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May 20, 2019

creative flexible team player it's a real pleasure for me to come to work so today we're at the City Art Center Edmonton and something Center for the Arts lots of things goes on here today I am teaching an acrylic painting course so beginner intermediate course I've got lots of different students I teach different things and so it's nice for me to know that I can come to the city and I have a course that I teach at a specific time every time and I'm able to adapt it as I learn and grow with my students it mixes in with the paint goes gray and it's not good for the paint but any kind of lead pencil or colored pencil you just wipes off with a cloth and water the city's always there for me if I want to teach another class at any time they're very open to discussing what kinds of new ideas that I have if I need to for whatever reason take a break there's always people there to back me up I feel really supported and like I have colleagues and a team that I can rely on excellent is that how you feeling that it's coming better than it was ok the most rewarding thing for me are my students I love people I love working with people is secretive using these little brushes is to have just enough so it runs like ink for you they want to be taught something new at the same time they want to know that they're able to do it I just love taking people into new arenas of their life it's very rewarding as you can see how its darkest right against here and that's how that bone Laden of the bowl or the ball pops out right the rush I head from teaching students is really about for me fulfilling life something meaningful creativity tends to bring out people's self doubts that judgments is this possible no Nandi way why I made it in the dark I like to encourage that and have people embrace their individuality their abilities to develop their own techniques their own color strategies and it's almost like they're developing themselves they're bringing out their true colors their true nature through paint you know it looks really good you know what you're missing what it's just the shadow that you're missing I didn't know what I was doing I just did okay well good that's how you actually learn to paint just do it one of the prime reasons why I teach art and creativity is to have people really access their inner spirit their inner creative drive their creative life urges that make them unique to the world it's fairly close to what this is and so if you want to pop more you're going to decide what you're going to make a lighter and what you're going to make darker I've never worked in a better corporate environment not only is the corporate culture the team building the staff really helpful but it's a good pay scales as excellent benefits take this pure white and take it up here right and then what I would put behind that is something dark I like to have my own space in my own freedom to teach and I find that my skills are appreciated and I'm given free rein in order to really excel find all the really dark spots in them and see how brave you are putting them in there I feel proud of my city to be able to work in this environment it's flexible it creates life balance for me because I'm actually able to teach at the City Arts Center but also able to access through working here a lot of the city's programs just because I'm an employee and I like it yeah I shall try it okay I ruin if you owe me a coke if you're considering a career change consider coming to work for the City of Edmonton for me it's really created a balance between a balanced lifestyle and doing what I love you

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