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Musical Instrument Repairer and Tuner Career Video

August 20, 2019

When a pianist strikes a chord, a timpanist
pounds out a rhythm, or a trumpet player blows that first note, All ears are at the ready
listening for the perfect pitch, or disappointing dissonance. Musical instrument repairers and tuners keep
instruments in tune and in good repair. Instrument repairers and tuners are experts
at assessing an instrument’s problems and recommending a realistic repair based on the
instrument’s age, condition, and quality. They may repair all types of instruments,
or specialize in one area, such as piano tuning, and often teach customers how to care for
instruments. They often start by playing the instrument,
tuning it, or taking it apart for any repairs, which might mean removing dents, building
or inserting replacement parts, and finishing with a high polish. They may also evaluate instruments for sale
or purchase. Instrument repairers and tuners work at music
stores, repair shops, instrument rental services, or work independently out of their homes. Some tour with bands or orchestras to keep
instruments in top shape for performances. Most repairers are also skilled musicians,
although piano tuners often train for the job without musical skills. Standard business hours for many jobs leave
evenings and weekends available to perform. Positions typically require either work experience,
technical training or an associate’s degree, along with related work experience. Apprenticeships are sometimes available.

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