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How to Play High Notes on the Flute 🎼

January 14, 2020

– A lot of people have asked
us on The Flute channel about the high register
so today I’ll talk about the high register. (zen flute music) First thing I try to do with my students, the very beginners, we always
start with the lower register, it’s a bit easier, and
then I will take a note like the low G and I’ll tell them to go and get the higher with the same fingering and I give the advice to do
this, to go (vocalization) and put your hand on your belly and you will feel that there’s
something going on here. Like the support is going higher, the muscles are (vocalization), and I try to do the
same thing in my flute. (higher tone flute music) So in the beginning I just do low to high, and then (high to low flute music) when you have to go back down
then you can do those things. You can do it on a G and
then on an A, a B, a C up to the C#, it’s the same
fingering so you can go A, B, C, C#. So that is the first step, then what I think is
very, very, very helpful for the high register is harmonics. So harmonics basically
it’s, you play a low note, and with that low note you can, without changing your fingering but just changing the way you blow the air and the way the angle of the
air stream on the embouchure, just with that you can
have different notes. So you can have the first octave
and then the other octave, the third, the fifth, and so on and so on. So here I do a low C, then I’ll
be able to play the other C, the G, the C, the E, and the G again. (flute music in increasing pitch) ♪ They see me rollin ♪ – Once you’re able to play those notes, you should be able to play a high note in the third register. Just remember how you did it,
how physically you did it. In the beginning you might feel that you have to push a lot of air, it’s okay, with time you won’t
need to push as much air because just with the way
you angle your air will help. Try also not to send the air like this in an open V, but a V this way. – [Announcer] It’s the flying V! – So the air goes really
on a specific point on the embouchure. So let’s say I want to
play a high G and I can’t, I’ll practice that. (increasing pitch flute music) And then, I blow the same way that
I did for my harmonics. Usually it works with all my students, it really helps the high register. Then, once you can at least get them out what I would say is never
think of notes higher than that, okay, that looks weird. It doesn’t look like it’s
gonna help but it does help. So if I think about the
low register I think, I aim it down there, and
then second octave is there, and third octave is there. If I think third octave over my head, then I have a tendency to
not be grounded anymore, my body’s going like this
and the air is going outside of the flute and it doesn’t help at all. So if I go with Gs like this, all the notes are under me. That’s a visualization of
course, it’s nothing real but the way you visualize it will help you because if you think… I’m outside of my flute, I’m not centered. Okay, so always under you, so (sings) Like this. (increasing pitch flute music) Think of opening everything. Try to use different vowels. Let’s say in the lower
register I’ll use more “Ah”, and then when I go higher
I’ll use more “oo, ou”. And open in the back as if you
have an egg or something so (sings) Like the singers do you know
they don’t sing (screams) they (sings) and you keep it in line here, and you open in the back. So I think that could help to start. If you have any questions please ask them. It might help me to help you better, so thank you for watching.

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  • Reply The Flute Channel October 8, 2017 at 11:46 pm

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    I have a question… I'm battling with my high notes. I can maintain the same tone when I tongue a low G and then change to a high G but as soon as I slur it, I can't reach the high G without my tone falling through. This goes for all my high notes. I'm not sure what I change when I tongue the notes to when I slur them… One works and one doesn't 🙈😂 Do you have any tips on that? I often practice tonguing the low note and then tonguing the high note slowly. Then I repeat that same process, except slurring it. Sometimes it kind of works but mostly my notes fall through. My teacher has also tried to help in terms of telling me to visualise the note that I'm trying to play, as well as using my diaphragm to blow, keeping the airstream directed in a "v" as you would call it.

  • Reply Areg Giusado July 3, 2018 at 8:44 am

    Thank so much for these exellent and helpful tips…. for generosity sake, could I beg the PFD files of THE PRAYER on key of F if you have… I like to practice high notes on flute because I really love the the song, THE PRAYER… I already surfted in the internet but there is a payment and I do not have credit card and I do not have the chance to do so…
    If possible you may send it on my email, [email protected]
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, God loves you.

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