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How To Make A Free Discord Bot On Glitch!

August 25, 2019

(computer beeps) – [Narrator] Welcome, Discord bot makers. This is your helpful,
interactive install guide for creating your very own Discord bot. First, remix this Glitch app. Remixing makes a new copy of
this project just for you. The name and URL is randomly generated which you can change any time you want. Now let’s hop over to the
Discord developer portal. Click this link. (uptempo music) Here you’ll log into the
My Applications section. Then, click New Application. Then, click on Bot on the sidebar. (uptempo music) Now click on the Add Bot button. Here you will copy your token. A token is a secret password that you can store in
your private .ENV file. Your .ENV file is where you
can store private information, like passwords and keys. When people remix your project, this data won’t copy over. Once in your .ENV file, add your token next to Discord_Token=. Don’t add any spaces. If your token is compromised, just click regenerate for a new one. Now to make sure your
bot doesn’t stop running. You’ll need to setup UptimeRobot. Glitch apps normally
sleep after five minutes, and if your bot falls
asleep, it won’t work. Create an UptimeRobot account. Go to your settings,
and under Main API Key, click the button to get your API key. Don’t forget to add it to your
.ENV file when you’re done, for safekeeping. Now it’s time to test your install. Click the button to see if it’s working. After you set up your UptimeRobot, you’ll see this box appear. Click here to set up
your UptimeRobot monitor. Now you’ll see your new
monitor in your dashboard. Don’t forget to check your settings. Let’s interact with your new bot. First, select your bot by typing @ then choosing your bot from the list. Then write your command. Type, !thanks and choose
a person to thank. If your bot is working,
you’ll see this message. Once you’re ready to customize your bot, make sure you read
through the security tips and the Read Me file for more info. And there you go, your
very own Discord bot. See you next time with more
Glitch tips and tricks.

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