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Lubbock Music Interviews

August 25, 2019

My name is Don Caldwell and I’ve been producing and recording music in Lubbock and West Texas since 1971. When I started, the first stuff that came along in the studio that is really recognizable was we recorded Joe Ely’s first bunch of tunes for his first album. My name is David Cho and I’m a musician. I’m currently the music director of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. Music was around my household. My parents were musicians, and I played the piano as a kid. My name is Jenni Dale Lord, and that is my God-given birth name. My biggest influence is probably Ani DiFranco, who most people don’t even know, but she is wonderful. A big reason I picked up the guitar was because of Pat Green. So him going to Texas Tech and then also kinda following behind the footsteps of Wade Bowen. I think we have vibrant music scene in Lubbock, and I think Lubbock is a very special place Playing in Lubbock is a blessing I never thought would happen. I had no idea when I left that there was such a rich music culture. This home for me, and it always will be. Getting to play for Lubbock and Texas Tech students, every time, it’s special. People that want to experience the real thing in art and music, they’re gonna find it in Lubbock, Texas.

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