Grand Canyon Sound Academy

May 11, 2019

right now I'm currently sitting with my feet in the nice cool Colorado River I'm looking in front of me is the great Grand Canyon and it is just gorgeous here at our campsite my feet are just waiting in this water sinking in the sand and it is just unbelievable I am in a state of sanity this is Scott you go Marcus Diana Alondra in June 2014 19 students gathered at the Grand Canyon half of them were sighted and the rest were either blind or visually impaired through collaboration between no barriers Youth Grand Canyon Youth Grand Canyon National Park and the National Park Service's natural sound and night skies division these teams hope to learn more about the cans incredible soundscape armed with sound recorders the students documented what they heard from the noises of the canyons rim to the rich sounds echoing as they rafted the Colorado River they not only learned why natural sound is a valuable resource but how it affects their ecosystem and their role in soundscapes and many said the experience transformed how they see themselves June 28th I personally think that their noise is like a really really annoying think making airplane going by helicopters they totally disrupt that vibe that you get from being down there yeah there are these like motorboat things are starting to bug me most of the time it was people like you don't care many natural sounds when you're so honed into human voices I really feel that you know some cultures can really play a part in the like noise around them and create it and it can all meld together as a beautiful melody but I feel like other societies you know are intrusive to those sounds and those cultures you know can do harm to their soundscapes today I heard many animals from the cicadas that you can hear chirping in the background this morning I can't there was this Raven as family of Ravens and they were like and like I would like this down since I live in the city the backs at night when they run this week because I've actually never really like heard a legitimate back in Ohio I'm realizing that there are more noises and sounds especially in my everyday life in Indiana probably the most amazing it's being I've ever had it's definitely opened my mind to a various soundscapes that I like I paid attention to like if ears had peripheral vision they would be in my peripheral vision now I've tried to incorporate them into my daily listen it was the first night I got off the world graphs and I was on the beach and I just sat there and just listened to the water and the wind around me and all the insects and everything it was just so beautiful I've only been blind for about four years almost you know it was really probably one of the most beautiful moments I've had without my vision just being able to take all

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  • Reply Doug Grinbergs May 11, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Grateful for the important work of the NPS Natural Sounds and Night Skies team.

  • Reply Andres Martin May 11, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Is it possible to hear what they recorded?

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