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MOZART, WA 🎭 The Magic Flute [Act 1] Convent Garden/ Sir Colin Davis, 2003 [Multi Subtitles]

February 15, 2020

The Magic Flute Help me, or I am lost There is no escape from this serpent Closer and closer it comes Someone help me! Die, monster by our power Victory! Victory! Our heroic deed is accomplished Our courage has saved him He’s a handsome youth I’ve never seen
such a fine-looking man As lovely as a picture If I were to love anyone… …it would be this young man Let’s hurry to our Queen… …and tell her our news This may be the man… …to restore her peace of mind I’ll stay here
while you go and tell her No, you go. I shall watch over him No, I’ll guard him on my own – I’ll stay here
– I’ll watch over him I’ll stay No, I shall Why should I go? It’s fine! She wants to be alone with him That cannot be I’d give anything
to be with this young man If only I had him to myself But no one will leave, so ‘it cannot be It’s best if I go now You charming young man, farewell… …until we meet again Where am I? Am I only dreaming I’m still alive? Has a higher power saved me?
What is that? I’m the merry bird-catcher A familiar sight to young and old I know how to set a trap
and whistle like a bird I’m be happy and cheerful… …for all the birds belong to me If I had a net for girls
I’d catch them by the dozen I’d keep them by me in a cage… …and they’d all be mine If all the girls were mine… …l’d swap them for sugar I’d give the sugar
to the one I loved the best If she gave me a loving kiss
we’d be man and wife She’d sleep at my side… …and I’d cradle her like a child Tell me, who are you? Me? Silly question.
I’m a human being like you What if I asked who you were? I’d answer that I am of princely blood That’s beyond me! My father rules many lands
and peoples… I am called a prince Lands, peoples, prince? Does that mean there are more people
on the other side of these mountains? – Thousands and thousands
– Then I n sell more of my birds I catch all kinds of birds… …for the blazing star queen
and her maidens They reward me every day
with food and drink Blazing star queen? Could that be
the Queen of Night? Have you been lucky enough
to see this goddess of the night? See?
See the blazing star queen? What mortal eyes have ever
seen through her web of dark veils? Why are you looking at me
so suspiciously? Were you really the man
who saved me… from that poisonous snake? Snake? – But you have no weapons
– Don’t need any A twist of the hand is all it takes So did you strangle it? Strangled! Papageno! Papageno! – Who are these ladies?
– I don’t really know myself I only know that every day
they take my birds… …and give me wine,
cakes and sweet figs in return Lovely ladies, here are my birds Instead of wine… …for the first time the Queen
sends you pure, clear water Instead of cake, this stone And instead of sweet figs,
this padlock for your mouth So that you don’t lie
to strangers in future So that you don’t claim
others’ heroic deeds as your own Speak up, did you fight this snake? Young man, we rescued you Don’t be afraid,
you will be blessed with happiness – Our Queen sends you this painting
– It is her daughter’s portrait If you are moved by what you …then honor and good fortune
await you The beauty of this portrait
has captured my heart Something stirs in my heart
when I look at this heavenly face I can’t say what ‘rt is
but ‘rt burns me like a flame Can this be love? Yes, it is love If I could find her,
if she were standing before me… …with pure-hearted devotion I would… …l would what? In rapture I would press her
to my breast Then she would be mine forever Nothing stands in the way
of your happiness The Queen has heard your every word She has seen into your heart She said, “if this young man’s courage
is the equal of his love… “…then my daughter
will surely be rescued” – Rescued?
– An evil demon has kidnapped Pamina One lovely day in May she was
sitting alone in the cypress grove… …when Sarastro crept in, unseen He lives nearby
but his castle is closely guarded Come, maidens, lead me there.
I swear on my life to rescue Pamina What’s that? Don’t be afraid!
That heralds our Queen’s arrival My dear son, do not be afraid You are innocent, upright and wise A man like you can best console
a mother’s grief-stricken heart I am condemned to grief
since my daughter has gone All happiness disappeared with her An evil man stole her from me I n still see the way
she shook with fear… …and how hopelessly she struggled I had to witness her abduction “Help me!” was all she said She pleaded in vain
for I was too weak to help You will go and rescue her You are the man to save my daughter If I see you triumph
then she will be yours forever Did I imagine everything? What a punishment!
He n no longer speak All I n do is offer my sympathy,
for I am powerless to help The Queen has pardoned you – Now Papageno n chatter again
– Chatter, but not lie – I’ll never tell a lie again
– Let this be a warning to you If every liar had a padlock
on his mouth… …hatred and slander
would give way to love and friendship Prince, accept this gift from our Queen The magic flute will protect you… …and support you in adversity You will have the power
to change men’s hearts The downcast will smile… …the loveless will love A flute like this is beyond price… …for it n bring peace on earth Fair ladies, allow me to take my leave You may,
but the Queen commands you… …to go with the prince
to Sarastro’s castle No, thanks! You said that he’s a beast I’m sure he’ll have me plucked,
roasted and fed to the dogs The prince will protect you
and you must serve him The prince n go to the devil I’d like to go on living I’m sure he’ll sneak away from me Take this treasure – What’s inside?
– A set of chiming bells Shall I be able to play them too? Of course Silver bells and a magic flute
protect from danger Farewell… …until we meet again Can you tell us, fair ladies… …where to find the stle? Three boys, fair and wise… …will journey with you As they lead you on your …follow only their advice – Pretty little dove, come to me
– Oh, what torture – Your life is over
– I’m not afraid of death I am sad only for my mother She will surely die of grief Slaves, tie her up!
My hatred will destroy you Let me die, you monster,
if nothing n touch your heart Away! Leave me alone with her I wonder where I am Someone’s there.
I’ll be brave and go ahead Pretty lady, with the chalk-white face That must be the devil Have mercy! Spare me! – Who are you?
– The blazing star queen sent me My mother! What’s your name? I’ve heard of you, but never seen you – Nor I you
– Then do you know my loving mother? If you are the blazing
star queen’s daughter, then yes – That is who I am
– I’ll just check Dark eyes, correct Lips, red Hair? Yes, hair Everything matches
except the hands and feet That’s my picture.
How did you come by it? I was just about to hand over
my birds… …when I came across a man
who called himself prince Your mother was so taken
with this prince… …that she sent him your portrait
and commanded him to rescue you His decision was as instant
as his love for you ls he in love with me? You’ve been very brave. If Sarastro… – What time is it?
– Nearly nightfall Then there’s no time to lose Sarastro usually returns from hunting
around this time – Wasn’t that Sarastro?
– No, Monostatos. Let’s go What if this is a trap… …and this man
is one of Sarastro’s evil spirits? An evil spirit?
I’m the nicest spirit in the world Forgive me,
In see you have a kind heart That’s not much good to me
when I still don’t have a Papagena Don’t you have a wife? Not even a girlfriend,
let alone a wife Be patient,
and Heaven will look after you… …and send you a girlfriend
sooner than you think If Heaven could hurry up If you n feel love
then you must have a kind heart It is a woman’s duty
to share this natural feeling We all long for love,
for love is the reason for living Everything that lives
makes sacrifices for love It stands at the center
of the circle of life This lofty goal clearly shows… …that nothing is more noble
than man and woman Godliness is the goal
to which man and woman strive This is the path to your goal,
but you must battle like a man Listen to our words: Be steadfast, patient and impassive Tell me if I shall succeed
in rescuing Pamina We cannot reveal that.
Be steadfast, patient and impassive Simply be a man Then you will triumph manfully May their words be engraved
forever upon my heart Where am I? Is this the home of the gods? The signs are that wisdom,
industry and art abide here In the realm of diligence,
evil is disarmed Fearlessly I go forward My aim is noble,
honorable and pure Tremble, villain My task is to save Pamina Stand back! Stand back? Then I’ll try my luck here – Stand back
– Here too I’m turned back Here is another door Perhaps I’ll find a way in Stranger, what are you seeking
on this holy ground? The reward for love and virtue These are lofty words Yet how will you find such things? You are not led by love and virtue
but by death and anger – Anger against an evil man
– You will not find him here Does Sarastro reign here? Yes, Sarastro reigns here But not in the Temple of Wisdom He reigns in the Temple of Wisdom So it is all hypocrisy Will you leave so soon? I shall leave, happy and free
and never see your temple Say what you mean.
You have been misled Sarastro lives here,
that is enough for me If you love your life, stay and speak – Do you hate Sarastro?
– I hate him for eternity Tell me why He is a monster, a tyrant What proof is there? The proof lies
in an unhappy woman’s grief Has a woman bewitched you? Women do little and talk a lot Do you believe what they say? Let Sarastro show you his purpose His purpose is all too clear Did he not snatch Pamina
from her mother? That is true Where is she, whom he stole from us? Has she been sacrificed? I am not yet permitted
to tell you this Explain, don’t trick me I am sworn to silence When will all be clear? When you take the hand
of friendship… …and join the eternal brotherhood When will this endless night be over? When will my eyes see the light? Soon, young man… …OI’ never Soon or never? Unseen voices,
tell me if Pamina is alive Pamina is still alive She’s alive! Thank you If only every note I play… …could tell of the gratitude… …that springs from my heart What power is in your magic music… …if even wild beasts are charmed Yet Pamina alone does not come Pamina, hear me In vain Where n I find you? That’s Papageno’s tune Perhaps he’s already seen her Perhaps he’s bringing her here Perhaps the tune will lead me to her Swift feet and brave hearts
will save us from the enemy Unless we find Tamino
they’ll catch us again Fair youth! No, here’s a better way what ivy! Tamino has heard us
and played in reply Let’s hurry to find him Hurry, hurry, hurry I’ve caught you! Bring the manacles! I’ll teach you some manners Trick Monostatos? Slaves, bring the chains We’re done for Fortune favors the bold Let the chimes ring
and make their ears hum What a lovely tune! I’ve never heard anything like it If everyone had chimes like these… …his enemies would vanish Then he would live in true harmony The harmony of friendship
is what soothes our troubles Without this accord
there n be no happiness on earth Long live Sarastro! What n that be? I’m frightened Now we’re in trouble.
Sarastro is coming If I were a mouse, I’d run and hide If I were as small as a snail
I’d creep into my house What shall we say? The truth… …even if we have done wrong Long live Sarastro! We joyfully give ourselves to him May he always live in wisdom He is the one we worship and revere Lord, I am guilty I wished to escape your rule But I am not to blame Monostatos craved love… …so I ran away Rise, and have no fear… …for I know what is in your heart You love another I would not compel you to love,
but I shall not set you free I have a duty to my mother She is in my power All joy would leave you
if I released you into her hands A mother’s name is sweet to hear She is mine She is a woman of pride A man must guide your heart Without a man
a woman cannot fulfill her destiny Come here, proud young man,
here is our master, Sarastro – It is he
– It is she I n hardly believe it It is she. It’s not a dream – I embrace him
– I embrace her No matter if this means death Such insolence!
Separate them at once I bend the knee before you Make the sinner repent He tried to use this strange bird… …to steal Pamina from you.
But I was able to find him You know how vigilant I am You will be well rewarded Give this gentleman… Your favour is reward enough No more than
seventy-seven strokes I had not hoped for that Do not thank me, it is my duty Long live the wise Sarastro!
He justly rewards and punishes Lead these two strangers
into the Temple of Trials Cover their heads… …for first they must be purified When virtue and justice
mark the path of great men… …then earth is a kingdom of heaven… …and mortals become divine END OF ACT 1

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