Everybody Wants to Sound Like T-Pain | Ridiculousness

December 1, 2019

(applause) – My man. – Hi, how are you? – What’s happening? – Nice to meet you. – Yeah. – Okay let’s set this whole show off with, you have your own legacy
with a sound, right? Literally, probably, I would
say 600 hits, I don’t know. – It’s a lot, it’s upwards of 600, yeah. (applause) – It’s a legacy, all the
way to even an app to sound like the way you sound. – Yeah, everybody wants to
sound like T-Pain, its fine. (laughs) – Look, so what we decided,
how do we set this off. We want to T-Pain peoples pain. – Let’s do that. – Take a look at T-Pain
your pain, go ahead. (applause) (hit wall) – Oh that’s a deep burn,
that’s a deep burn, that’s a deep burn. (laughs) – That’s a smash record. – It’s called deep burn? – Yeah. – It’s a deep burn. (laughs) (hits wall) – [Sterling] The beat
was hot in the beginning. – Oh, that’s a deep
burn, that’s a deep burn. – That melody was crazy. – Yeah. (applause) (bike wheels) (crash) – Ah, ahhh. (laughs) – [T-Pain] Yes. – Ow. Fuck (laughs) – Look at, his homie’s way too shocked. – Yup, he’s so shocked, that
he’s checking if someone else is okay over here. (laughs) – Ow. – A natural reverb, a natural. – [Rob] You got this, nowhere. – [T-Pain] Yeah. (screams) – [Young Boy] Anthony did that hurt? – [Camera Man] He needs a break. – I need some, I need a. (laughs) ah, I need. – He turned into a drunk
white girl outside the club. (laughs) It was just, oh my god you guys. (laughing) (barrel rolling) (thunk) – [Rob] You all right? – Uh, I can’t breath. Ah, ow, ah. – Nope, go back, and stop. Thank you, stop right there. – [Sterling] Yeah. – First of all, that choker
necklace, no this is. (laughs) – Did he draw on his shirt
and then drew his mustache on afterwards? (laughs) – When you put it all
together to makes sense. I got this, sort of. (screams) He’s fine, are you good? – [Camera Man] You gotta breathe man. (moaning in pain) – Remind me of T-Pain in his dreams. (laughs) (applause) – There you have it for
T-pain in your pain. – I think yall made a Kanye album. (laughs) – All right T-Pain, tell
us about the title of the new album, man. – The title of the new album
The Stored Veil of Phoenix. Stored Veil that’s a spot
where I get all my thoughts together and the phoenix is
about rising from the ashes of having those dark thoughts
and getting out of that. Bouncing back. – Okay well look, this
category is dedicated to that exact mentality, right. – [T-Pain] I love it. – Because everybody in here
should be down for the count. But they’ve come back alive, we call it Rise of the Phoenix, take a look. – [T-Pain] That’s what I’m talking about. (applause) (electricity) (slap) – Hey, he ready for the action. (laughs) He ready for the action though. (slap) – [T-Pain] He lucky because
if that would’ve connected. – You’re lucky, you would’ve
caught yourself a nice bruise. – Absolutely, you would’ve
been chafed like a lot. (laughs) (vomiting) – Yall wanna drink some more? – Yeah, yes. – First of all, you’re like 14. – [T-Pain] Absolutely. – [Camera Man] Oh, he’s not dead is he? – [Woman] Can you move? – [Rob] Can I move? – [Woman] Say something. – [Rob] Pop, pop. (laughs) (screams) – He hit them with the. – I feel like he was doing
that before he ended up there. – [T-Pain] Oh my God. – You can tell he’s just already lit. – [T-Pain] That’s what go him there. – Yeah. – I’m so glad this is on video. (laughs) Because there’s not way
you can tell anybody, yo dude woke up and
did the blackest thing. (laughs) That you can think of. Straight out the coma to the VIP section. (laughs) Damn. – [Camera Man] Alex, hey
we’re playing here fella. – [Man] You ready, its your shot. (laughs) – [Rob] My shot? What? Nothing will ever hold me down. (bouncing ball) Because I. – [T-Pain] What? – [Rob] Was born to ride. (hit backboard) (screams) (laughs) – The rise of the ball of the phoenix. We’ll be right back with
more Ridiculousness. (applause)

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