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Fortnite PewDiePie Bitch Lasagna with Creative Music Blocks

August 14, 2019

*Plays Bish Lasagna theme as steps on the blocks* Nonononononono! Stop!
Stop. It doesn’t work that way I need to tell the whole story! This is just the finished product To get there It took us more than 5 hours And it all began here *CoolClap!*
So Fortnite added these musical blocks You can play any sound *Plays different sounds as steps on the blocks* And in theory, you can use it to recreate.. Any song you want! So with T-Series about to surpass
PewDiePie I wanted to do my part And create Bish Lasagna with the musical blocks Obviously, I couldn’t do it alone, I had to ask
a few buddies of mine to come and help me out Because when it comes to music..
I’m not that great at it.. I can’t really create music out of nothing,
like they can (No, you can!) So first thing we did, before building
all this, is create the base sounds I’m pretty sure this is it,
this is where we tested it out *Plays Bish Lasagna theme as steps on the blocks* YYEEEEAHHHH, THAT’S IT! Ah, that sounds so similar to Bish Lasagna, I love it [Like the video for more :)] *Plays the melody and sings*
You got the population of 1.3.. *Plays the melody and sings*
[MAKE IT STOP, TONY, JESUS!] Yeah, as I said, it’s..
I suck at music, man *Laughs* But I am good at killing stuff Play the clip! There you go! And now play the intro! [Cool metal clanging]
[Gorgeous female voice: Tony is here] What is up, guys! My name is Tony
And welcome back to my channel! So this building system
they created here isn’t really the best A lot of times you can mess up, place accidentally
two notes or maybe a note you don’t really need And then you just want to delete it.. And you accidentally end up deleting
your whole platform and you stand there like an idiot And you don’t know what to do
*Chuckles* Then you gotta rebuild
the whole platform and rebuild all the notes But eventually, we actually got pretty good at it *Builds to soft electro music* *Pom-pom-pom.. pom-pom..* *Reversed pom-pom* *Straight pom-pom* So we figured it’s time
to create a whole new platform Because the first one just wasn’t cutting it So we did! *Builds to soft electro music* *1000x speed builder* So basically I went away from my pc
and let The Man do his magic! So what he had to do was
listen a few times to the base sound he had created Just to make sure where to put the claps And then later.. the kicks..
and the bass.. and the piano.. Oh man, so many freakin’ instruments! But when you go back, it sounds
so freakin’ weird listening to it in reverse *BISH LASAGNA ANGASAL HSIB* Now to figure out which clap to use! He hit it two times to make sure that’s it
aaand it iiiisss! Now to place it down on the correct path Still got to listen to the song once more
just to make sure that’s it But something just doesn’t feel right Let’s listen to the Maestro himself
and figure out where we’re not doing something right *Listening to Bish Lasagna* – [The Man] Aaaaahhhh… Riiight, so they understand that,
I got nothing out of that! (LOL) That’s exactly why I called for help! There’s no way in hell
I would be able to do this alone And on the left side you can also see the counter
T-Series versus PewDiePie PewDiePie is still leading by over a 100,000 subs
as of me recording this video And hopefully they will not surpass him when I upload it But back to creating music,
the claps are put down, now let’s take a listen *Sounds closer to the orinigal with claps* Alright, that already sounds pretty good,
but it’s time to add the next sound We need the hats and the kicks I.. I think I said that right
(Lol, I hope I typed that right ahaha) But the only problem was that
my guy here isn’t really a Fortnite player So he was getting used to the controls
And trying to create the music at the same time So it did take us a while,
but he did master it pretty quickly So KUDOS MAN! *Plays Bish Lasagna theme* *Plays Bish Lasagna theme*
*The hats and the kicks join* So all that is sounding pretty good right about now,
so we’re just gonna follow the same recipe Until we have the full song But.. Nnnnaaahhhh.. it’s not quite right! So in order not to have that little break between
each note, we had to put multiple of these claps down And now it’s sounding way better! *Sounding big better, much wow!* And then he said,
“Let there be bass!” Ahhh! Music to my ears.. literally! *Bish Lasagna with bass, dayum man, sounds great!* So after this it’s just more of the same,
I don’t wanna bore you with the whole routine You’ve already seen how it’s made,
you’ve seen that we can make it And before I show you the final product.. Marshmello just entered my game So some of you may know that a few days ago
I have uploaded a video, titled ‘I Killed Marshmello’ After the Fortnite event And I did, I killed him in Gmod,
and now, apparently, he wants retribution in Fortnite So let’s see what all that’s about Where is Marshmello? There’s someone on my map, I can hear him
but I don’t see him anywhere Anyway, here’s a sneak peek
of what it looks like once it’s finished And we’re about to take a listen But first, I’m gonna go and show you,
what’s at the end of the tunnel What does it say here? S-U-B.. okay, SUB S-U-B.. okay, SUB TO S-U-B.. okay, SUB TO PEW! S-U-B.. okay, SUB TO PEW!
There we go! I did my part!
Subscribe to PewDiePie! *BOOOOOOOOOM* *Reloads* *Laughs damn strangely* *Shot rings, thud* *Tony laughs*
Are you kidding me?! Hi!
*Marshmello laughs strangely again* Don’t you laugh at me!
*Laughs himself* Damn it, Marshmello!
*Can’t stop laughing* Oh, man! Oh, that’s fun! That’s fun! So some of my friends is pulling the prank on me,
got on my server to prank me Okay, you got me, ha-ha, very funny! Here’s what I think about that!
Yeah, that’s what I think. Don’t kill me again, don’t do it I’m gonna pickaxe you! YYyeeeeahhhh, that’s right! Me and Marshmello, between the two of us,
I always win! Marshmello, woooh! *Thunderous shot*
BAAAAAM!.. Okay, that did nothing *Chuckles*
Anyway, let’s listen to the track! *Marshmello laughs strangely* [ 2 + 2=4 QUICK MATH] *PewDiePie feat. TonyTCTN – Bish Lasagna* *PewDiePie feat. TonyTCTN – Bish Lasagna* – Awesome, Tony
– Thanks, Pie! *PewDiePie feat. TonyTCTN – Bish Lasagna*
AAAANDD SUP TO PEWDIEPIE EVERYONE! It took a while to finish this video It took much more effort than my other videos So I would appreciate if you could support it By sharing it with friends
or whoever you think would like this video Maybe PewDiePie
Definitely, share it with freakin’ PewDiePie! If PewDiePie shares this video,
I will be out of my mind I would literally cry
*chuckles* Anyhow, thank you guys for watching If you want to see more videos like this,
maybe when a new emote comes out Or something like that in Fortnite.. We could definitely do this again It does take a while, but still, if we have
24 hours we’re gonna finish it in one day That doesn’t make too much sense..
Or does it? Well, if it made sense, then you’re smart Anyway, thank you guys for watching, bye-bye! And stay awesome! mmmmMMmmbbbbbyyyyeeee! *PewDiePie feat. TonyTCTN – Bish Lasagna*

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