DIMASH cover and reaction / DIMASH makes world singing / Leo Cantro 🎤

February 15, 2020

Hello my dear friends! Glad to see on our Channel! Today is a great day, because today is the day of cover versions for Dimash’s songs. Here i am in the car with my mom, waiting for my sister to leave work. And while we wait, i will try to teach my mom a Dimash song. Ok? You are going to sing like this. Do you want me to sing? No!! Of course you will sing! And now you have to say: Mom!! You are playing me! I do not! This is how the song says! No, but i can’t say that! Well, you have to try! I don’t speak Spanish well and you want me to say that? You have to try! If you never try – how will you know that? We have already said that it’s wonderful, that people want to sing and express their emotions. And the fact that every day there are more and more people, who open their souls to the whole world is very cool! And today I am pleased to introduce you to Leo Cantro. He is a great friend of of all Dears. He pleases everyone with his magnificent reactions. In addition, he introduces his relatives to Dimash and promotes his art to the Latin American audience. My friends, I will be glad to see you in
comments! Thank you! And good luck!

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