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How an Opera Singer Uses Fashion Technology: Michelle Minke

January 14, 2020

Michelle Minke is a Calgary based soprano who utilizes fashion technology to enhance her performances. Trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England: Michelle performed in opera houses across the world before returning to her hometown of Calgary. In her Carmen Remix video Michelle collaborated with designer Olga Sem to create an illuminated dress Her backup dancer also wore a light-up bodysuit complete with LED hoops. Olga Sem is known for her innovative masks and fantastical costumes. For her performance at the 2018 MakeFashion gala Michelle commissioned Olga and Lumen Couture designer Chelsea Klukas to create a show-stopping illuminated accessory set. The headdress and necklace are inspired by illuminated crystals. Lumen Couture has also extended the runway concept to ready-to-wear quartz jewelry that is available for purchase. As wearable technology becomes more accessible we can expect to see more performers utilize lighting technology into their performances.

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