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Ice Cream Truck Taste Test: Round 1

August 25, 2019

(ice cream truck music) – You hear that, Rhett? It’s the ice cream truck! Here I got you some too. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer. – We’re gonna be on tour
in Vegas, Salt Lake, Denver, and more later this month. Tickets are almost gone,
you can get yours now at
– Mm-hmm. Confession time, I will say
that the ice cream truck jingle actually gives me anxiety. – (chuckles) Of course it does. – Because you gotta run
and scramble and catch him before he gets away and
then when you get up to the window, there’s so many options. I just gate feeling like I’m not choosing the best ice cream but you gotta do it ’cause there’s other people in line. So this taste test is basically trying to make ice cream trucks fun again for me. – Well I hope that happens. It’s time for ♪ We’re gonna take ice cream
from the old time trick ♪ ♪ We’re gonna taste
’til we can’t no more ♪ ♪ We’re gonna try the
treats and pick the best ♪ ♪ It’s a big ice cream truck taste test ♪ – Oh looky here we’ve got
our very own two-dimensional ice cream truck. What’s your name, Mr.
Ice Cream Truck Driver? – Josh, what’s your name?
– Rhett. – Link.
– Howdy. – So you’re not a
character, you’re just Josh. – Yeah Josh six weeks ago. – That’s not what your
mustache looks like. Need I remind you.
– In my mind it did. – I don’t wanna do a side by side but let’s see a side by side. – Okay so let’s look at this menu. We have narrowed it down
to the 10 most popular best-selling and iconic ice cream truck ice creams available. – Including Bomb Pop.
– Choco Taco. – [Rhett] Fudgsicle. – [Link] Chocolate Chop Cookie Sandwich. – [Rhett] Drumstick. – [Link] Strawberry Shortcake. – Snow Cone.
– Orange Creamsicle. – [Rhett] Ice Cream Sandwich. – [Link] And Spongebob Popsicle. – Okay we’re gonna taste five
today and then five tomorrow and give them all a score of one to 10. – But it’s not just about our ratings. You also have a say in this. We open up the vote to you
via an online Mythical survey so your ratings will also impact each ice cream’s final score. – And if you wanna be a
part of these kinda surveys, we do ’em quite often. You need to be following
us on the socials. – Uh-huh.
– Okay and whichever ice cream scores the highest will be forever known as the greatest ice cream
truck ice cream of all time and will receive the golden cone. – The golden cone, let’s get our lick on. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – All right Rhett since
you’re creamier than me, you get to pick the
first ice cream we try. – [Rhett] You know how
about something that’s not trying too hard to get
started, the Fudgsicle. – Oh okay. – You kids want two Fudgsicles? – Yeah we do.
– Yes sir. – Typically we’d walk over
there but maybe you can walk ’em over here since we’re
seated and everything. – [Josh] Oh no I put the
work in work release. Don’t wanna skimp on the job. – This is a full service ice cream man. – Right so Blue Ribbon Fudge Bar, still in the container so you know that, well this one was actually unsealed. That makes me– – It does all the work for you. – That makes me a little.
– Typically kids, don’t trust an ice cream man–
– Weirded out. – That has opened the
packaging but when it’s Josh, it’s okay. – Especially if you don’t see
when he opened the package. – Now it’s got a little
ice residue on it that– – I don’t love that. – [Rhett] You don’t love it but it just lets you know it’s fresh. – Now I’m gonna be donkey-lippin’
a bunch of this stuff ’cause I don’t like to bite cold things. – So Link is at a disadvantage
because he doesn’t bite all the things that need
to be bitten to be judged. – But it’s easy
donkey-lipped which I like. – Well I’m a lover not a hater but I’m a biter, not a licker. – Mm, classic Fudgsicle taste. My nanny used to keep these
in her freezer at home man, it was like she had a
little ice cream truck up there at the top of
the freezer, refrigerator. – I think she just had a box. – You got her, you’ve exposed my nanny. How does that make you feel? – Now first of all, those of
you who’ve already complained about how we don’t have your
favorite ice cream truck item, we picked the ones that
are the most iconic and the most popular and I gotta say, all of these are going to be good. None of them are gonna be bad, right. As this one has demonstrated
but you know what, it’s just a little bit boring. – It’s one-dimensional,
it does what it does well. – You know what’s not boring, President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Did you know that his
wife Mamie loved fudge? (crew laughs) We like to work in a
little history lessons here at the ice cream truck.
– Did not know that. – So you have facts?
– Oh I got all the facts. She even had her own recipe called Mamie’s million dollar fudge. – You got facts, I’ve got a score. I’m gonna give this a solid five. – I think that they’re all gonna be at least a little bit good
so I’m giving it a six. – [Stevie] Hey you guys wanna know what the Mythical Beasts gave this? – Yeah uh-huh.
– They also gave it a six. – All right. – [Stevie] So that
brings our score to a 17. – [Rhett] Wow, hmm. Great minds think alike, guys. – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – I’m gonna pick the Bomb
Pop, AKA the Rocket Pop. – [Josh] All right. – Are you being influenced by my choice of clothing today, Link? – Oh yeah, I guess so. – Now I’m not gonna let the
fact that I wore a shirt with this item on it influence my voting. I’m impartial. – [Link] I’ve never had one of these. – It’s a long one.
– I think that this is gonna require ice biting. – Yep, this is definitely an ice biter and you gotta bite all three parts. – Oh gosh. – Oh it’s pretty, it gives,
it gives pretty easy. But then you gotta corn on the cob it. – [Link] That’s cherry. – Are you kids ready for another fun fact? – Of course we are. – Did you know that in 1999, Steven Lavitan of the New
York Times used as an example of why
children need to be protected from privacy on the internet. Any child that wanted a
free Game Boy just had to fill out all their
personal information. Somehow I got my hands on that list. (Rhett and crew laughing) Fun fact.
– Wow. – I think the middle flavor–
– That’s a real fun fact. – Is lemon. – Whoa. – And what’s that? What’s that blue? – It’s blue flavor. – Blue.
– They all taste like non-fruit, first of all,
my guess would have been that this is all the same
flavor with just food coloring. – It’s not. – It’s distinctly different colors. – So you go on a taste journey. – You gotta triple your score. – I’m pleasantly surprised
with the consistency. It’s not too icy which is
why I never ordered it. It gives. – It gives. And it gives and gives.
– Bomp Pops keep giving, kids. – It’s like a loving mom. All that said– – It’s not great.
– I don’t love it. – It doesn’t taste great. It tastes super artificial. It’s a little flashy, that’s
why I got it on the shirt. It’s like hey, look at me,
I’m three different colors, celebrate independence. – What are you gonna give it? – It’s trying a little too hard. I’m taking it all the way down to a four. – I’m going lower, two. – What? – I don’t like it.
– And the MBs, I’m going from Mythical Beasts to MBs ’cause I’m gonna be saying it a lot. They gave it a five so that brings– – Right in the middle. – [Stevie] The score to 11. – [Link] We’re vibin’. – [Rhett] Okay. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – Let’s go for the Drumstick. – [Link] Okay. – [Josh] Two Drummys coming up. – [Link] I like how the
picture already has a bite taken out of it. I want one where a bite’s
already been taken out. – Yeah you gotta know how to eat it. Now, oh, there’s a lot of
nuts, I got loose nuts. This brings back a lot of memories for me because my mom stocked
the fridge with these, well the freezer. She started with the fridge
and then she realized they wouldn’t last. Do you remember coming to
my house and getting these? – Vaguely. But I probably never selected
one because as a child, as much as I love peanut butter, I did not like nuts on anything. – Really?
– You know I had lots of issues as a kid, that’s
the least of my worries. And I think I will like this now. ‘Cause I like Thai food. – And there’s nuts on Thai food. – [Link] Everything. The problem with this is that all of the nuts from the side–
– They fell off. – Have been abrased off into the package. – I don’t think you can
judge all Drumsticks by– – See?
– Now you’re knocking more nuts off man. – What if you try to dink
it, you’re losing nuts. – So go from the top. – Hey kids?
– Huh? – Do you know that the
Drumstick as invented in 1928 by factor worker
I.C. Parker when he dropped a vanilla ice cream cone
into a vat of chocolate, then set it onto a table full of peanuts? – That happened in that order? – No that’s a lie, it’s called
a convenient corporate myth. (chuckles) – I was about to say that ain’t true, man. – They’re stickin’ to it. – You get the nuts in the first few bites, then they’re gone. – You cannot judge it
by that because the one in the picture has nuts all the way down and I’ve had nuts all the way down before. The ones that my mama gave
me had nuts all the way down and so don’t judge bomb,
don’t judge Drumsticks by this Drumstick. I love the combination of flavors. I love the fact that I’m
eating an ice cream cone. I love the fact that there’s
a cone and then the best part of this is when you get down to the end, you got this little thing that’s got straight up chocolate in it. – Really, sounds like you’re
gonna rate this pretty highly. – It does.
– It’s got a lot of variety going for it.
– It’s a great taste. The chocolate’s really high quality too. All right, go ahead and tell me the problems you have with it. – I’m gonna give this a solid seven. I actually thought it
would be better than it is in terms of taste. I’m just gonna say that. – I’m gonna give it a nine. I can imagine–
– Whoa! – I can imagine that
something could be better but I can’t imagine many
things being better. – [Stevie] And the MBs gave it a seven which brings the total to 23. – Mm.
– Pretty good showing. – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – I would like to order
an Orange Creamsicle. That looks delightful. – [Josh] Creamy dreamies. – [Link] Again it’s already
bitten so you can see– – It’s amazing–
– Surprise in there. – He always has two of what
we need already opened. – So take this thing out. You can see the cream peeking
out of the bottom down there. – Mine’s more than peekin’, look at that. – Yours is dumpin’. Dink it. What you got for these? – Did you know that Orange
Creamsicle was my nickname in high school but I’m not
allowed to talk about why. – I don’t know if you’re allowed to make those kinds of jokes, Josh. – He stealin’ your thunder over there. – Now let me say, whoops,
what I was about to say was– – Did that fall out of your
mouth, I wasn’t looking. – Yeah no, yes. What’s the better answer? (both chuckle) It took me that far to
get to the ice cream. That first bite was all orange. – This is hard to bite
’cause it is really hard. It’s not like the Fudgsicle
which I could donkey-lip. This is undonkey-lippable. – Yeah but the taste, once you get down to the ice cream part,
the taste of the orange and the ice cream, it is a dream. – Is it, does it get better? – I really like this combination. – I’m having trouble with the consistency. Again, the icier it is,
you’re just gonna lose people who have teeth temperature sensitivities which I am representing proudly today. We will hide no longer. Our teeth are sensitive and we’re proud! And we don’t order these ’cause they’re not the right consistency. – Well at least you
feel strongly about it. – I’m a little torn because
I do like the taste. – What are you gonna give it though? – I’m gonna give it a four. – I like the taste but
I don’t like it as much as other things that I’ve tasted. I’m going to give it a five. – [Stevie] So the MBs gave it a six which brings the total to a 15. – [Link] Better than the Bomb Pop. – [Rhett] It’s definitely
better than a Bomb Pop. – [Rhett and Link] Round five. – Okay for our last item, I am going to select
the Spongebob Popsicle. – [Link] That’s an exciting one. – I’ve never selected one
of these branded items. – Yeah and that is a good point. Oh my gosh, is this Spongebob? – [Rhett] Hold on, I lost an eye. – [Link] Oh gosh. – Is there an eye in there?
– Is he in there? – Josh, did you eat the eye? – No. – So Spongebob is representing
all of the cartoon and iconic kids’ character
based ice creams. – Right ’cause they’re basically all made in a similar fashion.
– Could be Mario. Could be Tweety Bird. – I never knew what these were. Well I’m about to find out. – Ooh, undonkey-lippable. – No it’s not, it’s not
ice, it’s ice cream. Just break it off, it’s
not the same consistency. What is the eyeball made out of? – [Link] I think it’s an actual eyeball. – Oh gosh, it tastes like gum. – It is gum. – But– – It’s frickin’ gum. Who wants to eat gum–
– Spongebob. – In the middle of their
ice cream dining experience? – But I just swallowed it.
– You did? – I mean it’s unchewable gum. – How does one go about this? You get the gum early.
– How does one go about this, Mr. Ice Cream Man? – Not my job to tell you. It’s just my job to
watch you while you eat. Hey speaking of Spongebob, did you know that he was
originally called Sponge Boy but that name was copyrighted by a mop? – Is that right? – Well it was probably
copyrighted by the person who invented the mop.
– I sure hope it’s right. – Not the actual mop. – No the mop was sentient, it could love. (Rhett laughs) – I think what you need to do
is, you gotta chipmunk the gum in your cheek.
– And let it melt. I ate it while it was still icy. – And then you eat more of the ice cream. – I’d do it right for the second one but I don’t have one. – Can you say what flavor this is? I can’t place it.
– Spongebob. – I think it’s, it’s not lemon. – It could be though. – It’s a mild, fruity… – Non-descript fruit. I don’t like it. There’s nothing about, it’s not even a good
rendering of Spongebob. – The gum is horrible as well. I’m givin’ this a–
– This is all hype. – One.
– No delivery. I’m giving it a two. – Yeah. – [Stevie] And the MBs gave it a three. – Good.
– For a total score of six. – [Rhett] Wow, that’s not good. – And there you have it, the Drumstick is at this point
the highest rated ice cream according to our test but
that could all change– – Yes.
– On Wednesday so make sure you come back,
we’re gonna taste the other five and determine the overall winner. – And head over to our
Instagram to see one of a kind Rhett and Link ice cream bars. – Seriously?
– Yes. – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Ashley.
– And I’m Hayley. – [Both] And we’re about to go on vacation from our job making ice cream sandwiches and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – What, you think that’s true? – A job for zombies.
– You think it’s true? – Yeah I think it’s true. – Click the top link to watch us rate creepy ice cream trucks
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. Hungry for some
thought-provoking conversation? Feast on the latest
episodes of Ear Biscuits, available now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts.

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