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Max Steiner Collection

September 21, 2019

Max Steiner was born in Vienna Austria
and he was trained as a musician there and then he started to conduct and
compose operettas and musical theater and when World War one came, he emigrated
to the United States where he ended up on Broadway and worked with composers
like George Gershwin and Jerome Kern and then he was called to Hollywood to
orchestrate some music for some musicals they were doing in the early days of
Hollywood sound films. That was I think in 1927 and from there until the 60s he
was a permanent Hollywood composer. He’s known as the father of film composers or
the Dean of film composers because of his very important role in early films
and he also composed some of the earliest wall-to-wall film scores music
from beginning to end and compose some of the first underscoring some would say
the first film score masterpiece would be his score for King Kong and his music
was the model that film composers in Hollywood looked to during the classic
Hollywood years. Reading through his scores and seeing all the notes that he
writes to his orchestrators and all the funny things that are in the scores has
just been really enjoyable. There’s a lot of clever side notes that you can read
in between the notes on the page if you want to get to know more about Max
Steiner we of course have his film scores in
special collections. There’s a lot of recordings you can check out or movies
you can check out at the library and also he can talk to scholars like myself.

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  • Reply FilmScoreRundowns May 3, 2018 at 4:06 am

    "Restaurant" music (link above) by Max Steiner.

    A smorgasbord of treats (sketch scores) at BYU. Full scores are available at Warner Bros. Archive research center just off campus USC.

  • Reply FilmScoreRundowns May 3, 2018 at 4:11 am

    There's no mickey-mousing around it…the only sources for primary score materials are at BYU Special Collections & Warner Bros./USC……

  • Reply Maria Aparecida Dos Santos Capucho August 1, 2019 at 12:19 am

    Ele era Austríaco, por isso foi o maior compositor , fez trilhas sonoras para filmes americanos, mas seu sangue não é americano, nasceu em Viena, na Áustria, o maior e melhor de todos !!!

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