Dance it out with responsive LED costumes

July 22, 2019

The project that I'm working on is
wearable technology for performance dance so I'm creating a dance piece using
wearable technology to expand the communicative abilities of the dancers
in conveying relationships between individuals I wanted to make something
that was entertaining without being overwhelming and too experimental
CU has helped me make these ideas reality by having the resources such as
U.R.O.P available for students to use with the money I have been able to
buy all the materials that I need I start with what I want the end thing to
look like and then I prototype the circuitry and then I usually have to
build the garment halfway and then input the circuitry into the garment and then
complete the garment I decide which interactions I wanted between the
different dance styles because I have seven different dance styles that are
interacting, the the colors that I wanted for them, the genders of the dancers that
I wanted, this kind of storyline that I wanted all the people to like go through
and then I got more into sketching I've always been interested in clothing
construction and I I like the way the LEDs are able to expand clothings
ability to express people's individuality and that's kind of what I
want to convey in the performance and also what I want to convey is as a
dancer as a designer as a engineer as a person

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