I Learned How To Dance In 30 Days

July 4, 2019

hi I'm Ashley and I want to learn how to be sexy you guys probably know me as the awkward girl on the sue pilot I have always felt super comfortable playing that character I think it's really funny to fall and to make weird faces and to like not know how to flirt with people but in my real life that awkwardness has kind of translated into who i actually am i think a lot of people are asking me why dance in order to feel sexy because i think there's a lot of other things that you can do to feel sexy but to me the most confident that people ever are are when they're just on a dance floor feeling themselves and like looking awesome and i have never felt that way about my body i went through puberty early i was taller than everyone else i wasn't very good at being feminine I would hunch a lot and I just didn't feel comfortable being myself I basically categorized myself as the type of girl who is smart and not the type of girl who is beautiful or sexy the rules of this video is that I'm gonna dance I'm gonna do it in 30 days and I am going to do it in front of my entire office when I got the idea to dance I knew that I needed a dance instructor and I called Kyle hot egami and I called I mean I slid into his DMS kyle is an amazing choreographer he works on YouTube he has videos that have over a hundred million views he's worked with JLo he's worked on ABC he's worked with Dancing with the Stars he's literally been all over the place and I wanted someone who could really teach me how to dance well once I had convinced Kyle to do the video with me he recruited his three coolest ladies hailey Emma and Ashley to come help me learn how to dance and they kind of became my dance mom kind of the first thing that happened after I agreed to do this I've called the Kyle and said I don't know what to wear dancing and he was like oh just like loose dance clothes I had no idea what that meant for the first class that I had to do Kyle made me do an industry class which is just with people who only have talent agents I showed up in a pink hoodie to a professional dance class where I had never danced before and every was wearing black Kyle wanted to throw me in with the sharks so I started at the very top and quickly went to the Super Bowl you did awesome for first class I was going to advanced calculus before learning how to add yeah so I mean we'll start at the top and we'll back things up and make sure that you have a solid foundation to build upon here we go 30 more days 30 more days it's gonna be awesome after that class I realize I have no dance clothes or dance shoes like what do I need and he was like one thing that they should company something that doesn't show sweat parks you're gonna want speakers and then for girls it's always important at heels what I have not owned a pair of heels for like 4 years and he was shocked Kyle and Hailey all went to the mall to get me a pair of heels and dance heels have to be very specific they have to have structure around the ankle so that you're not wobbling all over the place and I am probably the one of the most naturally clumsy people you'll ever meet they had me like walk around and do a little twirl that was the first moment that I really felt vulnerable and was really scared of what was to come and then came day one boot camp dance camp so we're just walking across the floor all we're gonna be doing is walking across the floor walking translates to every single style of dance so just walk to the beat while walking to the beat seven eight walk one no it's not the beat I thought when I came in here that we would just start doing choreography but I'm realizing we have to do kind of the base of it all and that's actually the stuff that I feel the most self-conscious about Wow oh my god okay something I realized in that class is I don't make eye contact with anyone and I'm an actor I'm gonna stand at the other side I want you to make eye contact with me the whole time and wah but the walking I felt like confident doing across the eye contact really helps and then the second I had to keep adding stuff it's that like mental freeze that happens again now what I want you to do is I want you to give me a walk walk and a triple step and a walk walk and a triple step well after your triple step I want you to give me a snap open so I want you right left and a right left and snap now I want to try and have a turn but turn we're going right left and right left now right it left and a right left now yep and then no I can't believe how many body rolls we did today just body roll after body roll that is the move that makes me the most uncomfortable because it's the most like sexual and supposed to be the most fluid and that's what I don't feel good at now you're gonna take your right hand you're gonna bring it down your body good don't be afraid to touch yourself it's your body that's like my body okay step back on your left face this way and body roll there was a really cool moment in that class where Kyle realized that I was like super freaking out and getting in my head he was like you know what let's just turn on some music I'm gonna show you a game that we play with everyone called I think it's like blocks or something like that I call it grooves so basically we start with a groove and then we tell you how to modify it Haley would kind of start dancing to the beat and then he would say okay now do it with your eyes closed and then he would say now do it with your face up and it gets more and more ridiculous and you start having fun and it's just about feeling the music and it has nothing to do with all the other stuff and a wink on everyone five six seven eight and wait good that made me feel a lot better at the end of that that I was just like oh I just have to have fun that's what this is gonna be about today was about seeing where she is and she has a ways to go I want her to figure out what sexy is for her like it's not the same definition for everybody so I just wanted to be confident cuz she's such a sweet girl it's breaks my heart when people don't have the confidence to just do what they want to do if I was gonna do a routine performance at the end of 30 days for all of my colleagues I was gonna have to find a routine and we were gonna have to start learning it fast so we looked for all these songs and finally one day when it was just me and Kyle we found this Jojo song from like 2015 called high heels as soon as the drum hit he was like this is the sexy song I thought I was gonna be doing like a hip hop dance routine and then Kyle drags his chair into the middle of the dance floor and is like you're gonna do this song in heels and it's gonna be like Flashdance style after the first class Kyle said that I needed some more basic work and one of the best things to do for that is ballet so I took a ballet class with Melissa Sandvik who is a professional dancer who was on So You Think You Can Dance and ballet was so hard okay so we're gonna start with the basics the main thing about ballet is your posture you stretch your legs all the way and stand as tall as possible and finding correct alignment all the way down oh and the most flattering lines and shapes on your body there you go nice what that was the most about we're guy I've ever gotten it's all about making your body beautiful and your lines beautiful and that was actually hard for me because I was already thinking that okay we're going down the whole sexy path they're confident path and now we were in a ballet class where it's all about grace and elegance and being beautiful and boy am i none of those things then it was just hitting the routine time every day I would go in and just work with Kyle and Emma for an hour learning a part of the routine and I had to do things hundreds of times my knees in the first week were purple because I had to do salat of floor work and every time I would get on the floor my knees would have to hit the floor super hard and I don't know how dancers do what they do to their body every to me is hurting today like my shoulders hurt my knees are killing me that like weird little kick that we were doing really like hurt the back of my knee and then today we're supposed to do the whole thing with heels so I'm like one part of me is really excited because I'm having so much fun learning this stuff that I didn't think that I could do and the other part of me is like I don't have any energy today the first day walking in heels I was like walking like a t-rex you're walking with bad knees and beat you out like this my life started to feel like a rocky montage which is really cool to watch in a video but is a pain in the ass in real life and every day I would have liked a little triumph where I was like yes I nailed this move and then Kyle would teach a new move and I would just look at him like I cannot do this I can't do this and then I would go into my entire mental game again I feel like I got worse and I think part of that is that I'm now just in my head about it and the moves aren't new anymore and the novelty has worn off and now I'm just worried about like all these pictures and hitting the right moves and it's starting to get in my head which is when it looks the worse and I have to wear heels now which is just not a comfortable thing for me style had kept teasing me saying that there was gonna be a special celebrity guest who's gonna come in and help us and I had no idea who it was and for weeks everyone around me had kind of been mentioning and almost let it slip who it was alrights I have the very amazing one of my very good julianne hough what the I love her energy and I love her presents and how like bubbly she is but she is one of the best dancers in the industry girls kicking butt I hear I feel like I'm on Dancing with the Stars damn let's see what you got all right you can see that ready here we go I performed the worst I've ever performed in my life for her I completely lost all intention I completely freaked out and I was just trying not to mess up the moves and I was so bad obviously you've got like this part down yeah and then from here down yeah something's missing right here yeah the boobs so what I feel like you're doing you're just picking up your leg and you're walking but I want you to feel my back for a second huh she had me feel her back and feel exactly how much of dancing is moving your whole body and your back so that your core is guiding you it really made a huge difference yes yes yes did you see that your whole body was moving it wasn't just your limbs moving one thing that Julianne kept saying and Kyle was that I needed to be in this character and feel comfortable feeling my body so something I did was I went home I played music and I just danced so I thought that I would just come home tonight I just danced a little bit for fun too my favorite songs and just do some body rolls just move around do all the things that make me feel uncomfortable and just really get into it and move my shoulders and and just try and feel sexier which is a weird thing to say because it's something I never ever think about or tried to purposely do and then this magical moment happened where I started to feel really happy and I stopped caring about why or how and there was no routine and then I would look in the mirror and I'm like I look good I look sexy this is crazy I think it was a turning point for me emotionally to just dance by myself for no one else with no routine and feel sexy all right so we just finished with Ashley she's doing good like I'm actually really impressed they think that she's growing and I think that she's pushing herself like now when there's something she can't do she's like no let's keep it and I'll figure it out which is she's correcting herself right she still has like a little awkwardness to her but uh I think that's what makes her great then it was about a week out and I got sick this is the weekend for the performance I was supposed to meet with MN Kyle this morning to do performance but I'm just – my body's like exhausted so I'm gonna spend the day kind of just watching old footage and trying to see what I did wrong and what I can do better and hopefully I will be better for this week I'm so impressed like I want to cry because she's doing so well starting from that first rehearsal good lord when she couldn't kick ball change she couldn't walk she didn't own heels let alone walk in them and now she's doing a full dance routine in heels and she looks amazing like it's I'm so happy like I'm so happy the thing that I love most about watching her do is just movement in general she uses her whole body now you can tell she's enjoying it because before she's getting so frustrated at everything and now she just really feels comfortable with herself like those head whips that she does and she's like smiling and it just makes me so happy I've been working with Ashley now for this whole month today we took a video at the beginning of the rehearsal and she watched herself back on video and watching herself do the floor moves and the walks with her hands and her hair like she looks so confident on camera and it almost was like she didn't think it was her and she didn't think she could do that at the beginning of this process so today's my first day dancing with Ashley and if they hadn't told me that she was going through his process and this transformation I would have never known it really looks like she has taken a couple of classes in heal and she's kicking but you showed a I woke up this morning like an hour and a half before my alarm so just panicking I'm wearing a body suit my whole like back is exposed I'm really proud of myself I'm really excited I can't believe that that like committed to this I think just seeing me in heels will be shocking for like most of the office once it gets to like floor work I think people are not gonna know what to do with themselves I want Kyle to like be crying a little that's really like who I feel like has seen this whole entire thing I just want to feel like such a badass when the song ends and the light cue hit I want to be like I killed that and left everything on the floor Oh getting loud I like it when it gets loud I think the moment came the lights dimmed the smoke turned on and the first beat hit can I just did it these pictures of these bitches on my me again I know I messed up but I didn't feel like it cuz it was like I I just feel like I did it I can't believe I did it was so good Oh like you were so like let's go to class and performance was awesome it was really cool to have all my co-workers there and to actually had done it out of sheer will and my body wasn't a joke and I had fun and I had the best time the coolest thing about this whole experience is that the version of me that was sexy at the end was me all along it was just me being confident with who I am my favorite part is when she slammed the floor with her her couch sorry I couldn't think of a nicer way to say it was great it really shook me to my couch so I think we all just sort of universally couch doubt there I don't know if that's the right word I should do let's go couch couch is okay you

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