Music Hack Paris – Experimetal Sound Sculpture – Google France

May 1, 2019

hi this is experimental music ensemble it's partially disconnected at the moment which is a guitar and a peristaltic pump that we built from from a lot of parts this is the rest of this ensemble was what we put together in the last I guess four days the water pumping into the bucket right now will eventually upset the equilibrium so as this would fill the musical crane comes down takes a sip of water and comes back up refills his instrument which is a couple of water beat drums and you get a lot of chaotic interactions but there's some mechanical beats to this and there's a lot of work to be done so for the electronics it's fairly simple we just have a guitar with the conventional guitar pickup on it which is was going into this little audio interface and on which I bolted on some effects and then after underneath that drum there's a speaker that we've lied the other way around so that it works like a microphone and so on that I've bolted on a whole lot of other effects to create some sort of ambient sound to go with the make mechanical beat and eventually we'll be putting a tilt sensor on here which will just add we'll be able to interact with the sounds created by the guitar and by the drums and to create a more interesting sound really there you go

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  • Reply ben sam May 1, 2019 at 11:52 pm

    que c'est facile de se prรฉtendre artiste de nous jours -_-

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