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How To Grow with 0 Views and 0 Subscribers

August 23, 2019

Today I want to answer
one of your questions about how do you
get the ball rolling with views in the first place? If you are brand
new to YouTube, you have a brand new channel
with zero subscribers, how do you just get started
with gaining exposure? That’s coming up. [music] Hey guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer. And it’s Thursday,
which means is time for some YouTube
Q&A with you guys. [? Creaza ?] wrote
and asked this. “How do you get the ball rolling
with views in the first place? I found that if you are
new and upload a video, even if someone types in
the exact video title, it still doesn’t come
up in the search. People more popular with a
similar title show up instead. So, how do you get people to see
your video in the first place?” Great question. This is actually something
we talk about a lot here at Video Creators. So I will link up to a bunch
of those different videos and the description
text below this video. So you can go check
those out and see some of the other things
that we’ve already discussed that kind of
answer this question. But I wanted to give
someone else an opportunity to answer this question. So I tapped the shoulder
of Derral Eves, who is also certified by YouTube
and Audience Growth. He’s worked with a lot of
great channels on YouTube and has helped channels
like The Piano Guys get to hundreds of
millions of views, and even on his own channel,
which I will link up below. Or you can click right
here to go check it out. He does something similar
to Video Creators. But he talks about audience
growth a little bit broader than YouTube. He has a lot of great
YouTube content. But he also talks about Facebook
and Google+ and things like that. So go check out his channel. But In the meantime, here’s
Derral to answer your question. Now really, this is
a great question. And I know a lot of
content creators on YouTube feel the same frustration. You put all this time and effort
in producing awesome videos. And it’s really nowhere to be
found in the search results. And it’s not getting any
views or interaction. And this can really
be devastating and really discouraging. Now in the next few
minutes I’m going to show you my basic game plan
for succeeding on YouTube. It’s really simple. And this simple plan
will really help you get the ball
rolling on views and getting more people
interested in your content, and ultimately subscribing
to your channel. But first, we truly need
to know why people actually watch YouTube in
the first place. And I personally believe
it’s for three basic reasons. Number one, someone they
know recommends a video. Number two, viewers seek
out to be entertained. It might be a music
video, a funny cat video, or something else. Number three is the viewer
searching out information on a certain subject,
or to be educated, like how to play bass guitar. Now let’s break it
down for the basic game plan to really
succeed on YouTube. So here’s the breakdown. Step one– do research. Now don’t just slap up
videos to your channel. Take some needed time
and do some research. Ask these questions. What is your channel
really about? Who’s your target audience? Where is your target
audience actually congregating outside of YouTube? Why would your
target audience be interested in your video
content, and also your channel? And how can you get the
viewer, or potential viewer, to subscribe and
share the video? Now step two– recon. Find out what blogs,
forums, Facebook groups, Google+ communities, websites,
people that are really interested in your content. Now recon is really,
really important. Over 75% of my video views
come from outside of YouTube. Now think about
that for a moment. It’s really important
to do recon. Step three– video
structure and production. Now make sure you
have a production formula for your videos. Shhhh. Now, I’m going to share with
you Tim’s secret formula for his video structure
for his channel. Now don’t tell him I told you. Tim’s formula is
really like this. Make sure you hook the
viewer in the first three to seven seconds of the video. Then you want to show a bumper. Now this is optional, but it’s
really effective for branding. Then next, you’re
going to actually going to have your main
content displayed, and then engage the users,
and have a great outro and call to action. Now wait a minute. Now this is the same formula
that I use for my channel. Hmm. I think I just gave
away my secret formula, my secret sauce. Dang it. Oh well. Now, a special note– this is
really important for all of you to know. Different types of channels
and target audiences will have different
types of video structure, OK, and different formulas. So do some research and see what
formula works for your channel. Now step number four– upload
that video and optimize. You’re going to go ahead
and upload that video, but make sure you
do it to private. Then you want to take time
to optimize your title, your description, your
tags, transcribe the video, and also do a custom thumbnail
that really engages and catches people’s eye. Once this is done, you can go
ahead and set it to public. Step five– share that video. Now we got Facebook. We got Pinterest. We got Twitter. We got Google+. We got Facebook groups,
Google+ communities. You really have that recon list. All you need to do is get
involved in those communities and share your video. Share it with them
but do it better. Don’t spam them. The world has enough spammers. Make good, quality posts
and embed you video, or put a little video link. Now the next step
is an important one. So you really need to
understand this one. Step six– engage and interact. Take time to comment
on your video. Also, comment on
the video in all the places where your
video is being shared. This is really important. Why? This gets viewers
engaged and it actually creates a community of your own. Now step seven–
evaluate and adjust. Now make sure you look
at your video’s analytics and really evaluate
how users actually find you, what type
of engagement’s there, and really track all
the necessary things that you need to so you can
make adjustments for the future. Now step eight– look for
collaboration opportunities. Now wait a minute, this video
is a collaboration video. Huh. I guess Tim and I practice
what we preach, right? Well, it works. Honestly, most of you that
create content on YouTube would benefit by taking
a little bit more time to get to know your audience,
creating a simple game plan for your channel, and
also for all your videos. I have a game plan
for my channel and really have set a video
structure and a schedule for all my videos. And it works really well for me. And I can tell you, working
with Tim the last few days, and also being one of
his first subscribers through Video Creators
TV, Tim knows his audience and has a clear plan. So if you’re really looking
for more views and visibility for your videos, make sure you
watch this video a few times, take some notes, and
create your own game plan. Thanks, Derral. That was awesome. I want to add in a
couple thoughts of my own that I hope will answer
your question concerning how the search results
work and why you can type in your exact title
and not have it show up and have all the popular
videos show up instead. And that is because YouTube
ranks– they determine how high in the search results
your video will rank based on how much watch time it has. And watch time is simply
just how much time that video has accumulated from
people who are watching it. So if you watch this
video for three minutes, this video has accumulated
three minutes of watch time. So there’s a couple ways
to increase watch time. Again, we’ve talked about
some of that stuff here. Links below to those videos if
you want to go check it out. But ultimately, what
you are seeing at work is that YouTube definitely
values watch time higher than they actually value
like how perfectly optimized your metadata is and how
perfectly your metadata– which is titles, tags,
and descriptions, and caption files,
some include that, thumbnails– how perfectly
that relates to search query. That is a strong correlation. But even stronger is how
much watch time the video has accumulated, which
is how Google determines how valuable this video is. And the longer people
spend watching this video, the more valuable Google
thinks that this video is. So very practically
for you, that means it’s important to drive
as much watch time to that video as possible within the first
week of it being published. And that goes back to
following all the best practices that Derral
just talked about and others that are
linked up below. So go check all that stuff out. You guys have got
some research to do if this is something
that’s interesting to you. I would love to
hear from you guys about what tips,
ideas, advice would you have for [? Creaza, ?]
or for anyone else who might be in
a similar situation. Comment and leave
those down below. And also, while
you’re down there, check out Derral’s channel. The link is in the
description text. I’m sure a lot of you guys
will find his videos equally as valuable as these. So go check that out. And if this is your
first time here, I’d love to have you subscribe. Welcome. Every week we do Q
and A, just like this, to help you guys out. On Tuesdays, we take a look
at online video news and talk about the implications it
has for us as creators, as YouTube is constantly
updating and changing. And then on
Wednesdays, we give you guys some YouTube tips,
ideas, advice, suggestions. And Thursdays, we do basically
what you just saw right here. And I do all this
because I really believe that a lot of you guys
have messages that can really change the lives and
influence people, if those people could just find
in here what you have to say. So thank you for letting
me be a part of you guys who are building
your audiences and your channels for the
purpose of changing lives. Subscribe if this is
your first time here. And I will see you
guys again next week. Bye.

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