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August 25, 2019

*Flames crackling*
Time for playing is over IT IS TIME.. IT IS TIME.. TO ROAST! So we created a channel on my Discord server,
called ‘roast-the-hell-out-of-tony’ And for some reason I thought
that’s a really, really good idea! And roast me you guys did. HO-LY CRAP!
*Laughs* So.. Time to read some of them Aaaaaand.. Joey! – [Joey] Yeah, Tony?
– [Tony] Roll the intro, before we do this roasting thingy – [Joey] Coming right up! Wait, I actually want to try something new Can I show you the intro
from this piece of paper? – [Tony] Joey, is that gonna work?
– [Joey] Yeah, with the screen effect it can work Alright, let’s try it!
Here goes! [Swwwwooooshhhh]
(Woaw, nice transition, Tony!) [Metal clanging]
[Awesome female voice: Tony is here!] Oh, boi.. “Your mom is so ugly, because you look like her” ????????????? Huh… You don’t even know my mom, SHUT UP! “But Tony is bootyfull!” Yeaahhhh.. I am. “Your subscriber rate is at a slow pace” *Soft electro music* Aaaand that’s not really a roast
It’s a fact *Everybody loses their minds* See? If I roast myself, you guys can’t roast me! BISHLASGNA: “Your momma so tall,
she thought slenderman was her husband.. .. I really don’t know how to roast” *Laughs* Yeah. My mom is not tall, she is short And that’s And that’s a bad roast, dude And that’s a bad roast, dude
And you should feel bad! “Tony is so ugly, he’s the reason
why slenderman has no eyes” What’s with the Slenderman thing? I don’t get it “TONY IS A NOOB AT GMOB BALDI CAN KILL HIM” *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* Terrible. Terrible. Terrible! TRY HARDER, GUYS, WHAT IS THIS?!
[That’s what she said!] I don’t even feel bad at all! What kind of roast is this?! “Tony secretly likes Fortnite,
he already spent 70 bucks into it” *Laughs* Oh, if you only knew
that I spent over a thousand bucks on Fortnite You would know, that this is not really a roast Yeah. It’s a roast in and of itself
that I spent so much money on Fortnite I never record it, but I used to like playing it Now I dont, alright? I don’t.
This is Fortnite I don’t.
This is Fortnite and this is me! *THWACK**THWACK**THWACK**THWACK**THWACK**THWACK* “Not even 10% of your subscribers watch ur vids tony
Watch me get banned” *Laughs* Now, that’s funny! Alright?
That’s funny! Let me ban you real quick, I’ll be right back You gotta understand, guys,
I created the roast-the-hell-out-of-tony channel I’m not gonna get mad at you for roasting me,
especially not if you spit freakin’ facts They do hurt a little bit, but..
It can’t get really bad, it’s true I don’t get the views I used to *Gangsta music* *Gangsta music*
I’M STILL BALLIN’! I’LL HATE YOU! WHATCHA GONNA DO, HATERS?! – [Joey] You bought that on eBay for 15 bucks! Shut up, Joey!
They weren’t supposed to know that, okay?! Did you have to ruin everything! What you guys should be roasting is my hair..
Look at this MONSTROSITY! I really need to get a haircut, man!
Like really! Really bad! But that’s why I have hats! Heh! Put on a snapback and I don’t need a haircut! BACON! “I do feel kinda bad though,
like he used to get so many more views” “You don’t have to roast him, lol
Well, they aren’t real fans like us” [Epic instrumental music]
“Hell no they aren’t! United we stand!” [Epic instrumental music]
EVERY STEP OF THE WAY [Epic instrumental music]
WE WILL GET BACK WHAT IS OURS! And everybody’s gonna do their part! [Epic instrumental music]
Subscribe to PewDiePie and subscribe to Tony! And like this video! And share this video! And comment on this video!11 And you’ll get cookies for a life I promise you that.. as a.. pr.. politician, and.. I promise you that.. as a.. pr.. politician, and..
A CERTIFIED LAWYER! Of 2019 and here’s my proof! [CERTIFIED LIAR 2K19]
See? This document is as sealed as it gets, alright?! – [Tony] It doesn’t get more real, than that!
– [Joey] I’m not sure you’re allowed to do that, Tony! – [Joey] Yeah, you should FeelBatman “Hey, Tony! Outside there’s fresh air.. “Hey, Tony! Outside there’s fresh air..
Do you know what isn’t fresh? YOUR CONTENT!” *Everybody loses their minds* GOD DAMN IT! GOD GOD DAMN IT! YOU GOT ME! “Tony it’s a shame you can’t photoshop your personality” Really, bro? Really? Robloxisthebestbo1? Really, bro? Really? “Tony you so fat that if a woman
has sex with you it’s a treesome” *Chuckles* GOD DA “I thought I was ugly,
but evolution really took a step back with you!” Kermit.. AAAAOOOOHHHWWW, SNAP! I don’t know, how to respond to this Let’s examine this massage..
mamemamblhblhlewlhalwlalwllw Let’s examine this message further So.. he thought he was ugly.. He is Kermit the frog *Imitates Kermit*
And he does it like this *Imitates Kermit*
This is Kermit the frog roast coming right at you *Imitates Kermit*
From my mouth *Imitates Kermit*
“I thought I was ugly but evolution took a step back with you” F*U* KERMIT, F*U*! Also you got to understand, I’m being sarcastic
Tony doesn’t get mad Tony doesn’t EVER get mad!
I dunno how to get mad, okay? I meditate every single day, and no one
IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN WORLD Can get me mad Well, except for my mom My mom can get me really My mom can get me really
really mad, man! MADMAN! Mad Max. Mad Max mask. Try to say that 3 times fast “I’m sure you exist only..” *Imitates Kermit*
Oh no, that’s Kermit again *Imitates Kermit*
“I’m sure you exist only because the other sperms felt bad” [Soft electro music] *Imitates Kermit*
YEAHS! “Crap, I would have a good one
only if Tony wore a normal glasses instead of sunglasses” Alright, go for it, bro! “Tony, you wear glasses,
but yet fail to see your own stupidity” *BOOM!* *BOOM!*
*DROPS THE MIC* It’s a bad roast and you should feel bad! Kermit was way better! “Stepped in shit today,.. Ah, feel sorry for you, man “Stepped in shit today,.. reminded me of your content” GOD! *THWACK*
DAMN IT! *Chuckles* Look, duuud, it’s not that I’m trashtalking
I’M TALKING TO TRASH! *Everytony loses their mind* See? Your boy can roast too! Yeah, I read it on discord as well “Tony, why your face like is going to fart?” [Orchestra music] *Facefarts* Ladies and gentlemen! Please, tell me what was
your favourite roast of all of these There’s way more, I didn’t go through all of them If you wanna see all of them, go to my Discord server If you have a roast of your own,
or memes, or a question for me Or a suggestion for a video, or just wanna go
and have fun and play games with other people Other people from THE ALLIANCE! And that’s what I call you,
guys, my FREAKIN’ ALLIANCE! Okay, I should probably put my snapback on
so you don’t have to look at my hair But thank you for watching this video! I hope you have enjoyed it! And if you did, make sure
to smack the like button in the FACE! Just like I punched Fortnite before And I’ll catch you next time, until then MMmmmmMMMMmmByyyyye! And staaaay awsum! bbbbbbBBBBBBBBBYYYYYEEEEEEEE

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