Corries Intro Folk Singing

May 7, 2019

lorrison bricks I have to clear but tossing them down from such a height was not a good idea the foreman wasn't very pleased he is an awkward sod and he said I had to cart them down the ladders in me hot well clearing all these bricks by hand it was so very slow so I host a DARPA battle and secure their rope below but in me haste to do the job I was too blind to see that a barrel full of building bricks was heavier than me and so when I untied the rope the paddle fell like LED and clinging tightly to the rope i started up instead I shot up like a rocket and to my dismay I found that halfway up the barrel broke my shoulder as to the ground its head and when I reached the top I bang the play with my head but I clung on tightly numb with shock from this almighty blow Paula Donald spilled out half its bricks some 14 floors below well when these bricks had fallen from the barrel to the floor I even outweighed the barrel and started down once more I clung on tightly to the rope me body right.we pain and how if we don't I made the bloody battle once again the force of this collision halfway down the office block Koz multiple abrasions and a nasty case of shock but I clung on tightly to the rope as I fell towards the ground and I landed on the broken bricks a bottle at scattered round

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  • Reply Bright Day May 7, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    I absolutely adore this kind of music. It reaches me! Xx

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