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Free Realistic Instruments VST (2019)

August 14, 2019

You want some realistic VST instruments for
free? We found a set of fantastic high quality instruments we think are worth mentioning
as the best sounding free vsts. And we have a weird one at the end of the video. So Stick
around to hear these real instruments in action. Let’s start with the bass. This free bass
guitar plugin is made by, they make a lot of VSTs for acoustic and electric
guitars and bases. This bass sounds very realistic, let’s listen
to the sound. In the normal mode you can play with more
strings at once And You can also change the sound a bit by
adding some buzz or some fret noise. And you can change it to mono mode so you
can play very fast without notes overlapping. And like a normal bass you can not go lower
than the low E, but you can also go one note lower, by detuning the strings.So the lowest
note is a D. It’s a great sounding bass. Now let’s have a look at the acoustic guitar,
also from Amplesound. The interface looks almost the same. And it
really sounds great. It is recorded with two microphones that can
make the sound a bit broader if you spread the mic a bit, A doubler makes it sound even more stereo. Besides these small effects they also have
an effect rack with 7 effects. The reverb was on, so when I switch this off
it sounds like this. And with reverb and a beautiful chorus it
sounds like this. If you want to play more strings than the
6 of this guitar you can set it to keyboard mode so it plays all notes. But most important is the sound. Now lets have look at some drums, The MT Power
drum kit 2. As you can see, it has a great looking graphic
interface, and you can click on the snare and toms, using your mouse. But you can also play it from the keyboard And to make it more easy for you to find some
great drum tracks they built in a lot of grooves. Let’s listen to some of them. The great thing is that you can import these
grooves in your DAW, just by dragging them to the right track, And to have some more control over the sound
there is a built in mixer where you can change the level of every sound, pan it to left and
right, use a built in compressor and send every sound to another output. Now let’s have a look at some great piano
sounds. The Keyzone Classic. Maybe some ‘Fur Elise’. We might want another sound for that like
a Yamaha grand. And it even has a Steinway sound. But this plugin also has a great electric
piano. And a Rhodes piano. Or is this a Wurlitzer
sound? Every sound can have a reverb on it. And there is an Low Frequency Oscillator which
you can use to alter the pitch or the panorama. That sounds great with the electric piano. Really a great FREE piano and you can also
use more instances of this plugin, so you can have a piano track and a rhodes track. For the last free vst instrument we go back
to Amplesound because they have created a fantastic virtual instrument called cloudrum
which is a unique Steel tongue drum with a range of 3 octaves.
Lets have a listen. There are some presets built in. And ofcourse you can change edit the sounds
yourself. There are definitely more VST instruments
out there, but these are the ones we found very interesting. I hope you enjoyed the video, and if you did,
subscribe to our channel and stay up to date for our new videos.
And share it with a friend. Thanks for watching. Oh and listen to the
music I’ve created, with all these sounds.

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    Or maybe you can download SoundFond samples, because the files imitate instruments well: guitar, piano, violin, orcadion, whatever.
    Just need to download a VST sampler or a built-in plugin

  • Reply Christopher Boucher April 27, 2019 at 9:11 am

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