Make Great YouTube Channel Art for FREE With Google Drive

July 22, 2019

hi there Jamie key here today at teachers tech hope you're having a great day today today I want to show you how to make great-looking channel art using Google Drive and more specifically Google slides inside Google Drive so I want to show you how to make channel art for your YouTube channel in some very easy steps let's get started so if you're logged in to your YouTube channel here you can see up at the top right hand corner under icon if I click it this is where I can upload my new channel art – you can see that here are some previous ones that I've uploaded to my channel here that I could replace my current one or I could use the gallery so we want to create a new one to upload to here and I'm going to go over to my Google Drive and I have that tab open I'm just in a demo account here and if you've watched my other video on making thumbnails with Google Drive that's where this is coming from and I'll put that link if you haven't I'll put that link to how to do your custom thumbnails with the dimensions and everything rate down below are in the cards above so I have a folder that I've created already I'm gonna go into into it you can see channel art here so I'm gonna go in it I'm gonna create a Google slides in here just by right-clicking I'm gonna go to open a new blank presentation here so I have to first of all get the correct size of my channel art so I'm just going to go back to here and you can see the correct size if I click on this notice here it says recommend a channel art size 2560 by 1440 nuts in pixels so we got to remember those numbers 2560 by 1440 if I go over to here I'm going to pick those if I go to file and I go to page setup and I'm gonna go to here I'm gonna drop down to custom and pixels and now this is where I'm gonna write 2560 by 1440 and now I'm gonna have the correct size what they recommend I'm just gonna close my themes I don't need my themes open on this one and I'm also just gonna make this blank I'm gonna click on the edges of it and hit delete on my keyboard so just click on the edges and there I have a blank blank slide and I have it to the correct dimensions now the one thing about Chandler you got to know is there's a certain spot that you need to place your items to make sure it shows correctly on your computer or mobile because whether person's viewing it on TV there's some differences on what gets shown for your channel art so I'm gonna show you a link off YouTube support it's right here and I'll put the link down below in my description too so this is a template to help you to have everything in the correct spot and I have it and you can see that there's a download right here that you can go to channel our templates and it will download a zip file give you a PSD or PNG file I'm going to be using the PNG file here so the first thing I'm going to do now is upload that image that I just downloaded from that YouTube support so just go over to insert and you can see image and I'm gonna upload from computer I've just downloaded this into folder and you can see here's the PNG file the channel art I'm gonna go ahead and open this up and I'm just going to just have it stretched to here and so this is gonna be my area that I have to work with so even though it's the whole image the text this is text and logo safe area through here so this is important that if you want if you're writing something or there's certain images or your logo that you want to show up make sure you put it in here we can because you can see there's desktop max mode tablet or desktop minimum and mobile so it depends on what device you're you're thinking about but this is the area that you want things to be safe in so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna click on this image and I want to make it more transparent and see-through and I'll show you why I want to do that so I'm gonna go to format option and you can see under adjustments here and I'm just gonna click down on here and I'm gonna bring the transparency so I can see through this a little bit more now let's start with changing the background image of this whole of this of this channel art here so I'm just gonna click on background and I'm gonna go I'm gonna choose an image I could choose a color if I want I'm just going to choose an image I could upload if I had certain images if I had something in my Google Drive I'm just gonna search for something here and I'm gonna just going to search for the beach and I'm just gonna pick I'm just going to pick this picture right here and hit select and hit done and now I have this image in the background so I made this transparent when I'm all done I could turn this so it's completely transparent or maybe just even delete this when I save this but the reason why I do this so you can see the background but you have to anything extra you put like your logo and therefore things you want it within here so if I go here I could write something if I'm let's insert a text box here so I'm just gonna write an example so I want it within here I'll write channel art and I can make this larger – here's my different types of fonts all make this much larger even much larger than this and I'll make this box larger and then I'm gonna pick a little just pick impact and you can change colors and everything on this – so if you want it to write anything you can just go ahead and move it around but move it around inside here you can insert more pictures if you want to so if I search the web again it will come up over here I better make it something maybe a computer since I'm kind of a tech channel and I'll just put this one in here and I'll just drag it over and you can see it's quite large but I can shrink this down it's too big still so I'm gonna shrink it down a little bit more that would kind of fit in here so and even if I wanted to change the shape of this what I can do is if I go up near the crop so I could crop it down but if I pick one of these image masks so maybe I want it into a certain maybe I wanted a circle or an oval you can see how it changed the image on this one and then I can actually add effects on this too I'll just close this down so under format options you can see if I wanted to add a drop shadow to this if I maybe put a distance so you can see or maybe the reflection would be probably too big as it goes outside the zone here so I may not want that the other thing is if I had my logo so if I just quickly go over to here I can just right click from here I'm gonna let's say I'll click on this one and I'll right click on this and I'm gonna go copy image I could save an upload but this makes it easy just to paste it over here and now I have this and I'm making sure everything fits inside here so I get everything kind of around in the right place in the channel art that I want you can instant put shapes and if you want so you have different shapes if you you can see right through here there's lots of different shapes and you can color them I'll just give you a quick example here I'll just use the circle I could draw a shape in and I can add the x2 them like I did before the format options or it could quickly change this to different colors so you can put all these different things onto it use this very similar to something like canva but just make sure you're in those proportions so when you're done what you can do I'm gonna click on the outside here I could just delete this or maybe I want to change the transparency all the way so you don't even see it on this one if you want to come back to it then what I can do is all I have to do is download and you can see I can download let's say I'll just download as a JPEG in this case and then I download it and it's gonna download this item to here I'll just open it up and you can see it's ready to be put in and this is gonna be in the right spot so I would take this image after I'll just close this down I I could take this image if I just go over to my Google Drive here you can see it's all in here too so it's being saved I could title this something different rather than untitled so like in college channel art maybe I give it a year and then you can see it's all updated easy to find and kind of a template for your channel art and then all you need to do is go back when you click this and then you're just gonna since I have a downloaded on my computer I would select it and upload it here too so I hoped you kind of liked this walkthrough of creating channel art with with your Google Drive in Google slides it's an easy way it's a free way so you have liked it or maybe know someone else and let them know about it ramier I do do another video just showing you kind of dimensions of making great-looking for making great-looking thumbnails using the same method so I hope you liked it this week if you have hit that like remember I do weekly tech tips hit the subscribe button if it's something that you I think might be handy thanks for watching this week and I'll see you next time

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    Thank you, I have been struggling to get my channel art to fit on the screen properly, after you video I finally did it.  I still Used Canva as a template but downloadingthe Youtube templete dimention is what I needed 🙂

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