid thing about this whole premise with Care, It’s the OPPOSITE ending to the Dr. Seuss book. As with Mayzie, the last petal ends with “they love me”. [Mike Myers]
Don’t worry Mayzie! They love you! But in Petscop, the petal ends with, It’s almost like….. …..looking through a mirror. Paul, then came across some sort of shaft.. then he comes with the conclusion, he has to place something inside it. [Paul] I think i have to put something there, A bit more exploring, and Paul stumbles across an easel with a canvas on it. Interacting with the canvas, Paul can make a face….. …with many choices of eyes, eye brows, and noses. Paul inputs a random facial features, and seems to have been triggered something, as the room begins to shake violently. [shaking] When he walks to the door frame, We see the ENTIRE room is moving. Almost like an elevator. So, we gathered that putting specific faces onto the canvas, …takes Paul to different rooms. Eventually, the “”””””””””elevator”””””””””” …reached its destination, and we find ourselves what appears to be a child’s bedroom. There appears to be a child, or, something that shaped like a child. Sitting down on the bed. It appears to be rendered into the background itself. So, I can safely say, it isn’t gonna get up and jumpscare anybody. Paul can’t interact with the child, but observes the table… …and we see an 8 Ball, and a red truck. Paul then returns to the elevator, and enters another random string of faces onto the canvas… …taking him to another room. This room doesn’t look too dissimilar from the previous one. Apart from the obvious changing color. Paul does this multiple times, with nothing much of note. But Paul reckons that these rooms are randomly generated. [Paul]
“Uh.” [Paul]
“It seems like….” [Paul]
“……” [Paul]
“There are many combinations…” [Paul]
“Uh, of these faces.” [Paul]
“So, if I would guess…” [Paul]
“These rooms are–’cause there’s not much variation between these rooms.” [Paul]
“They’re probably generated in some way.” [Paul]
“So, I’ll try a few more.” [Paul]
“Every time I….” [Paul]
“…put in one of these, I have to wait…” [Paul]
“……” [Paul]
“…for like…” [Paul]
“…ten minutes. So…” [Paul]
“I’m not going to try too many of them.” Now, I don’t know the inner-workings of Playstation 1 hardware, but, this extremely lengthy wait would make sense as the PS1 had several hardware limitations. But then again, I don’t think consoles back then could randomly generate environments. I could be wrong, but I am making a comparison to MOINCROF here. Paul then returns to Michael Hammond’s grave, and inputs the face seen on his headstone. A textbox on the canvas says, [Reading] Inside Michael’s room, nothing stands out except on the table. We now see the same red object that Paul’s asking questions to, in the previous Petscop video. Also of note, there’s no child on the bed. Because, as Paul stated earlier… [Paul]
that's a dead kid Paul then returns to the canvas, and inputs the same face that was seen above the door where Care NLM was found. The canvas tells us, [Reading] using the same yellow text for Care that was used when we were told on the phone that ‘Care left the room.’ So from what we can gather, any colours displayed in text usually signifies a specific person. For example, red for the object near the window, and pink for Michael Hammond. Inside Care’s room, we see the same object on the table that was in Michael’s room. Again, resembling the object near the windmill. And much like Michael’s room, the bed is empty. At the back of the room is a piece of paper attached to the wall. The note reads, [Reading] Note again how ‘Care’ is marked in yellow. [Reading] Also note that this text is green. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen green text, the first instance of this was with Randice the flower. But Randice’s text has a black and green gradient. But this text has a white and green gradient. So it’s best to assume the person talking on the note and Randice are not one in the same. The note continues, saying, [Reading] The name Tiara and “beyond rebirthing” are marked in purple. This text also has a white gradient to it. Keep in mind we’ve yet to see or meet anyone called ‘Tiara’. The note continues, to say, [Reading] Note, that this is marked in yellow. Probably said by Care, themself. [Reading] Paul gives the conclusion on the paper. Although, …or it’s articulated more like ramblings than anything else. [Paul]
This note.. [Paul]
…is referring to the player, it’s saying you… [Paul]
I was already thinking this, but… [Paul]
It seems like.. [Paul]
Uh, it’s possible– This game was made… [Paul]
…well, this part of the game was made for somebody to see. Paul then travels to another area, …and he finds it, totally empty. I found it quite ironic, that an unfinished game that has a whole secret area to it, …only for have that area to have unfinished parts as well, [Paul]
So, okay. I’ll just end this here then. [Paul]
*faded laugh* And with that, the third Petscop video concludes. Before we continue, i just want to give my thoughts, …on the entirety of Petscop, …and what it means in a greater picture. Petscop seems to be a meta-narrative for most creepypasta stories. Paul has used an interactive media, …a let’s play format, …as a conduit to to tell a story, …that’s purposely vague with many branching paths and themes; Not to confuse people, but to let them world build themselves, …and comes with their own conclusion. Paul has given us a puzzle set. …but the pieces are missing. With each Petscop episode, more and more pieces are given to us. But some pieces stand out. They don’t fit with others. We can’t put the pieces together, and probably never will. And in the ends, we probably have enough pieces to form a conclusion. But it won’t be enough to complete the puzzle. We’ll have to finished that, …in our own minds. *dramatic silence* Petscop 4 was uploaded the 7th of April 2017, …five days after Petscop 3. This video is a lot shorter than the other parts, …clocking in only TWO minutes. This part feels more like an update from Paul and his findings, …than making any actual progress into the world he’s fallen into. [Paul]
So, if you remember what i was trying explain yesterday, [Paul]
…and failed to explain. [Paul]
Uh. [Paul]
I’m just gonna, demonstrate that. [Paul]
…to you now. [Paul]
So, i found this yesterday. [Paul]
We’re upstairs right now. [Paul]
Uh, you just saw me… [Paul]
…walk up some stairs. [Paul]
*stutters* [Paul]
What would be exactly below, [Paul]
…where I’m standing right now. [Paul]
And i worked it out, it’s roughly… [Paul]
..the area where you have… [Paul]
…the big screen… [Paul]
…with the windmill. [Paul]
This, I think is a camera… [Paul]
This is roughly… [Paul]
…where the, uh… [Paul]
…the windmill would be. [Paul]
Why there isn’t an actual windmill here, i don’t know. Paul is essentially trying to demonstrate this camera records… …this platform, and through the TV… …in Petscop 2, it appears as a windmill. This part honestly confused me, because.. …Paul has never explained this camera… …and windmill theory before, But, he talks like we’re completely aware of it. This is most probably to reinforce the idea, that recorded these videos for a friend. …and if these two were in close contact, …Paul supposedly explain this camera and his windmill theory to his friend…. …in real life, …and demonstrated it again within the game. That, or Paul isn’t the one editing and uploading these videos onto the Petscop YouTube channel. There’s also something else about this video. I’ll play the clip to see if you could pick it up, Take EVERYTHING around Paul, into consideration. [Paul]
But yeah, I think my understanding is correct. [Paul] It’s just uh, I’m missing something. *silence along with footsteps from this, “Anus Face” creature* [Paul]
Okay, that’s it. *fade out* Did you see that? Keep an eye on the top right of the screen. [Paul]
It’s just uh, I’m missing something. *whoa* There’s clearly something there. …watching Paul. But, quickly runs back into the darkness when Paul turns around. I have a theory to who this is, …which I’ll bring up later. And with that, abruptly ends Petscop 4. *silence* Petscop 5 was uploaded the 11th of April 2017. Four days after the previous video. It opens with Paul returning back to the red object found near the windmill, (well it’s actually under that, but whatever) …and Paul explains his interactions with it. [Paul]
Alright, so i spent a while… [Paul]
…with this, just asking… [Paul]
…as many questions as I could think of. [Paul]
Mostly like short, [Paul]
…three word things, uh. [Paul]
*lip snapping accompanied with the scary music in the background* [Paul]
Uh, most of the questions that I asked… [Paul]
…just produce no answer. [Paul]
Or uh…. [Paul]
The default answer, the default answer which is, [Paul]
i͗̆̂̄̾́͆͋̓ͯ̔͆̕͞͏̶͈͉̩͉͕̠̬͓͍̰̺ ̴̛͙͇͎̪̟̖͍̜͐͂̃ͮ͌̋̐ͣͧͦ̔ͯͪ̐ͫ̂̽̆̄ḑ̷̴̭̜̮͕̤̙͔̳̦̗̮ͮ̇̾͂ͤ̐ͪͮ͊ͣ̂ͭ͜o̷̫͉̠̲͚̲̤͍̦̮͓̞͐͂̇̀ͮ̊ͤ̆͗́ͤ͊ͮ̈́͂͒́̄̀͟͟n̸̶̨̛̺͖̩̼̠̲͂ͥͥ̎̃͑ͩͬͧͭ͆̈ͨ̒͛͋̿’̧̛̫̰̯͈̟̙̫͖͈͓̻̄̇ͣ͐̉ͣ̅ͧ̆̀̑ͦ̈ͪ͋̍̽̚͘͝͞ͅt͂ͨͪ̂̓ͪ́̚҉̨̤̤͉̼̻ ̸̮̹̹̳̲̯̞̫̖̤̮́̓̐ͭ͘͜͢k̨͈̺̣̤͉͖̺̘͒̊͛ͨͨ̽͆ͭ̓̕͠n̷̢͓̖̯̹̳̮̜̗̘͍̺̬̦͍̙̤̊̅̿́̈́͞͠o̍ͯͫ̂ͣ͋̈́̈҉͏̗͚̲͙w̷̟͉͓͎̼̹̼̻̟̟̙̬̼̖̞̗͇̱͎ͯͮ̿ͪ̌͊̓̐͢ [Paul]
Most of them just gave me that. [Paul]
Except for four of them. [Paul]
And I’m going to go to each of those four, now. Firstly, he asks “Who is Tiara?”, …supposedly the person mentioned on the note, in Petscop 3. The object response saying, He asks a second question, “Who am I?” The object refers to him, as Finally, Paul asks where he is. The object response, Something how notice, how Petscop has many ties to the story of Candace Newmaker. If you’ve watched other videos analyzing Petscop, …I’m sure you’re fully informed about this horrible tale To those who aren’t, i’ll explain. But be warned. This story is TRUE, and incredibly sickening. In April 18th 2000, Candace Tiara Elmore was seperated from her family at the age of 5. She was later adopted by Jeane Newmaker, …changing Candace’s name from Candace Tiara Elmore, to Candace Elizabeth Newmaker. Candace was allegedly unruly with her adopted parent. Destroying things and fighting other children. She was later diagnosed with “reactive attachment disorder”. Jeane then discovered “attachment therapy”, an experiment of therapy in attempt to reattach Candace to her adopted mother. She was taken from North Carolina to Colorado, where Jeane pays $7000 for a two week course of attachment therapy… …with Conell Watkins, and Julie Ponder. The procedure was meant to simulate a birth. Candace was placed under pillows, and sat on by four adults. With the simple instructions, to free herself. She was asked over and over, “Do you want to be born? or do you want to D̢̅ͣ̈͒ͨ̓́҉͔̗̘͖͍̯̥̗͈͜ͅỊ̖̭̹̒͗̾̈ͮͫͤͭ̔̈́͗̍ͦͯ̑̑̄ͨ͜͢͡Ȩ̛͔̯͇̜͉̘̲̪̫̱̲͊́͌ͭ́̕?” Candace would cry out saying, she WAS dying, which Watkins respond, “You want to die? Okay, then die. Go ahead, die right now.” Ponder would go on mock Candace, Forty minutes into the procedure, Candace said her very last word. Only 70 minutes into the procedure, do they free Candace. find out that she was unconscious, blue on her lips and fingertips, and not breathing. Surprisingly, Watkins was unmoved by seeing an unconscious child. Going on to say, “Oh, there she is, sleeping in her vomit.” Paramedics were able to restore Candace’s pulse, and she was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Denver. She was declared, brain dead the next day due to Asphyxia and taken off life support on April 18th, 2000 Both Watkins and Ponder were charged with reckless child abuse. Resulting in-death, and both received 16 year prison sentences. Jeane Newmaker pleaded guilty to neglect and abuse charges. …and was given a four year suspended sentence. After which the charges were expunged from her record. Watkins was paroled on June 2008, under intensive supervision. With restriction, on contact with children or counseling work. Having only served 7 of her 16 year sentence. [It’s] Disgusting to think that someone sounded neglectful of child safety will at some point… …be able to even come into contact with a child… …on the basis to help them. There’s an entire transcript on the procedure, …I’ll link down below but, …i do have to warn you, it’s an incredibly disturbing read. There were other people involved in the procedure called, …who would there to help the procedure come to fruition, bringing the total to five people involved. Five people watching a girl suffer and did nothing. And the majority actually contributed to that suffering. The only person who say didn’t, was Jeane Newmaker, herself who left the room. But still, she made no attempt to help this child clearly in agony. But how is this story linked to Petscop? Well, it isn’t. Not directly. There isn’t a Scooby Doo episode where we unmasked the bad guy after gathering all the clues. But there are subtle references scattered throughout the entire series. Which we can point to looking back at that note in Petscop 3. We see Tiara, talking about rebirth. Tiara was Candace’s original middle name, Candace Tiara Elmore. And rebirthing is the therapy that Candace undergone to “hopefully” reattach to her adopted mother. Also, the room with the doppelganger back in Petscop 2 is called the A name, Julie Ponder, one of the therapist would call Candace over, and over. Also, the drawing on the other side of the reflection looks somewhat like a girl, …albeit crudly drawn. Could be this a reference to Candace herself? When Paul asked the object, who he was, …the object replied, with …and when asked, where we are, it answered I honestly find it quite hard to believe, that Candace Newmaker is referred to in this game. Because if you compare the dates, …Candace died on the 18th of April 2000. But Petscop was apparently released in 1997. Which would mean, whoever developed this game would have to travel in the future, then back into the past? I understand, I’m talking like this game is real. Which it most likely isn’t. But still, that massive plot hole REALLY confuses me. Instead focusing on Candace, i looked up the meaning for the name, Newmaker. Once i have found gave it a intrepretation of the word. [?] Newmaker: [Reading] Now, i couldn’t find this on any other site. So unfortunately, this might be the case that it’s just a bunch of randomly generated nonsense, …much like opening a fortune cookie. But never the less, the fact the meaning of Newmaker is apparently to unveil secrets and an interests in psychology. Really ties the Paul’s character, he UNCOVERS the Newmaker plane, …through a secret code. An interest in psychology ties back to Candace having constant run-ins with people who WORKED in that field. Newmaker could be a title given to people that enter the Newmaker Plane for the first time. This isn’t the first time in media where the protagonist enters an alien world and is proclaimed ‘the chosen one’ to fix everything. I think this was a purpose design choice to give subtle references to the Newmaker story, but not enough to have a conclusion. Petscop isn’t about Candace Newmaker. From the way I see it we’re travelling through a broken and unfinished world where very little makes sense THE FLOW OF TIME ITSELF IS CONVOLUTED We’ll see worlds, stories, fact AND fiction intertwine with one another but it’ll never be thing spear heading Petscop After a while ‘the object’ goes from a crimson red to a bright pink that even catches Paul off guard. Paul asks, the now pink, object who it is At first it seems like the object is broke and cant give answers anymore. Until a message appears in block capitals saying… Now if we’re working with our theory of colours representing characters in Petscop, the sudden change to pink must mean that Michael Hammond is controlling the object. and he’s demanding Paul turns off the console Paul asks why he should then Michael responds with… The poor grammar points towards this is said by a child and Michael was 7 at the time of his apparent death, so this could genuinely be Michael Hammond we’re communicating with. The character Marvin, Michael is referencing, I’ll talk about him later on When Paul tries to ask the purple object another question it changes back to its original crimson red So our connection with Michael has apparently been severed. When asked ‘Who are you?’ the object replies with… with a shape of itself crudely drawn. So we now know the name of this character and I can stop referring to it as object, because that got really annoying! One thing I know is going back on this footage there is a brief moment where Paul’s character contorts and glitches out with what appears to be a semi-transparent liquid hitting the floor? I’m not sure whether is the game artifacting or done on purpose but it still really caught me off guard, because up until this point we’ve had no real jump scares and honestly watching this series on your own the tension does an amazing job of playing tricks on you. Paul asks Tool one final question. ‘Remember being born?’ Most likely a reference from the quitters room in Petscop 2 to which Tool replies… Looking into the video description we see a collection of questions Paul to asked Tool. Some could be seen as very critical, like ‘Who is Marvin?’ and ‘Who is Care?’ Sadly Tool apparently responded to every single one of these questions with One thing of note is ‘Who is Marvin?’ has next to it in brackets… [Reading] Paul uses the term ‘we’ which points to the fact that there is more than 1 person running this channel, even though we’ve heard no one else narrate except Paul himself and with that Petscop 5 comes to a close… *silence* [Ominous music] [Ominous music] Petscop 6 was uploaded on the 20th of April 2017, 8 days after Petscop 5. The video begins with the windmill, accompanied by two large booming noises. The video then skips ahead 2 hours and 39 minutes. The blades on the windmill slow down and begin rotating anti-clockwise. A low ominous tone begins to play. [low ominous tone] We see a character, not to dissimilar to Paul’s, cloaked in shadow. This could be the figure we saw moving behind the windmill, in Petscop 4. It would make sense, as both of them seem to be in very close proximity of each other. This could be even the shadow man…. … The note was referring to, all the way back in the first Petscop episode This figure moves behind the windmill When we first see it in the video The dark figure then moves towards the camera Moving it to another direction And the screen cuts to this image… … This image could signify a lot of things Circles could represents ouroboros The dragon eating its own tail and signifies a loop or something constantly recreating its self This could mean the
has been here for a while And the cycle of this strange happenings With the bedrooms, Care and the visual glitches Have been repeating themself Which would tie back in to the tool giving us the title Someone whose came in to the To feed the cycle I’m fully aware that I’m probably reading into this image Way too much and it could just be a random image To startle you or make you feel uneasy but…. …That was my interpretation of it The shadow man then asks us: The question is formed out of alphabet blocks Which of course, mainly used for children s just like Micheal controlling the pink This could be another child manipulating the situation Note the green house forming in the background The same house we saw in the image in Petscop 2. Another question is asked: With random props appearing and dissapering seemingly at random. We see the pet Toneth, with him slowly being surrounded in brick. This is the same building that was in the picture in Petscop 2. So we can assume that this building is now some sort of school. The final message from the figure: “I will follow”. And again, moves the camera, now back to facing the windmill. Which, after an hour and 24 minutes Disappears. (ominous humming) (Scary boom) With only the foundation remaining much like

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    12:20 its obvious that the instructions to catch roneth is a nod to the text above, the "start" symbolising the start of walking and the continued "downs"are symbolising walking down the stairs, the single right is symbolising "instead of proceeding i turned right and became a shadow monster man" which is why after the single right you press start again

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    Pyro: and if we enhance and brighten this image, we can see a flat wall that is a bit dirty. This could be a reference to the devil, who was depicted in front of a dirty wall in this painting from 1898

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