Making The Melody Of a Song Sing!

June 23, 2019

good morning this is Dwayne and today I'd like to share a simple concept with you that is making a melody stand out by simply adding a grace note in a turn now and then okay a grace note in a turn very two very simple concepts a grace note is you know where you hit one note on you glance off one note as you approach another one like that often they're on black keys like that but they can be on white keys as well okay that would be a whole whole step grace note that would be a half step grace note a turn is where you turn around the note like that they can you can have a you know a three note turn one two three we're gonna have a five note turn one two three four five block you've heard of this some minuet in G that I learned years ago and you've probably played too okay that's a simple turn okay but just to make a simple three note turn let me just illustrate it in a pop song this this song is called you are too beautiful is what I want you to nose instead of just going that's a simple grace note and here I used to turn if you're just beginning that just just try that just to things slide off an occasional note now don't do it too much it gets it gets old if you do it too much and then just try to turn I like to use my index and third finger for a turn but you can use whatever fingers working whatever works best for you you can use them on chords too like I I played that D minor seventh chord and I slid off D flat to that there I played a flat ninth Gordon slid off the E flat to E i watch me do it again a very very simple let's take another tune let's say are playing Moon River that's it I started off with a turn by the way use your thumb on white notes whenever you can your long fingers on black notes there's a grace note – I was playing a third so I slid off the b-flat and the D flat going up there again turn five no turn one two three four one two three four five and then I I played the G chord I slid off the middle the middle black there I used to a whole step grace note played up instead of playing just a third I played up three notes but they let up on the bottom note it's called a crush note actually fresh grace number sometimes you can do a tremolo you start off with the tremolo and a chord you see I'm sliding off those black keys with cords or octaves or just a single note as well as turn so very simple concepts but it's one way you can beautify a melody make it more interesting but again I kind of overdid it there cuz I was Phyllis trading how you could do it but don't do it that much but put it in now and it's kind of like salt and pepper you don't wanna you know pour it all over your meat potatoes just accent it okay well thanks for being with me and if you enjoy these piano tips come on over do two things actually sign up for our hit the subscribe button on YouTube if you're on YouTube watching this and then come on over to play piano come and sign up for a free newsletter of piano tips it's free and you get it most every day so you can learn a lot that way so thanks for being with me we'll see you tomorrow with another free piano tip bye bye for now you

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  • Reply Bharat Gosher June 23, 2019 at 8:14 am

    for some reason my teacher has left the town and after going through many videos, when I see your style of playing and specially fingering, they are exactly same like my teacher Mr. Rammohan.
    I feel really great. saved.
    God bless you.

  • Reply Matthew Brumit June 23, 2019 at 8:14 am

    Well I have to say Mr Shinn, you are the Bee's Knees for providing all these videos for people like me who grew up loving music and craving desperately to learn how to play the piano, but didn't have the time or resources to do so. Β Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise in such a way that is beneficial for people like me.

  • Reply SilverBrightSound June 23, 2019 at 8:14 am

    I just recently bought your book off amazon, very excited to get it in the mail. I was wondering if you had all the chords for moon river and if you would make a tutorial for the intermediate piano players. I know my music theory and everything, but I'm not advanced enough to do any chord substitutions. All the tutorials i find for this piece are either too hard or on guitar. Any help with it would be appreciated as I'm hoping to sing it in an up coming show next month. Thanks!

  • Reply Hurricanes King85 June 23, 2019 at 8:14 am


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