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LOONA VS. THE WORLD: How The K-Pop Industry Failed This Rookie Group [A History Documentary]

August 14, 2019

(reel-to-reel tape sound effect) (oh hi there, I am back) (back with the same ADD induced subs) (here we go again, ORBITs) (“For all LOONAs Around the World” plays in the background)
(crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (boi these heartbeat sounds are getting me suspensed) (190216 LOONAVERSE Concert)
[OT12: “Hello, We are LOONA!”] (171105 JTBC MIXNINE Haseul Cut) (190220 Billboard News)
[LOONA Returns With New Single “Butterfly” on YouTube] (190220 Billboard News)
[LOONA Returns With New Single “Butterfly” on YouTube]
[Jordyn Rolling : K-Pop lovers have a whole new reason to stan LOONA.] [Jordyn Rolling : On Tuesday, the K-Pop girl group dropped their
new single, “Butterfly”.] (“Butterfly” whispers) [“Fly like butterflies”] (yoo bchili that intro wtf……goosebumps maan) (Zeeky Beats – “Orange” plays) The last time I talked about LOONA on my
YouTube channel, I was explaining how revolutionary they are. These group-of-12-women not only releases beautiful
music, but they’re also telling inspirational story That encourages their fans to think about
the world we know. Not long after my video, their first comeback after
their debut, [X X], was released.
(pronounced “Multiply Multiply”) “Butterfly”, the title track, produced so many fans
and people who accidentally stumbled across the music video to tears. Instead of a regular K-Pop music video, where they
will showcase the members visuals In hopes to attract more fans, The creators took this opportunity to empower women
of all different ethnicities, Religions Sizes And capabilities, By encouraging them to “fly like
butterflies”. They did all this despite how small the fanbase
in South Korea is. Proving just how much their company and the creators
care about LOONA, and the messages within their art. The song also was accompanied by beautiful cinematography,
outstanding choreography And of course… Dream-like sounds that create such a unique and
powerful song. If you haven’t already watched the music video yet, [STOP, GET UP] And go watch it I’ve linked it in my description.
(description is below this video) Okay, now that everyone has seen it [Nicki Minaj : DID I LIE??] [DID I LIE???] Unfortunately, this video isn’t about how successful
[X X] was. It is about how the K-Pop industry has intentionally *or not* Runied their comeback. Showcasing not only the disrespect towards LOONA But all smaller K-Pop groups especially the ones
outside of the Big3. One might ask, “what is the point of this video?” “There’s nothing we can do about this situation”, “And all ORBITs already know about the details”. 𝓦 𝓡 𝓞 𝓝 𝓖 ! This video is meant to be a record in history. So when LOONA are world-famous,
(Amen, sister) And no company would DARE to try the crap the have dealt
with over the past few weeks(?), We can remember all the hypocrisy, and
hardships And hopefully, the public will be more aware of
this occurrences, So we can protect newer groups from small companies
from experiencing similar injustices. (some old-ass “BREAKING NEWS” intro music) Mistreatment of LOONA isn’t new. From offensive comments by YG, To Mnet only giving them 3 minutes to perform
at the MAMA Awards. The industry loves to hate(?) on these girls, But that is nothing compared to the string of
events that occured after the release of [X X]. Let’s look at each incident, one by one. (yo who shut the windows?) (uh…lights…?) [KNOCK KNOCK] (door opens) (door closes) (light switch) (electrical current buzzes) Incident #1. BBC hired Kakao M, a 41-year-old company,
to distribute LOONA’s new album, [X X] Making them in charge of both physical albums, including
preorders, printing, and selling them in stores and online, And digital sales, including iTunes, Spotify and all
the streaming services. However, Kakao M greatly undersought(?) their physical albums, Causing major delays with printing, specifically
the Limited A and B editions of the album. They had announced the delay saying it would be back
in stock and sent out by the 26th of February, 2019. At first, many fans were very happy, believing all
the preorders were sold out. This was true, but in reality, Kakao M greatly understocked(?) their albums, Despite knowing their debut album, [+ +], sold
over 15,000 copies. Along with that, the 26th of February, the day
the album was supposed to be *available*, Kakao M delayed the Limited versions of the album
even further until March 6th, 2019, And said they will no longer be producing them
altogether after the shipment. Incident #2. When the album first dropped, everyone could buy
it on iTunes with ease, and as a collective album. However, not long after the album got #1 selling
in multiple countries, Kakao M made iTunes sell the album as individual
singles, stopping people from buying the album as a whole. This made the album more expensive to buy, And stopped purchases from counting towards the
album charts. Kakao M fixed this issue later on. Incident #3. Instead of putting the album under LOONA’s official
Spotify account, Which already had 500,000 monthly listeners, Kakao uploaded it on a completely new account,
that was super difficult to find. When fans contacted Spotify about the
issue, Spotify had a difficult time fixing them because
of Kakao M, But eventually the issue was solved. Incident #4. LOONA’s debut showcase of “Butterfly” at on
MCountdown, A weekly music show in the South Korean television
channel, Mnet. When fans and potential new fans rushed to their
YouTube channel to rewatch the performance, It was nowhere to be found Mnet skipped the performance and continued to
upload all of the performances after LOONA. They uploaded it almost three hours later and
blamed on the subtitle issue. Incident #5. Entertainment Tonight a.k.a. ET posted a tweet
promoting LOONA’s comeback to their 1M followers. This tweet was later deleted Incident #6. When Google Play filed LOONA’s [X X] album,
they used this picture of another singer called LOONA Instead of the girls. Incident #7. Twitter user @loonabangtans, posted everything Kakao M had done
to LOONA on Kakao M’s Wikipedia page. But it got deleted. She(?) tried multiple times to get the information
back up, But each time it was deleted. As of now, LOONA’s experience
with the company is still not noted on the page. (Clarification about #8; Yes, but not this MV specifically,it affects all
‘possibly trending’ videos. They were purging bot accounts.
This affected subscriber counts too by an extent.) (Correction about #9; It was 10 ORBITs, not 12) [“Electric chair.”] [PAAAM!] (THIS IS PEW NEWSS- no it’s not it’s that
same old ass news intro) All of these occurences have held LOONA and their
company, BBC, In ways some more obvious than others. Let’s go down the list. 1; Ruining LOONA’s chance to win 1st place
at music shows. If you don’t know what winning first place on
music shows mean, I’ll explain. There are many weekly music shows broadcasting
across South Korea. When K-Pop artists bring out new music, they
perform on these shows to promote themselves And their albums. It is a huge part of fan culture and helps the
general public discover new artists and music. Each show has a weekly winner, based of on
many things. From voting, music video views, digital streaming
and of course, physical album sales. When an artist wins first place, it signifies that
they have made it in the industry. It doesn’t mean for awards that all K-Pop
trainees fantasized about(?). In the reality, it’s just an award, and these
artists don’t win anything Besides the trophy. However many Korean agencies
that “if groups don’t place well in these music shows,” “They wouldn’t last”. And that “after winning 1st place, the event fees
can increase up to 10 times”. So obviously it is important for the longevity
of groups, also it is a meaningful achievement For any idol. So when Kakao M understocked LOONA’s physical
albums, it greatly damaged the chances of Winning this award. Their physical albums plummeted. On top of that, Mnet uploading the performance late
onto YouTube, Took away nearly THREE hours of streaming time. And the girls lost the views from potential new fans
who were hyped from their stage. These mistakes pretty much guarantee that they
wouldn’t win their first win. This is extra devastating, because the creator,
Jaden Jeong, said he would pay for them To go on a trip to Phuket, Thailand, if they
won first place with “Butterfly”, A trip LOONA greatly deserves. Number 2; Blocking potential new fans. Mnet uploading “Butterfly” debut
live performance late, Kakao M putting the album on a
new Spotify account, And ET deleting their tweet, Has stopped new fans from discovering LOONA. Promotion is a key part in the success of groups.
So it is very disappointing these occurences Have happened. Number 3; Reduced profits for LOONA. The album delays, iTunes issues, and Spotify
issue Without a doubt, blocked profits for LOONA
and BBC. This is objectively the worst out of all the
negative effects. The industry already pays idols horribly,
especially small groups like LOONA. These girls spent many months preparing this
comeback, and now because of Kakao M Their work has been unrewarded. Number 4; No encouragement or reward for
their powerful message. For me, I think the worst out of all of these
effects, it’s the possible prevention Of future artists, using their music to spread
meaningful messages, And produce well thought-out art. LOONA’s title track was all about
female empowerment, Spreading the message that despite our race,
size, religion, and capabilities. We are powerful, and should
“fly like butterflies”. To make the world ours. Because.. we are *LOONA*. But with the tragic events that follow this
comeback, it spreads a message To all other music companies, investors and
marketers, that this message doesn’t sell, And therefore should be avoided. It says that LOONA’s attention to detail in each
member’s individual story Told within the LOONAVERSE, doesn’t work,
and should be avoided. It says that providing themes, and eluding to
literature, and other works of art In music videos and songs, doesn’t work, and
should be avoided. It says that the story which promotes love for
others, regardless of gender, friends, family, And most importantly, ourselves, doesn’t work,
and should be avoided. It says that to all the women who watched the
“Butterfly” music video, Who got inspired and got the courage to “fly”,
and make their dreams of creating Their own powerful messages, within their own art,
to stop, because it doesn’t work. All of the companies that caused problems for
LOONA also indirectly added to the notion That, these messages, and being more creative
and unique, within K-Pop, Will only lead to failure, And that K-Pop artists should stick to the
manufactured formula that was created Purely for financial reasons. (♪braaap parapam param pam pam paraaam) (♪ba bam ba bam BABAAAAAAAAA-) Now before I start, I would like to say these
are all theories and aren’t facts. These are purely speculations from fans, and
there was no evidence to prove any of this. But regardless, let’s take a look. The biggest theory is that all these mistakes
were done on purpose, Because they want LOONA to fail and to remain
without power. Some are saying these companies want the power
to remain within the Big3. SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment. They don’t want another BTS happening in the
industry, a.k.a. a group from an unknown company Becoming super successful. And they see LOONA as a big threat, Because of their large dedicated fanbase, most
of which are international fans. Not to mention their relatively unknown company,
that only has 16 employees, Many of which are females, including their CEO. Others on the other hand, are saying it has been
deliberately done so their main competitor, Who had a comeback around the same time,
MONSTA X, can win first place instead. This has been said because Kakao M own 70% of
MONSTA X’s company, Starship Entertainment. Please note that I do not believe this. This
is only what some are saying. And the people who are saying this, aren’t
angry at the group’s members and the fans, But rather Kakao M for giving LOONA an unfair
playing field. MONSTA X fans should be angry too, because Kakao M
have risked MONSTA X’s image by messing up. And lastly, which is the most plausible in my
opinion, is that They don’t care for LOONA, because they have
a small Korean fanbase and are from a small company. So they didn’t give them the same amount of
care when handling their albums Compared to bigger and more established groups. Personally, I don’t believe these companies did it
on purpose, or try to make other groups win. But that doesn’t make what they did any less
hurtful and disastrous. What they did was wrong, and that is a fact. (and I am out of ideas of what to put this
one here so just embrace the sound effect) So, what can we do to help? The first thing you can do is simply remember
these events and keep them In the back of your heads. So if any of these happens again to LOONA,
or any other artists, You can call it out and protect the victims. Next, is to support LOONA. Even though chances
of winning for LOONA are slim, Because of these issues,
(sis it’s pretty much non-existent at this point) If you support, we can still get them there. We can buy or stream their albums, stream their
music videos, specifically “Butterfly”, And also vote for them on music shows. I’ll be leaving tutorials in the description
of how to vote for LOONA. Next, I would suggest promoting love and not hate. It is so easy to spread hate towards LOONA’s
competitors, but that is not the message LOONA supports. If you have to say something, pleases critique
the companies like Kakao M and Mnet, And not the other idol groups. And finally, guys… We’re gonna eat our apples. Buy and get wisdom. Free ourselves from these disgusting behaviour,
and say “you know what?”, “These companies are trash. WE KNEW!”. Kakao M used to price fix their albums(?), And Mnet, do I even have to explain… But that one stopped us from being inspired
and motivated to be our true selves And live our dreams. I am serious right now. Go get your apples..
N O W ! ! ! Look, I got mine.
(OMG BCHILI FACE REVEAL ASDFASDFASGADF) You better go get an apple, take a picture of
you eating it And post it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or
whatever you be using, And put the hashtag,
“#ApplesForLOONA”. If we start this movement, it shows BBC, we did
get moved, and we appreciate What you are putting out into this world. Also, we ain’t just doing this for LOONA. We are doing this for *LOONA*,
a.k.a. ourselves. OK? WE ARE LOONA! We are taking LOONA’s message on board within
our own lives, Whilst acknowledging and never forgetting what
these companies did to LOONA, And how they treat small groups. Anyways, before I end this video, I’d like to share
with you something. One; I’ve updated the Spotify playlist from my
last LOONA video, So they now have songs from [X X]. Two; because y’all loved my singing so much from
the last video,
( ͡° ل͜ ͡°) I decided to treat everyone with an
extra crunchy cover of “Butterfly”, With an original English rap. But I have to upload it separately because it
would get this video copyright claimed. So go watch it and have your ears blessed.
(((( ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉) )))) Three; I just wanna add, most of my subscribers now
from my original LOONA video And I just wanna warn you guys and potential new
subscribers, That I am a not K-Pop channel, I do alot of
diferent things here, But I am a huge fan of this music genre, so it
will pop up every so often. I guarantee. Regardless, y’all should subscribe because it’s really
fun around here and the videos I have coming up Are some good ones. Amd lastly, I just wanna say to all ORBITs who
felt discouraged from this cursed era; Let’s look at all of the good things that
have happened, Because we have truly been fed with this comeback, And we shouldn’t disregard these things, okay? ROLL THE CLIP! (FM distortion) (190220 Beats1Official Charli XCX Takeover Cut)
[Charli XCX : Alright so when I tweeted yesterday that] (190220 Beats1Official Charli XCX Takeover Cut)
[Charli XCX : I wanna take some recommendations for
you guys] (190220 Beats1Official Charli XCX Takeover Cut)
[Charli XCX :There was one…song and one…band] (190220 Beats1Official Charli XCX Takeover Cut)
[Charli XCX : That just got requested a million times and
it’s this next song, by LOONA – “Butterfly”] (190220 Beats1Official Charli XCX Takeover Cut)
[Charli XCX : From their brand new 2019 EP, make sure
you check it out.] (oh hey Haseul) (dude I lowkey almost shedded tears watching
these teasers when it came out because these are so unreal) (this one just bawled me, and I am
HOLYSHIT, THESE GAVE LEGIT SHIVERS) (Best LOONA VLIVE, PERIODT) (190224 King of Masked Singer, Heejin Cut) (190220 Billboard News)
[LOONA Returns With New Single “Butterfly” on YouTube]
[Jordyn Rolling : K-Pop lovers have a whole new reason to stan LOONA.] (@theneedledrop YUNOREVIEW Feb19 [X X] Cut)
[Anthony Fantano : New LOONA EP if you’re unfamiliar with
the current K-Pop trends,] (@theneedledrop YUNOREVIEW Feb19 [X X] Cut)
[Anthony Fantano : LOONA is easily one of the largest
and most popular all-female groups] (190307 MBC IDOL RADIO EP155) (subbed by @irfanadli97, find me in these Discord servers;
“KPOP Paradise”, “LOONA”) (Twitter @_fanadlininety7
and lastly STAN LOONA!)

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    i have seen this video 4 times

  • Reply Jane Lee July 8, 2019 at 12:13 pm

    1. Blockberry Creative may be a small company but it’s wholly owned by Polaris Entertainment which is no slouch in the industry.
    2. Polaris Entertaiment (PE) also co owns Polaris Mnet (A jv with CJ E&M which owns Mnet) Doesn’t make sense for Mnet to sabotage an affiliated company.
    3. The final holding company of PE is IIkwang Group which is a Korean Conglomerate who are arms dealers…..
    4. Which ultimately means that Loona is well funded af
    Everyone has a right to their own views but facts are facts.

  • Reply Jen July 9, 2019 at 6:37 am

    Thanks for this video. It was really well edited and informative. I've been wanting to learn more about them.
    It's really sad how the industry is treating them.. man.. i never really liked yang hyun suk but that clip of him scoffing at the girls really made me want to punch a wall.
    i don't know much about them besides some of their music (which are amazing), i can't even tell them apart just yet, but this really made me want to support them in any way I can. thanks for the spotify playlist. I'll be using that :).
    I wish them the best. I really really hope they make it in this insufferable industry. They deserve it.

  • Reply Taera July 9, 2019 at 11:33 am

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  • Reply Siddhant Bajpai July 10, 2019 at 7:07 pm

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  • Reply Liza Medina July 11, 2019 at 4:51 pm

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  • Reply Paola Valentina July 12, 2019 at 2:20 am

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    Loona are such talented and inspiring woman,,,,,they are so underrated and it really hurts me to see how the industry is vErY against them (similar to Bts in the beginning but look how big they are now) I really do have hope for this group and I truly believe they will fly truly as high as Bts in the future. These girls have wayyy to much talent to be so undermined

    Orbits it’s time to seriously stand together

    Edit: and I don’t mean to be THAT fan bringing bts into it the picture but just the similarities between early bts and present Loona is mind boggling(in the terms of how much the industry was/is against both groups), I really think Loona will become as successful as Bts if we just hang in there and support our girls

  • Reply Kosui Hydrogen July 14, 2019 at 12:56 am

    Around 2 years ago, when I heard about Loona and got to know their concepts/stories, etc., and as they started releasing music, I thought that they would necessarily blow up and take the current gg scene by storm… But that didn't happen because, in the meantime, big companies debuted groups (both ggs and bgs) that were, sure, less prepared and less interesting/rounded (imo), but with outstanding mediaplay and promotion devices.

    As someone who stans a small company group too (Mamamoo), many of the elements you showed in your video hit close to home. Even now, when my faves are supposedly well settled in SK (and god, did they work hard and fight stupid money driven obstacles to get there) and manage to grab some trophies home solely due to the gp's unwavering support (bless them) and the determination of our small fandom, there isn't an award show when there aren't some fishy moves here and there from big distribution/broadcast companies (not necessarily artists' companies; big producers and broadcasters like Kakao M and Mnet, since you mentioned them, are much worse for small company artists than the big 3 will ever be) towards them: online votes being taken down for no reason, backstage pics not being uploaded, performance videos being uploaded late or without good tags, etc. A series of minor things that are just the tip of the iceberg and eventually lead to steal some good opportunities.

    Hopefully, tables will turn. There are many talents in small companies who deserve to shine more and who are full of propositions to reshape the musical landscape of Kpop, which is overly saturated right now… But Loona seems to have a wide international fanbase, so I'm not too worried about them: their time will probably come.

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    a guide to stanning LOONA
    music edition
    ( cr. to loona's comeback guardian)

    LOONA has many songs, (3 subunits, 12 solos + bsides) that listening to all of them in one day is probably not humanly possible. 😅

    however, if you want to start somewhere and you're interested in the LOONAVERSE (loona's storyline that spans across their lyrics/MVs/choreography etc.) i would suggest you go in debut order. there are many playlist on youtube of the debut songs in order (i also have a playlist for this purpose! 😉) but if you're not into lore but still want to check out LOONA, i've come to help you 😊

    because LOONA has such a diverse discography, i'd recommend starting with genres or sounds that you like already first and then working your way up to the other solos and subunits. 💕

    (p.s. it's incredibly difficult to categorize each song into any one genre so instead of doing that i've just made little mini playlist! if you like one song you might like the others listed under each category as well~)


    if you like…
         ➡ loud beats, girl crush concepts, EDM 💿

    Singing In The Rain by Jinsoul
    Love Cherry Motion by Choerry
    New by Yves
    ODD Front by LOONA Odd Eye Circle
    Egoist by Olivia Hye
    favOrite by LOONA

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    Sweet Crazy Love by LOONA Odd Eye Circle
    Chaotic by LOONA Odd Eye Circle
    Heat (9) by LOONA
    Curiosity by LOONA

    if you like…
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    Love&Live by LOONA 1/3
    Valentine Girl by LOONA 1/3
    Girl Front by LOONA Odd Eye Circle
    Hi High by LOONA

    if you like…
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    Love Letter by Kimlip & Jinsoul
    Uncover by LOONA Odd Eye Circle
    LOONATIC by Odd Eye Circle
    One & Only by Gowon
    Frozen by LOONA YYXY

    if you like…
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    You and Me Together by LOONA 1/3
    I'll Be There by Heejin and Hyunjin
    Everyday I Love You by ViVi
    Puzzle by Jinsoul and Choerry
    Girl's Talk by Yves and Chuu
    Rosy by Gowon, Olivia Hye ft. Heejin
    Perfect Love by LOONA
    Satellite by LOONA

    if you like…
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    Rain51db by LOONA 1/3
    Everyday I Need You by ViVi
    Twilight by Kimlip
    D-1 by Yves
    Starlight by LOONA Odd Eye Circle
    Colors by LOONA

    if you like…
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    VIVID by Heejin
    Kiss Later by Yeojin
    Heart Attack by Chuu

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    Stylish by LOONA
    Where You At by LOONA
    One Way by LOONA YYXY

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    My Sunday by Heejin and Hyunjin
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    if you like…
         ➡ orchestral ballads 🎻🎶

    Love&Evil (intro) by LOONA 1/3
    Sonatine by LOONA 1/3
    Let Me In by Haseul

    if you like…
         ➡ hard rock, metal ✴

    Hi High (remix) by LOONA
    Into The New Heart (intro) by LOONA 1/3

    if you like…
         ➡ christmas 🎄

    The Carol by Heejin, Haseul, Hyunjin
    The Carol 2.0 by ViVi, Yves, Choerry

    if you like…
         ➡ a song that boost your confidence, make you want to fly like a butterfly, ignore the world

    Butterfly by LOONA


    if you dont like music at all and have never wanted to hear a song in your life: LOONA also starred in a romance webdrama called WOOMANNA. all eps are eng subbed and avaible for viewing here on youtube. 🌟

    have a good day. stan talent, stan loona!

  • Reply eunxia July 20, 2019 at 7:49 am

    7:52 Look at BTS now though 😏😌

  • Reply KOKORO KPOP July 22, 2019 at 1:53 am

    Im sad that LOONA have been getting so much criticsm and hate..When i watch their video, Their video always have 7K dislikes that made me really confuse like WHY? People on twitter also saying that their songs sound the same. I dont want any LOONA members get hurt by all the hate. I hope they got their first win for the next comeback! IM READY TO STREAM 😊.

  • Reply ilchuu uvu July 22, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    loona is the REV0LUTI0N

  • Reply WiertarkaNah July 22, 2019 at 4:37 pm

    Your editing is amazing

  • Reply Jenica Kerkar July 23, 2019 at 11:25 am

    loona no matter what happens we are with you you shall fly like a butterfly~~~

  • Reply M GA July 23, 2019 at 9:33 pm

    Wow, your video actually made me want loona to become the next bts

  • Reply Nerdy_ Sushi427 July 24, 2019 at 7:36 am

    just stan loona pls

  • Reply sun. kissed. peachyyy July 24, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    mnet 🤝 kakao m
    sabotaging loona’s entire career

  • Reply UZI LOOGIES July 24, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    this video broke my heart omg (i shed tears at 9:20 thru 10:48) i just hope they don’t give up and continue to do what they do and tell these hating ass bitches to get off they wigs because i really want them to be relevant to those who doesn’t think they are,,,,,, I WANT THEM TO GET THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE PERIOD :((((

  • Reply Royal Queen July 24, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    I know that Loona will become a huge girl group and I’m glad to say that I’ve been here since their debut. I love watching these girls grow and progress and learn.

  • Reply The FAnTastIc July 26, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Kpop industry is really fucked up

    Let’s not forget

    Kakao and mnet fuck you.

  • Reply Batool Daghroor July 26, 2019 at 8:41 pm

    I'm actually a new fan oh this amazing GG my friend recommend it to me and I love her for that. I still don't know their names, but their Butterfly MV was beyond incredible it really touched my soul and their live performance and dance covers were insane they're extremely talented. I wish they'd get the recognition they deserve don't be discouraged orbits I mean just look at BTS they were treated like shit at first and now they're literally dominating the music industry

  • Reply Neck neck mo July 26, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    Don't compare LOONA to BTS situation maybe they have some similarities but you goinh to say Similarities i think its MOMOLAND amd BTS.

  • Reply Julia baraona July 27, 2019 at 5:38 am

    I think it is very funny how many major companies are trying to find ways to copy BTS's success, even going so far as to establish research teams in their companies in order to recreate it. B/c how can a group from an small, unknown company manage to break the wall to true western success that artists from bigger companies failed to do so. Even western media can't seem to wrap their heads around it.

    I believe that Loona will be big. That they will join BTS in achieving success in the west and leave their mark in music history.

    And here's why I think so :
    -both groups groups come from small companies who allowed/encouraged them to break from the traditional kpop formula
    -both groups in their beginnings established a strong fanbase outside of S.Korea
    -both have the message of self love and loving others be a main factor in their music
    -both groups faced discrimination in the beginning of their careers, which worked as a drive for them to work harder
    -both groups have their own universe, with it's own lore and story, that connects to the themes of their respective music and encourages their fans to truly act on the message both groups are telling

    These are just some of the things that make me believe Loona will make it.
    Now i'm not saying that Loona is trying to copy BTS success as there are things and experiences that can't be reproduced. LOONA is LOONA, BTS is BTS. All I am saying is that the kpop industry's attempts to succeed or replicate BTS's achievements will fail, and true underdog stories like BTS and one day LOONA's will allow for a change in the kpop industry and the global music scene

  • Reply Amelia Adam July 27, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    i think stan twitter is aware of loona with all the "stan loona" all over everywhere. they just don't listen to the music

  • Reply Jp Legz July 29, 2019 at 12:29 am


  • Reply Jocelyn Gómez July 31, 2019 at 12:50 am

    I don't stan Loona but i really like this video and they covered one song of Red Velvet! maybe i will watch more of them 😊💛💜

  • Reply Whee Out July 31, 2019 at 2:01 am

    tou know, mamamoo in the beginning was also mistreated (still being) but with hard work and talent they did to the top, winning 1st place in music show after 3 years since debut, coming as a group of a small company and overall
    I really think that loona can be successful just like mamamoo are, just need time and hard work cause talent they all have

    and dont forget that they will always mistreat those groups who did to the top even though they're from small companies

    also sorry for my eng

  • Reply Atenea 2719 July 31, 2019 at 2:29 am

    I'm a reveluv actually but i do think there a lot of things in commom between loona and bts but i'm confident they will get what they deserve ❤

  • Reply Gabriela Aleksandrova July 31, 2019 at 11:05 pm

    To be fair, I'm pretty iffy about giving these girls an honest and fair chance. All that goes through my mind when I hear loona is that awful comment under a deceased person's post that said "if you stanned loona you would have lived" (or something like that). It's a shame that the fanbase left such a terrible impression on me

  • Reply Veny Yoon August 1, 2019 at 4:30 am

    Im an orbit but you kind of twist your previous statement by stating that "Loona is from small company n has small fan base in Korea". Then if this is the case, it does make sense that Loona hasn't get the first win.

    Don't mind me, I love your video, n I love to share opinions. 🤗

  • Reply Novrendy Cahya Paulus August 1, 2019 at 9:26 am

    I still remember when Heejin couldn't even get to 200k views for her solo debut. When she got to 100k views, she send a video message personally to their social media to thank all of the fans for supporting her. LOONA has a long way to go, but we also have to looj back and see how much they have grown over the past three years. I am thankful everyday to be able to find LOONA when I was in the hospital bed, really sick and tired of living. They are my strength to live and will always be. I watched this video for over ten times and I still can't get over the fact that people hate on LOONA because of the fans but the people who usually do it are not fans and actually toxic trolls who uses LOONA as a bait to gauge fanwars between different fandoms and stans. I always want to cry when I think about how they could someday be left alone with no fans and people would be tired of them. I just want the best for LOONA, nothing else. I want LOONA to succeed in their career. I want them to have everything good in life.

    LOONA, you probably won't read this. But remember that even if we are thousands of miles apart, our hearts are connected with each other. Orbits are always here for you guys and will do whatever it takes to take you guys to the top. Then you guys can look back and see what you guys have been through while kept being humble. My life for you guys are so deep that I will probably never truly become part of a fandom of another group until I die.

    Jeon Heejin, Kim Hyunjin, Jo Haseul, Im Yeojin, Wong Kahei, Kim Jungeun, Jung Jinsol, Choi Yerim, Ha Sooyoung, Kim Jiwoo, Park Chaewon, and Son Hyejoo… You guys are the love of my life. You guys are like sisters to me. A family for far away place. I would always be there with you guys… Promoting you to the whole universe, of how great and magnificent you guys are.

    From the bottom of my heart,

  • Reply Anjali August 1, 2019 at 9:43 am

    I know that Orbits see something very special in Loona, and I see it too, but a lot of comments are dissing other groups by saying that Loona is way better than them since they're super different. I'm sorry but that's annoying. As unique as I think Loona's music is, don't bring down other groups, please!

  • Reply Ben Tea August 3, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    Curious if BBC can consider Sony Korea as their distributor 👀

  • Reply alessia August 3, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    yg is a fucking bitch i get hella annoyed even if I just see his face istg, I'm glad he's over

  • Reply Huda Berry August 3, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    kakao m made the same mistake with new rookie group d1ce they put them under D1CE which is a DJ's page and nobody was able to find their album 🗿

  • Reply Dimi Tri August 4, 2019 at 3:15 am

    this is such a well made video thank you.

  • Reply scootaccess August 4, 2019 at 3:51 am

    I have watched this video to the end.. and I understand some key points you mention..

    but the main concern is totally the physical sales being jeopardized by Kakao M… if that's true.. like how the hell are they so slow in producing the album to distribute to fans who wants to buy them ?!! ..

    but still, in South Korea… many of the those who enjoys Kpop are females.. which makes it easily for boy groups to shine… for rookie girl groups like loona, it's hard for them to win their first win, their only bet would be SBS's The Show where international votes matters…

    but the thing is, why Loona is being disregard like this has nothing to do with people speculation of trying to stop another BTS-kind of group..

    rather than that.. I would blame more on promotion and strategic marketing..

    other than the problem cause by Spotify, Mnet, Kakao M etc mention above.. first of all.. Loona as a new rookie group…
    " do Korean even care enough to know them?!! " or "Who is Loona?" "so their latest MV give good messages.. but they definitely are not the only one… many other groups give good message too.."

    what I want to say is that… Loona's company strategy in the first place is not good enough.. as a new rookie, with Korean not knowing who they are, they need more exposure and more publicity.. which they can get from music show and variety show.. but it's hard to be in variety show if you are not famous enough, so music show is the only place to publicize.. meaning, in the beginning.. to become immediately famous is hard..

    if you're talking about loona's message in their MV, in their song, don't other artists have their own message as well.. thats why in term of promotings, showcasting yourself and making people know who you are is more important than delivering message in music videos…

    people needs to know Loona enough before than can care about whatever hidden message there is in their music.. I would say, the company act rash in following BTS steps and take a huge risk with Loona…

    I would recommend getting the first step .. which they already did with debut album + + .. then getting more steps first by letting people know who they are, their personality and what to love about them… focusing too much on message via MV.. don't ever think Loona is the only one..

    people… especially Korean needs to know them, understand them, before they can love them and support them..

    look at CLC for examples.. they are some kind of Loona as well with their message in Black Dress and No.. but are they famous enough in Korea ??!!

    that's definitely something to ponder about..
    if you take a lot at the popular girl group, they focus more on superficial happiness.. making people happy and enjoy seeing their performance… girl groups like Twice, IZ*ONE, Red Velvet, SNSD did that.. because the reasons most Korean watch music show in the first place is to enjoy themselves and find some happiness in good music.. not everyone is looking out for the great message..

    then why BTS is popular with message in their videos?? well.. thats only happen after their fanbase stabilized and solidified…

    meaning, lots of people have known BTS enough and love them enough to even care about their message in their videos…

    this situation is like hoping for people to understand you when they don't even know you.. or trying to eat the apple without cutting out the skin first… of course you can eat both skin and the flesh of apple together but.. saying Loona's great message alone is good enough reason to say they are great… I don't think so..

    with lots and lots of groups debuting, it's getting harder to survive… seriously.. thats why for rookie groups like Loona.. creating a solid fanbase who will always support and buy your album is more important than wanting to be recognize by the whole Korean or the World…

    you won't get to the thousand steps by skipping the entire 999 steps.. everthing takes time.. even BTS takes time… I don't even care about BTS when they first debut but look where they are now… (and I still don't care about BTS lol.. but I do appreciate some of their good music)

  • Reply pedro parancan August 4, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    the insdustry is pure shit

  • Reply GattlingCombo August 5, 2019 at 5:29 am

    Love the encouraging message at the end of this video.

  • Reply Park Ji- min August 5, 2019 at 10:29 am

    Zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim zimzalabim

  • Reply MN WX August 5, 2019 at 7:52 pm

    Omg my subs are there T -T ♡

  • Reply aoba tsukishima August 7, 2019 at 7:03 am

    Interesting story, kinda sad for their various accident that leads to disastrous come back. Hope they would do and treated better in the next come back.
    But I have to disagree with most of your statement. Loona is extremely high budget music experiment project, they are not underdog from "small company". BBC is subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment which is also subsidiary company of Ilkwang Group, very large Korean arms trade conglomerate. You can can debut 10 girl groups with that kind of budget.

    I also have to disagree about "people don't want encouragement/empowerment song to be popular". I mean come on… I can at least mention 10 popular Korean song that shouts encouragement/empowerment concept with the back of my hand. How about girl crush concept? aren't they are the most popular concept right now?

    In conclusion,
    Yes Loona have a unique (marketing) concept (which is the reason the project started in the first place), the members also very talented, but they aren't that "special" to say that they are against the K-pop Industries or even the world. But I'm sure they will be more popular and successful with their concept and talented members, they just need one big push just like E.X.I.D or Momoland.

  • Reply erika fernández barea August 7, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    Stan Loona and Nature for clear skin💫💕

  • Reply Mary C August 8, 2019 at 3:01 am

    So who in the kpop industry has connections in the west powerful enough to make ET delete their tweet. As for the Google Play incident that was probably just a mess up but could also be sabotage. Then again do you think the west has problems with loona because loona is actually very in line with western music industry ideals in my opinion.

  • Reply Mary C August 8, 2019 at 3:03 am

    This always happens to people ahead of their time.

  • Reply hessa rudevik August 8, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    I hate the kpop industry with all my might, especially the big 3, all their groups are mediocre af with nothing new to offer with the only focus being their same standard looks. And this fucking industry is so corrupt, i've already witnessed what all they did to bts and after all that attached fucking kpop to their name when they got big just so it could promote the industry. And now all the big3groups are riding on bts's cottails. But one thing i'm glad about is seeing more and more small company artists growing and thriving now.

  • Reply 「 s ᴇ ʀ ᴇ ɴ ᴅ ɪ ᴘ ɪ ᴛ ʏ 」 August 8, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    I hate how many comments there are like bTS this, bTS THATTT-
    This video is about loona, solely, LOONA. Like I get how they’re situations were similar but still can we just appreciate loona? I also get how BTS is super famous but they don’t need to be mentioned on anything that aligns to K-Pop.

  • Reply slobonmynob likecornonthacob August 8, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    i can really see loona being just as successful as bts, seeing as their situations are very similar.

  • Reply Tapiboba August 9, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    okay can they please split from kaokaoM. everyone please boycott kaokaoM

  • Reply haziqahvirus 136 August 10, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Loona needs to be treated better

  • Reply Kohana Antonio August 11, 2019 at 2:05 am

    While youre at it, STREAM AROUND YOU!!!!!!1!1!!!1111!

  • Reply Aliya Chamberlain August 11, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    I cried when I watched butterfly, and now you made me cry again! Loona deserves better!!!

  • Reply Chuu Choo August 11, 2019 at 9:28 pm

    I’m commenting so I have proof for the future that I was since the beginning of the solos and was there when they officially debuted. I’m going to shove this comment in everyone’s faces when Loona are as big as BTS

  • Reply Roro Redpanda August 11, 2019 at 11:16 pm

    I will support them to be like bts🙂 did someone will do to?

  • Reply Joseph Tyler August 12, 2019 at 3:41 am

    LOONA vs everybody

  • Reply isaturn August 12, 2019 at 3:55 am

    11:24 meu deus o LOA apareceu no vídeo reis aclamados pela população orbit

  • Reply Dead Pool August 12, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    Here before they ACTUALLY blew up

  • Reply Hwallism August 12, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    literally all theses comments have bts and stuff 🙁 l understand loonarmys but pls lets not bring other artists

  • Reply anxsfox August 12, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I'm with these girls since HeeJin's solo and I'm crying right now because I didn't even know all of this happened to them. I love every single one of their songs (whether it is solo or group) and I want them to be the next BTS. they deserve all of the love 💜

  • Reply Maximilian Kaiser August 12, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    Hey question of curiosity. Does anyone know what girl group they featured when she mentioned small companies? I recognized Ateez and on/off but I couldn't recognize the girl groups.

  • Reply opalescent jelly August 12, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    I had not really even heard of Loona before this video, but I am going to start listening to them, and appreciating who they are. BTS is one of the only kpop groups who has lyrics that are meant to healing and growth. Notice the struggle their success came with. From seeing this video, this is what Loona reminds me of. We live in a hateful world, and when something is meaningful and special, it seems that there is a need to destroy it. It makes me so sad. I hope these girls make it so big and their message gets heard by millions and millions of people across the world. I haven’t even listened to one song and I already feel like crying for them….😣

  • Reply Derstinkstiefel 9000 August 12, 2019 at 6:37 pm


  • Reply Danie F August 12, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    We was all on the ground floor before the debut and we were all here before they became the biggest international girl group since the spice girls.

  • Reply Marlo Jimenez August 12, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    Gago talaga yung big three, putangina.

  • Reply jcatl August 13, 2019 at 4:25 am

    We should bear in mind that Loona has not had the Korean support it needs it due to BBC's choice of style, message focus, etc. My concern is the earning potential of the girls long-term given the unusual investment the company has made. This video is named "vs the world." But the style of Loona is actually more Western than the other K ggs. That is, in a way, a problem for the girls.

  • Reply sibchetnik August 13, 2019 at 5:53 am

    Loona has almost unlimited funding from some chaebol prince. Music shows wins and sales are not so important. This group it's just a toy of very rich man.

  • Reply Sristi Jairaj August 13, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    Let's talk about their concept: I agree with a lot of what you're saying. If you look at other groups that take darker concepts like: Dreamcatcher, Vixx, Monsta X ( to a certain extent) they are not as well known as your brighter groups like Twice or ITZY. The thing is that BBC knows this, which is why their debut song was Hi High – a fun & energy song.

    But let's look at some other groups like EXO, Red Velvet, Seventeen and Black Pink (to a certain extent). In these groups, many songs take on more mature concepts (Like omf Perfect Velvet was literally a perfect album), and they thrive off these songs. In the end it's all about a well-developed discography like SM… wow, they have it in the bag 10/10 to whoever is apart of that team. Again, I'll say BBC knows this cause if you look at BBC's discography they really do have a song for everyone… EVERYONE.

    From ballads, to high energy, to songs you just can vibe with …they have it all. The whole theories hidden messages thing only really ignited with fans in YYXY era when everyone saw apples and garden of Eden and thought :O)))) Honestly, it's too early to see how integrated this hidden messages + lore is with their OT12 music cause the only thing fans have at this point is that B#RN trailer BBC released. And it's been like 2 months since anything has happened from there. I think BBC is spending the time finding a balance between creating a good lore, but not getting too deep for the general K-public (at least at this point in time)

    [[I copy-pasted this off a reply i gave to someone but I think the message still holds so I posted it as a comment]]

  • Reply Yhanco G August 14, 2019 at 12:10 am

    Para mi loona, dreamcatcher y clc son los grupos más infravalorados u.u

  • Reply seimo0o 3110 August 14, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    Proud that I stan Loona

  • Reply ; August 14, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    we can keep promoting the girls and helping as much as we can, then i believe they’ll succeed in korea also. if you’re reading this and you don’t stan loona, please do it! go watch their videos and listen to their music plz

  • Reply ; August 14, 2019 at 5:04 pm


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