Moab Folk Camp

June 26, 2019

going to the Moab folk camp is a fun invigorating creativity expanding skill and confidence building experience for singers songwriters and musicians the teacher lineup changes a bit from year to year but like the examples you're about to see you'll always have an abundance of choices in writing playing creating and performing I'm going to be introducing the teachers and I'm going to start with our first morning class I'd like to hand for John fuller teaches our charts with us it's open to any level of photographer you're an iPhone logger to bring your iPhone with a connection point you in the right direction we will be back in time for you to have breakfast and get to your first class the North carolina-style which which has been has become known as round peak playing people like Fred tottering and finally and people like that it has a conversation with a person playing I'm here this week as you're incredibly loving but somewhat evil vocal I'm here to help you guys put together a simple joyous fun to help you learn about being in relationship with your voice if that's something that you're interested in my two classes first one in the morning is songwriting 101 all levels welcome no experienced preferred but you know if you have written songs before you're most welcome to join this class because what we'll do is we'll create a writing community for four days I'm going to try to get get you moving around the neck a little bit and we're finding relationships and being able to move not just in the open position here comes our little hasn't met bass notes I will be leading a beginning class in guitar this year so it's in the afternoon it's for anyone who would like to come you know that you never play the guitar that's fine and maze of fiery ring so that's just three chords and starting with the very basics and so it's appropriate for any new musicians or somebody who plays guitar or tuba and is looking to down so I'm Chad Niehaus I'm a visual artists that have been lucky to live here in Moab and I'd love to show you this place as I see it like get you out a little bit and in this particular year we're going to focus on printmaking so in the past we've had water colors and pastels so we're going to try what's called plein air printmaker you know all the ways you can play an E chord kind of the major scale in chords with them and a major formica for minor formation or big different form to finish for and then the major partner will just try that was a different chord each day with that but to command hand percussion you could get cups turn them upside down I don't know if you've seen some YouTube videos of the more masterful at this but I certainly want to share some of that two hands three chords that start out so simple enforce teaching of introduction to open tunings and partial Capo's and we're going to learn three tunings this week if you are somebody plays guitar and you play in standard tuning which means you make a G like this if you're ready to take that next step in music if you're longing to be inspired or if you just want to have a great time with people who love what you do check out the Moab folk camp the website has the latest information

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