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HOW TO choose the right MUSIC for YOUR VIDEO

August 24, 2019

How’s it going everybody this is Dean
Rojas with Epidemic Sound and today we’re gonna talk about choosing the
right music for your videos. Video production and music go hand and hand
and really one of the most essential things to know as a filmmaker is when to
use the right song. Music is a very personal choice to put on your videos
and once you figure out your style, once you figure out what type of music goes
with your own shots then you’re gonna be able to create the most successful edits out there. Here’s a short edit of me out with friends, we’re camping, we’re sitting by the fire. Like great it fits it goes with the
color palette, it goes with the type of scenes it goes with the slow motion
everything works out it’s slow it’s mellow. So here’s a clip from a music
festival that I shot, it’s a lot more vibrant in the colors, it’s a lot more
upbeat, there’s a lot of people, there’s a lot of emotions happening so I chose a
song according to that. So you can see this drastic dichotomy
between the two types of visuals that you’re seeing and what you’re hearing.
It really depends on what you’re shooting and you wanna spend some good quality
time finding the right music for your video because it’s really gonna carry it
out and it’s really gonna keep people into the video and keep them watching it
and keep subscribing to you. Audio and music are so important for your edits
and if you have a track that people are not going to resonate with or associate
with your video then they’re gonna click away. And you wanna get those people to
stay watch your video hit the subscribe button you want them to do the whole
jazz the whole shabang. Based on trends and recent successes the personality
that you’re putting into your videos and the specific shots that you’re getting
are not the only elements that are going to create a successful video. So when you
think of youtubers who have really made an impact on the community and have
music that you almost associate with them in general, the first name that
comes to mind is Casey Neistat. Casey shoots his videos in this gritty
new york street style and along with that he has these music tracks that go
with it and really carry you throughout and go with his whole theme. When you’re
creating a presence and creating something to resonate with yourself you
wanna have a theme you wanna have something that people recognize when
they hear it. One of the most crucial choices that you can make as a filmmaker
is picking the right song, the right music genre and the right soundtrack to
be associated with you as a personal brand. Every sound that you put into your
video has to be intentional of music is so important even the music that’s
playing under this video right now is intentional. So how do you establish this
within your own channel? Basically take a look at what you’re shooting how you’re
talking what type of personality you’re giving off does that resonate with the
type of music that you are sharing to your community. So if you’re like Casey and you’re shooting
gritty New York style you’re probably gonna get some
lo-fi hip-hop trendy stuff but if you’re shooting out in nature
you’re probably gonna use some more mellow some more acoustic some more
traditional music. Something that I think about is what is music that I like to
listen to and when I see these shots what type of music do I
think about. A lot of famous directors will already have the music planned out
for their shoots before they even begin shooting and they’ll shoot to the songs.
So that’s something also to consider if you find a track that you really like on
Epidemic Sound listen to that and plan your edits around that track. One of the
hardest decisions as a director or editor is choosing that music that’s
gonna work with what you’re doing that’s going to resonate with your audience and
that’s going to create a successful cohesive video. A lot of the questions that I get is where I get my music and how I chose that type of music. Of course I get my music from Epidemic Sound but my clientele varies a lot but mostly for
personal use I’m shooting outdoor and nature shots cuz that’s my bread and
butter, that’s what I like to shoot, that’s what I like to do for fun so the
color palette the drama of the shots my shooting a lot of slow motion is it
gonna be waterfalls is there gonna be tree shots then I’m probably gonna
choose a more folky kind of acoustic type song but if it’s more epic then I’m
gonna choose a epic track there’s a subcategory for that as well on Epidemic Sound. Choosing the right music is a process but thankfully Epidemic Sound
makes it a lot easier for you to find the right tracks for you to play
different songs for you to save music for you to listen to that over again and
decide your edits in the future. Thank you guys so much for watching if you
enjoyed this video hit that like button, leave a comment, subscribe, hit
the notification bell, follow me on my personal channel. Keep killing it! See you guys on the next one!

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  • Reply Toasted Breadcrumbs June 25, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Im still bad at picking the music….

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    Osm 1⃣ dud 👌

  • Reply Almira MasteR June 25, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    I was using free music for my videos. But in last months I just couldn't find right good music. So I knkw that last year I tried 30 days trial on epidemic music I took this time one month on Epidemic to make videos. Of course I need time find right music but I need less and I find the great ones I just need to decide which one I want

  • Reply Nick and Helmi June 26, 2019 at 7:08 am

    I wish you upload more funks, every friday i see lots of dark/traps lately

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