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EARTHGANG “UP” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

September 25, 2019

Wowgr8: When we first made the song, we made
it, it was cool, we liked it. We knew it was a good song, but we didn’t
realize the kind of impact it was going to have to our fans until we did Colors. I ain’t never even watched the video for it. I watched it now, but at the time we was on
tour. So we did it, we made it, it came out a few
months later… I ain’t think about it, bro. I’m always on the go, bro. I’m always looking that way. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t think about it. Our manager called us one day, “Hey man, this thing
doing crazy numbers. Have you seen it?” I was like, what? I was like, oh, people like this? Olu: People like this shit. Wowgr8: What!? Wowgr8: Hey, the funny shit about “Up” is
we somehow up we was. And these was actually- Olu: We recorded it in the garage, in the
spicy-ass, hot-ass garage in Los Angeles. It was like, you know what? This song is going to take us to the next
level. Wowgr8: It’s gonna be a- Olu: We must manifest. Wowgr8: It’s the biggest speaking into existence
in history. Olu: We must… it must happen. Right here, right now. That boy, Josh Norman, hopped over that bull. That was the wildest thing I’ve seen in a
long time. Man, I ain’t going to hold you like that was
a wild thing, but I would definitely do that. First of all, I like big animals. I like riding horses. They just let you know how insignificant as
a human you are. Elephants in a circus is one thing, but you
see an elephant in it’s vast plain and it’s just huge, you’re like, “Ah shit, I really
don’t want no issue. I don’t want no issues.” So I like stuff like that. I relish being around animals like that, that
just have that power, you know? It really could go either way. Like we don’t want no smoke, but we got all
the smoke. A lot of times niggas be like, “I don’t really
want no issue, bro.” That don’t mean you scared or not, but it’s
just like, “Man, I’m over here with my fan on chilling,” but if we got to have a problem,
then we got to have a problem. In Atlanta, our projects they only two, three
stories. They don’t go 50 floors up here, like up top. it’s just a whole community in there. It’s a tight knit community, tight knit village. So everybody know each other, and if you’re
there, “Who you know here bro, like can we help you?” You know what I’m saying? If not then, you got to leave, you got to
leave soon. So you’ve got to have a past and you got to
be connected when you move around the city like that. I wrote my verse, I was watching John Q on
silent. Shout out to Denzel Washington because he’s
one of my favorite actors. Just the dedication, the time. And then he inserts himself into the role,
too. So you don’t forget that it’s Denzel. I just remember this man’s intensity and what
he meant and what he was trying to do by saving his son’s life. This man held a whole hospital hostage. That’s crazy. All our freedoms are being slowly stripped
away because we been so distracted. One and two is being done in such a remote
place. So many policies are being passed that we
think don’t affect us because we don’t never see it. But like we hired them people. We kind of got to make sure they’re doing
they job. I will never hire nobody and just be like,
“Your room over there. You good.” Killing is a part of life. You don’t want to condone it. But sometimes it ain’t even got to be the
real killer. Sometime it could be metaphorical killings
or it could be the real killer. Sometimes you got to make some type of sacrifices
or you got to counter, you got protect yourself or whatever it is, you know? But once old things die, they fertilize the
ground for new seeds and new things to grow. You can do whatever. You can floss out. You can live in the palace, like Aladdin. Aladdin ain’t never forget who he was. You could be a prince, you could be a king. You remain humble. Those are my type of leaders. They humble, we don’t care how much money
you’ve got. I don’t care, just don’t lose yourself bro. You not up until you’re up up. You dig? What Maxo say? You ain’t really made nothing until you
made eight figures. He ain’t never lied. You always going up in life if you’re growing. If you’re shedding the old and growing the
new. I like some money. You know what I’m saying? Obviously I do this shit to make some money. It’s not, I’m not shitting on any kind of
understand. A force that goes with money that goes with
power that goes with, that goes with all of it that subtracts humanity from all of us. A super simplified way to say, what’s the
price of love, nigga? Fuck the price of love, nigga. There’s a price over here. You know what I’m saying? Like fuck that. I don’t care what that cost. I got, this is actually something that if
I don’t do this, I’m going to die. So I was just like let me just not die. Fuck love. I just never know love. I just not die. You know what I’m saying? But a lot of people, even subconsciously feel
that way, and they don’t know why. My first bread, bro… I didn’t even spend it on nothing good. Clothes and drugs of course. I’m a rapper, I’m gonna get some clothes
and drugs. I remember I had one homie bro, the check
wasn’t even that big. I ain’t even gonna say how much it was,
it was a couple bands. You know who you is, you my dog, I love you
to death but you know what you did. Nigga was like “Ay, man” I was like “bro,
when are you gonna come through on this rent?” “Ay man, you got it now, we good.” We good. I was… My bread way better today, but I don’t even
show a little bit of that to niggas now. You know what I’m saying? I had my one flexing summer, and niggas was
really like “Ooooooo.” That’s just a classical, you know, niggers
aren’t really free. Niggers stating they free. We ain’t really free. This record is about finding a way to recognize
that and still going for your freedom. A lot of people in today world, they get a
couple degrees or whatever. They feel like achieve some type of level
of mental fortitude or whatever because I sat in these classes and I took this time. Beyonce said her college was on the road. You know what I’m saying? She got her freedom through whatever mental
process she had to take. And I think everybody has to take they own. In Melbourne, we was going shopping and I
happened to be near a set of shops that Napalm from Hiatus Kaiyote was at. I just happened to see her. So I’m like, “Hey yo!” Like, trying to wave, get her attention. She looked up and I guess she realized she
ain’t recognize me, so she turn around and like start like, walking hella fast to her
truck. And I chased the truck because I’m a super-fan. So I was just running, “YO, YO, YO! I LOVE YOU! I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOU!” You know what I’m saying? “I’m on tour with J. Cole! We all artists that…” Doing that whole thing. And she peeling off on my ass. And it was worth it. I DM’d her afterwards, still waiting on
a reply. What’s up? Nai Palm, holler at ya boy. “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir, ce
soir?” That’s Patti LaBelle. That’s French language, but that’s Patti LaBelle
put that into her, into that “Lady Marmalade” back in the day. My mama used to always play that shit all
the time. I just remember that it means, “Would you
like to sleep with me tonight?” I say it two tonights. Because like, tonight-tonight, like I’m an
artist, I got to go. So it’s tonight-tonight. I do love the fans in Paris. Hip-hop scene in Paris is cracking, bro. Them niggas love some… they just love music
out there, you know what I’m saying? They turn up. They super turn up. Y’all just tell me when to shut up. But you gotta scream, “SHUT UP!” If you don’t scream I’m not going to stop. And if you don’t, if you make me mad, I’m
going to fight you, so you got to find a perfect balance. You got to get right in the middle.

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