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How to improvise on guitar part 4: rhythmic diversity – guitar lesson

October 9, 2019

Hi Stuart Bahn here and this is part four
in a series of videos on how to improvise on the guitar
in this video I want to focus on playing with rhythmic diversity all I mean by
that is just to make things rhythmically interesting so this would not be
rhythmical interesting but this would be a bit more really interesting so I’m
doing is just shifting the focus onto rhythm and trying to play to quote one
of my former tutors a drum solo with notes which I think is a fantastic
description so have a listen to yourself recording as I mentioned the previous
ones if you don’t play with much rhythmic diversity set yourself the task of
playing for several minutes at a time with your main focus being lots and lots
of variation in rhythm it’s very good for us and as with the other traits we
mentioned it will gradually filter through into your play
I hope you found the video helpful if so please give it a thumbs up and subscribe
see you in part 5.

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