|Episode 70| Samkelo Ndlovu on Rhythm City, Method Acting, Being Single , New Music

July 12, 2019

Matt G the ghost lady and Lynn will echo hidden ah what a meanie welcome to ladies and gentlemen joining me today I'm not that's her maiden seen him she got married in some boy I love her she's to see my sister like a like a yeah then I was like I say that every day do you remember the first time we met yes do you I don't remember we went to primary school together yeah we went to fairies Wow and you were that kid singing that silly song during assembly that was you this wasn't embarrassing you were cool we're in the same grade no you were I think if not three grades older yeah yeah I got there when you were in grade seven yeah so I got the in grade four yeah she's a living you that cuz from what I remember the first time we met I think I could be wrong yeah it was a black orchard yeah what was a club in boys okay and I think you were one of the part of the dance the ribs or something like your crumple something oh I was with them because I was at film school and they wanted me to shoots like almost like a reality show for them so I was gathering content so I wasn't dancing with the rapist like very socially very socially that's the first time I remember seeing yeah oh yeah and was grandpa like for the death of me I cannot so you went to fairways which high school do you go to the same guys no he didn't yeah I mean so Sandringham and you probably went ahead okay yeah yeah how's that ring him like synonymous dope until we left yeah after that it became you know do you say that about Hyde Park yeah what is it about I don't know it's just like maybe it's cause you're not there anymore hence you feel that way he what does it mean I didn't stir this all at the bottom and I went straight for it I mean the water yeah at the bottom of the pink tonic no no everyone knows we're drinking yeah if you like like Kelly Cooper she made me feel good for drinking no I'll make you feel okay drinking yeah yeah yeah yes we talked about sending him yet yes any i'm i went to Sandringham a few of us in the industry actually went there faith mango bay she's a news and Kannamma think faith dead wife she went to San Diego oh she Trevor Noah Trevor yeah he got some gems news yeah yeah we do Hyde Park oh that is me you also grew up in Alex did I mean I was born then the thing is I like to claim yeah boy what's like yeah she recycle more pads and cigars you know I was born there I stayed at Solara I was around six yeah we moved to I guess the burbs so it wasn't exactly a culture shock for me because I was already going through multiracial schools in the the big walls and the big gardens and the own bedroom and the swimming pool and the dog were just kind of what I used to read about in my story books at school anyway so I stayed in Alex sellers around 6:00 and then being LA payanam and every weekend every school holiday because my grand still stayed there so here is my grand no I wasn't so I was I was in Alex on weekends and school holidays but I was with my mom there was at the time yeah and so what shaped me was the environment oh yes I got 100% so and I think that's why I can speak so many languages I mean I but I mean I'm not wrong right and I love vendor cuisine so oh yeah yeah la fin de cuisine I love ginger of course I love I'm a soldier and I make them quite bomb I should have brought you some chili yeah but I don't add the tomorrow I know you guys are sad tomorrow I don't add the tomorrow cuz I don't like tomorrow yeah it smells like apples and then what was like the best quarter and Alex when you growing up so in Alexis in a quarter since life is called a slave at what yeah so it's a kata essentially but it's literally held together by two slices that's not a quarter wall language was but I mean Tina's cool so yeah we can do anything we want yeah so do I was there on Monday actually to have moja do oh yeah and during the Wrights you're not there do you know what the rice what rice wait what no I go I go there in fact I gave a little workshop thing and there's a community hall called Alex & Co panel yeah and there is a theatre actor friend of mine who I played with in theatre before who hosts workshops for young artists who or rather want to become doctors or whatever and so he calls his friends who are in the business to come talk to these guys so the people who want your job pretty much yeah yeah so I gave them like an hour long of what they should do to take it pretty much where did your love for for drama start didn't start in primary school high school um I think it's not a love for drama per se I think I'm just generally an artist oh so yeah I'm a creative I'm a storyteller so like it's it's you know we can try and trace it back all the way back to Mesquite Lana you know my skin oh no no no you know musky Lana the game with the stones we yeah what do you call it I forgot but yeah like it's imam ali baba of course you do as always the dead i'm definitely always the kid because i knew that like the parents always wanted to sleep or something I had the most fun because it meant know I could run around and probably finish whatever food is collected and these parents Oh papa so I think we can trace it back to mousqueton or whatever but I mean I have more than one medium that's why I like to call myself just an artist yeah and so you don't like to box yourself you know every artist would like to say that but you know I'm a writer I went to film school so I studied I did a BA in dramatic afternoon yeah yes so I'm I'm a film and television maker I can I'm a writer I'm a director and I can produce but it's not my favorite thing because it's too much admin which already says the hardest out of all those he mentioned I think writing has to be up there for real I think people think it just looks easy because the guy looks like he's chatting to the actors and then it looks fun because he gets to sit on his own chair yeah and boss people around so you know like bad when there's a lot yeah preparation that goes behind it literally every frame of that moving picture must be symbolic of the story everything from the clothing to the location to the language that the actors are speaking to the excessive cars so the makeup you want to use to the sound design to this the the Foley to the weather you want to shoot in if you want to shoot on a sunny day or not it's you decide everything and you tell everybody else what to do because what you're saying it makes a lot of sense because before I started producing music yeah I just listened to music oh that's a nice song but not because I'm not a producer I listen to certain elements you mean yeah you like me when I watch a movie yeah yeah so you can't watch it like we do no no I've been I've been shown the truth too soon mm-hmm yes so now I'm not so I so now I have this rule cuz we had to watch the third eye yeah we had this rule in directing where every week we had to turn in three movies that we've watched new ones that we've never watched with the reports not just a report like you're writing for a magazine of people who want to watch it a real report yeah you talk about everything the aesthetics the medium the the sound the every single thing even to the makeup and why you think the makeup works for this movie mmm and then we had to go people watching mmm like a real exercise we had to go to public places and watch people yeah because essentially as storytellers as directors as actors we are most interested in what it would be like to be you the next person so watching people makes a lot of sense if you're a director and you're telling it from the perspective outside of the characters who are in the story so seeing what people look like when they argue or or when a kid is misbehaving in the mall or a criminal being rushed into the police station oh my gosh I bumped up a food see same growing up I'm let's seal it mmm you know I mean even mom Shia whatever they contribute use your work doesn't and I always say that George doesn't end as soon as they say it's a rep yeah people must hear you and then so which directors do you do you like are you a fan of because I was watching I don't know anything about directing okay but I was watching when they say us this is lost oh yeah yeah I was really short I like to watch things after the hype has died down that's an excuse I'm just a mother and I'm busy yeah my favorite director I like the guys always working with Jackson the white guy and you know Tarantino house he's my favorite because he's stylistic about his work and you can always tell that it's him without like I literally just have to see one frame and I know the Tarantino I know his camera work I know his fetishes he's got a fetish for feet for buddy pots you can tell that just by watching yeah yeah if you go back to every single Tarantino movie you will find a full frontal shot of someone's feet like a good 30 seconds yeah body parts vaginas and dicks he loves that she's yeah blood yeah like he's crazy about blood he sprays it on the walls like a lot of embraces it's like I'm cutting your neck but the blood went hmm I'm sure that wall so the blood becomes like an arts yeah it's it's a stylistic thing and I think it's it doesn't always have to be symbolic to the story or anything deep like that I think sometimes it can just be artistic license hmm yeah and I love him because he's really experimental in that way who else who else he me right with M night Shyamalan don't know that he made the Sixth Sense remember that that was a mindfuck I know and then you made the last airbender oh yeah something now recently but it's a is it a Disney film that he's making which is pretty cool I can't much con wait to watch it because that means he's gonna cuz he's already so imaginative that it's a mindfuck his film is such a man fact that it takes watching it twice you're like hmm oh this niggas dead sounds like black mirror yeah yeah so I with em night Shyamalan I like Scorsese oh yeah we like the same kind of shitty new yeah I like I like stories about people looking inwards oh yeah more than looking outwards what was it did you watch Game of Thrones with your fan please don't start me I'm sure with you that's even deeper yes then I watched the first season and then I fell off I was just like this is a lot for me it was just like this is a lot right behind I got a feeling they stretched it too much they stretched it it's like if we took I don't know too much South African content to watch yeah yes you better you better say yes like a big that's my a sitting president my vendors i'm a vendor guys just waiting for you and now you can pause oh my god I cannot get some shots um lockdown have you seen lockdown yeah yeah it's like if they took lockdown and they made it a soapy so that's basically how I feel about rock game of stones exactly but if you love them not having okay I'm exclusive to a channels okay yeah when you study that after did you study the anyone famous at the time um when I got there big ooh no no one no one cycling okay he played sky low on zone 14 okay pretty boy remember him yeah yeah they came out they came out as I came in so the year before had a gang load of famous guys who became like and they still kind of killing me the mystery Thomas come a day my Thomas actually no we didn't meet at school but it was at school I was that after and we were so the school had this thing called showcase it it's like a open mic night where you sign up and you do what everyone with us Joe Vella he's saying or you do a poem whatever it is and it was more of an axis thing people who are studying live performance and I wasn't studying live performance yeah but um what was I gonna say yes it was for people who study life or for showcase but then my friend was like bish I put your name down I'm not an LP we to call them al peas live performance and they would they get Boxford they have to do it they have to put themselves on a stage in front of people and they they get him out just for doing it not about how good it was yeah yeah and so she put me down and I'm that night he was M seeing it I don't know why he came back because he's done with college he's graduated already came back for this dog came back for the story book for the struck and I turned out to be reversed on this dog yeah but we met and so I was singing so I'm a singer yeah so I was singing that day and that night and he was emceeing and he came out and he reduced me in fact he saw me stage and I think we had like a very cheeky exchange okay yeah are you feeling him at that time no I'm trying to get dressed hmm and the thing is like I come from a theatre background Saku moolah like there's no time for dressing rooms your cue is out your cue is now as soon as the act on stage goes oh boy Gugu that's your cue to walk on so I was half naked and put my dress back on a sweater cheeky exchange he introduced us and after we sang he came out just like a standing ovation and he said to the people he was like yo like y'all better clap again and they clapped and from there he was like googoo gaga oh yeah yeah oh yeah he was pretty now cuz now I'm like you kinda have to be like this to ride this ride but but you know short guys have short man syndrome so they have a lot to prove yeah yeah how long were you guys together for because I only noticed you guys are dating when I saw you on forever young yeah oh is it yeah and because I had already agreed and I was being nice oh it's been a nice X oh I did it for him so that was all a show yeah Wow the whole Brazil thing no he did go to Brazil yeah yeah yeah he did go to Brazil but when he lived I couldn't care less cuz we weren't dating anymore but I had to pretend I was bothered what do you guys break up I was too short is on the wall it is it I love you Matt Sousa you couldn't reach the expectation I can't believe they recasting I mean they casting for him they didn't call me yeah you know cuz I like you know even timbi used to say when we perform you can come be our lair boo I don't see us live without you see me as who I'll give back to that one that's a good question I love her she just turned it around you could she take me back to a first feature film cuz I believe you worked at Trevor Noah it was was favor big at the time war coming up he was still coming up he was still coming up that easily Duke I was a bit bigger at the time and table how the tables have turned the wheel yeah goes around and arrived but um did he ever try you don't knew Trevor no take that as a yes Wow did you say no to him yes I was too young so he said no and I was dating Thomas Thomas was a but you could have been in Hollywood now no I wouldn't have yeah no I wouldn't have oh you said no no but he was he wasn't Trevor yet please don't this is oh my god it's gonna end up on blogs it's gonna end up on blogs I just know where those guys takes anything they'll write anything even about luck oh this condom in my bag explain what you trying to say misconstrued I didn't say anything I was overhearing on me first of all as I said I worked on him now we work together he was a sweet guy he's not an actor and I was like roll roll roll out of college you know you love you hood it was my life like after your touching a camera at the moment you walk in here they have no time to play they don't have time to play with theory and whatever there is theory but like even the pass rate is 80% that's why the dropout rate is so hectic there because it's like I got 74 so I failed and my parents paid 80 grand for me to be here so um it's hectic so I had just come out of college fresh fresh fresh like all the information was through in my brain I was really excited about being on set I felt blessed and highly favored it was like you know my life was taking off and he was just a sweet guy who wanted to get this phone made and always cracking jokes and we kind of lived in the same I'm still living at home at the time no same area cold yeah yeah so he stayed in like Bramley Lyndhurst and I stayed in Lombardy West so sometimes he would like pick me up so we could go to sit together so that the driver wouldn't have to he was a sweetheart but my boyfriend hated it at the time yeah when he found out he was like you what he picked you up I was like but we working on the same set he's like I say so no tripper was a sweetheart so asagna so it's numbing its anger so there always has to be one who goes because then otherwise it's like we're never gonna work yeah yes so but you know I'm one of those people who kind of understand duality so yeah so no win-win so you do the future feel more ever cool yeah now you're curious started to take shape when do you like blow up is it zone 14 zone 14 it's a significant amount of people who recognize me publications are interested in my story it's fine but generations is what made it go yeah and carrots on generations lasted in people's minds for years longer even after I played other characters after that I think I played like five or six characters generations generations is huge generations is huge that was my breakout role so city intersections it was huge I got nominated for a SAFTA for that with Lolita Kamala which was always a dream for me because Serafina was one of the first things that made me go Serafina was I go that makes sense because my whole life ninja given about a lollipop Rukh and they planned white girls so I was like that's a bit too far for me to reach so singly late to Kamala they kind of made it okay for me to be me yeah yeah yeah so it was but you don't look like you like confidence of being and now you playing the Latin rhythm city yeah the character that I've played I've played her for the longest yeah but tomorrow morning your show will be giving them content for them so what okay not live generations because I was still a purist at that time and so I was like I'm not a soap star I did it I did this and I did it and I need to move on to my next row so I moved on to my next role and I feel young that time I didn't have like I had responsibilities that all I had to pay for was my car and my house and my living expenses so I didn't have like a child or something so for me it was like I can price break I can bounce back like you know so no hmm would I go back no mmm I kind of feel what you're saying because I struggled with that with that a lot because I'm a purist in my media yeah yeah and no like everything is always changing around you and you have to adapt but but you see and we had a conversation about this with some older actors where we're talking about this whole thing would see things are changing and purists are often the ones who don't want to go with the the above the flow yeah yeah you know the current that is changing climate yeah and unfortunately for us if we want our industry to be you know a recognizable commodity or grow if we wanted it to grow we have to do the things that help it to grow because what's growth it's changed so we have to do those things so if we notice a certain trend if we go oh these are booking people because of how many people follow is there yeah yeah oh okay you get the phone you get the followers not they don't even answers or whatever whatever that's you're just being a crybaby yeah it's like adapt or die exactly so it really is yeah get the followers and just shut up and do the work mm-hmm what's it take on method acting I have the respect for people that can do that sorry I but I think with method acting method acting to explain it to our viewers for those of them who don't know method acting is when you take your character home with you and by that I mean so you get to sit as Sam Keller to go play Loretto you don't know if your makeup on you come in some girls clothes and you get to say you take some careless clothes off and you put on a lot those clothes you put on there that those face in the makeup room and as soon as you're on set everybody's calling you in Loretto nobody's gonna be like some gala on set they're gonna say leer at door on set because that's what they're calling get into character do your they call cut you go take a look at those clothes off and you go home and some gala method acting is when you don't take Loretto off you go home with her and that is a constant and consistent state of submerging and that's dangerous because you can either get stuck in limbo hmm and don't remember who the you are son please tell them to turn down the music I gotta hear this man yeah or if that's not the case you could face a few psychological defects and so that's why with people who method eggs the direction will never suggest it because it's dangerous it's legit die yeah so it's it's often the actors who go you're this character is so heavy and I'm carrying it here I can feel myself fighting it off every day so you know what it I'm gonna method at this so they they give you resources in Hollywood they give you a psychiatrist a psychologist because you know the difference mmm once clinical ones not so they give you both and they give you totems of sorts a thing that can help you snap back to yourself so a totem for you would be the sound of your mother's voice or how she says your name because only she says your name yeah yeah yeah so if she calls you and she says your name the way she does you're kind of gonna snap out of it so they'll be there gets deep like people commit suicide all the time Robin Williams committed suicide Sam Sam Christian Bale's another one whose very details gonna die I mean guys Christian Bale is the bomb and he just needs to I guess he's doing it right because like I said there's processes and there's resources that they afford you to be able to do have method actors in the country I don't think so but I think we have people who are playing themselves they don't know that they take liquor at all guys no no Agassi yeah yeah so would you ever do method acting I would definitely try it if somebody said play Brenda feisty I'd do it I'd do it I'd do it but I'd need the resources I'd need the the the the people who are taking care of my brain and the people were taking care of my heart so I'd need to know that should I need to hear my daughter's voice or my mother's voice or my nephew going auntie Sam you know then it'll kind of so I need to have them within arm's reach do you mind me first sixteen had to succeed no matter sixteen I've had many many many that thing goes to that as well but you don't take a character home don't take your co-star home to lose the one guy that you'll never forget he's kissing on set like the best one really I don't think so favorites let's go process of elimination living it favorite me now Google Voice so week is there are you who am i kissing on generations I kissed my friend jephta he's my friend so it was weird for us it was very weird no chapter was chapter was on Seoul City he was uneven just as a child's day his draft on generations I kissed pillow and zone 14 and so City I kissed my Lucy he's on a sabayon now he plays baffle okay and was a favorite I didn't kiss him packing I don't know and I plead the fifth but Excel I mean I Christians well you'd make a cool man a man who was in his dressing room before before they went on and what was going on with deserve these answers let's talk about how did you feel when as a woman when there have you Weinstein thing came out I felt like it's about time finally because the oppression of the woman comes from the sexual oppression of the woman comes from the microaggressions the very microaggressions to that you know mmm the actual aggressive you know are we talking penises yo and easy sorry what we'll be talking about as soon as you said penis have you ID'd fear I felt like it's about time because like I said it's uh it's from like the macro the microaggressions to the actual like a black visibly oppressive things and it happens all the time I mean I don't want to get into it but it's it's an occurrence so it happens it's micro from from the guy you have a kissing scene with yeah who says something inappropriate between takes a guy can we might click in yeah so it's like and you know just do your job I can between takes we're waiting for them to call it again this is the second take or the third take and I'm I still walk hard and kiss this nigga who's busy telling me ish so that's a micro Christian in my opinion oh I'm working on to say and clothes that I didn't choose for myself what I chose it and then he goes yeah yeah yeah then it's like Micah you were in cuz that were chosen for you to do I sit here talking about your pouch you know so it's it's it's from those even small things to the very visible ones way someone's going I won't give you this job into a book you so like I said it's one of those things it's an occurrence that's happening everywhere all the time so I cannot ask isolated and say it has or has not happened to me it's an occurrence yeah crazy niggas ain't are they clicks in your industry in the TV industry the TV industry um no it's not tricky really tricky everyone for himself it really is cause as Pat Allen I'm I click I know you know I I was I was in a celebrity fitness group but I left because Pro to see a whole lot of DJ's actually a lot of DJ's DJ Fresh Miss Cosmo puppy milkshake turns and Diggs major league and MVP I left it started becoming a bit rappy because we have to post a PO a POW every week three times a week power means proof of work out so that's how you stay in the group by posting your proof of work out so those proof of Records was that seemed to be very very trippy yeah I felt trapped yeah is um Antonio called tasty but suddenly in my new music um I did a song in 2013 with DJ Kent it's called vertigo um I wrote it yeah that was me all right you promise yeah that was vertigo vertigo was actually supposed to be on my my current body of work that I'm about to put out he asked for it so I gave it to him so since they've since 2013 you haven't worked in any I haven't worked on any music I've been too busy writing and acting and directing and trying to be a mom are you gonna be one of those people with cuz now we don't know your body of work but when it comes out you're gonna be like wow she's good at this too I hope so I hope people are not gonna be like yeah please consist attractive yeah I hope like that's my biggest fear so that's why I'm so pedantic about everything school his was a sending him yeah I'm hoping that people will love it we with music wise music wise as in vocalists that were human like singers musicians I keep discovering new artists so good I enjoy her so much I enjoy her writing and I also enjoy the tone of her voice she's something else yeah locally I'll get back to you internationally i with Etta bond big pig with two eyes and two eyes again in the pig and the big my with Georgia Smith with clear soul not not soul but it's all else obviously happening here so I thought to Solange and then my classics have to be Erykah Badu Lauryn Hill Jill Scott's Jilly from Philly so it does yeah and Alicia Keys and I and you know Alicia I tweeted it earlier good see I finished work so early today I finished it like half past eight yeah so I was already on my way home by half past nine because I'd like let me just beat the nine o'clock traffic and on my way home I an Alicia Keys song came to me let me get that album and do you remember an album called songs in a minor where every song was in a mine in a year and I think that it was a double disc night mmm man did I not sing my heart out on the way home I got by the time I passed I was like I just came from church to don't do that if I include fuck's the difference you're taking these cameras off it's me and you tonight doc this is it I bring all the toys one is collaborated with locally like music wise yes I can but I don't make fo Sol yeah but he doesn't he just makes music he does just make music that's true um he makes very he makes very introspective music in wit I also make inward music but my music is just about six so I don't know if Java can tap into that you can tap that ass I don't know about that I don't shove as a friend that's my nigga who mas anca we started this together you know I would love to work with Gigi la main moon child she's my friend she's always that come on words she's a cold okay and then she goes from behind her back there's some dress with Benjamin child's so yeah so moonchild yeah it's very yeah so I'd love to work with one child man that guy keep forgetting his name like other things I would I would definitely work with Java every day but your master loves Italy well you have to think about that oh no he is how the gim a happy relationship with the baby daddy everything's know what what co-parenting pretty well yeah yeah yeah we'll go pension pretty well they have a great relationship in college let's see back in the market now I did you know I'm not on the back in the market like that yeah I am from taking things slow besides everyone it's time for like me and so yes am acetone is the last year of my twenties I'm having lots of fun mom I wanted to be a mum at 26 we do have a tradition which is so basically given society but also like if I'm gonna give it to something serious you know it has to be something so much bigger than me and I don't mean mmm music would be my psyche and you know being said she was actually better than you know I know I might have time for that no yeah but not generally you don't have the time and he also kind of he's traveling a lot as well so he's always out of the country anyway as we don't exactly have the time for each other he's got a lot of time to his daughter but not for us so it's not exactly working now we did I scored you like this we are here we are fine we I love him he loves me and we're just not in life yeah we do really did you um I would but it would have to really be like the content would have to be really pointed at a certain thing like maybe Thomas creature of production show guys inviting me it's fun we should do it again sometimes sometime I will come back once I'd really smash this oh yeah yeah you good that's this yes so I'll keep it well you're gonna get exclusive yeah you know that it's out you'll get an exclusive how come explain the contents nice and tell you what it's a lot of concrete and like I said my subject matter is about sex but it's not like just about that being naughty or whatever it really just is about liberating woman and allowing them to be sexual beings research even I would find myself to be quite sexually liberated in that and I think it's not really about me I think it's about women out there who want because you know women are oppressed sexually and it doesn't make sense to empower us intellectually and spiritually and physically and then you've got the department and not tell me I should come so you're never fun with you you ninja see let me put the swing up you come yeah it's not about like that hanky thank you it is like it's it's some of it is fun some of it is serious some of it is is about seeking pleasure and I just want women to know that there are lots of seek pleasure they're allowed to talk about it there are not to laugh about it they're allowed to laugh at themselves there are not to laugh at main cause men to know the time they laugh at us and I just want women to open the dialogue because once the dialogue has been opened that is when the liberation can have it and we need that we need that like so many women don't know basic things about basic things sound like this women that sings to the site baby no like I said I understand you and see you know when to be submissive and dominant woman like you producer I'm making this music and Mangia Mangia Mangia me that soft asthma yeah you're like I think I'm talking to my future wife you might need only time will tell we are you the ghost lady and Lin will echo

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