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Can You Name 11 Songs Played on These Weird Instruments?

August 14, 2019

(saxmonica plays)
– The saxmonica is an interesting little instrument
that sounds like a saxophone but its petite polymer design
makes it easy and accessible to pick up and learn the basics. Play along as we use the saxmonica and a whole bunch of
other wild instruments to play “Name that tune”. – All right, we’re here for
another “Name that tune”. I’ve got the saxmonica here.
– Mm-hmm. Now for the record, we’ve
done this a few times before. We’ve established I’m
maybe the worst at it out of everybody in this building. – Is that why we keep bringing you back? – I think that’s why we keep bringing me back.
– ’cause we just like to watch you struggle? – Yes.
– Okay. (saxmonica plays) – I don’t know the actual name of the song but it’s the Pink Panther theme song. – That is how I know it as well (chuckles)
so if there is a name to that song, I do not know it.
– We apologize but it is a classic song. It sounds good on that too, ’cause that– – Yeah, it doesn’t so bad.
– Yeah, that song has already got that mood to it.
– It’s actually a saxophone in it, so
– It’s actually a saxophone, captures the mood well.
– It gets the right sound. (saxmonica plays) – It’s tickling my memory. There’s a part that was
like, I almost had it. (saxmonica plays) (crew sings along) ♪ Go down that road, that song ♪ ♪ So good, so good ♪ – So you know it now? – Uh-huh, Sweet Caroline. – By?
– Neil Diamond. – Yeah.
– I did not get that correct. I was not hearing it, I wasn’t hearing it. But it was good, yeah.
– It’s all right, I’m not very good at playing then. (laughs) (saxmonica plays) – Ooh. This, okay. (saxmonica plays) That had some soul in it. That was good. – Thank you, do you know it? – I have guess.
– Mm-hmm. – I’m either gonna be a genius or I’m gonna feel like a huge idiot. – Okay.
– That to me, sounds like a very sexy version
of “Baa Baa Black Sheep”. – In our reality, I guess
it’s an acceptable answer. Correct answers or acceptable
answers would have been the “ABC’s” or “Twinkle,
Twinkle, Little Star”. (exclaims shockingly) – Danny, what is this thing? – We have the melodica.
– Okay. (melodica plays off tune) – Which is a little keyboard
instrument that you blow into (melodica plays) to make the sound. – So it’s kind of like an accordion – Yup.
– But using your mouth instead of like, your hands.
– Yeah, yeah. Takes a little bit of coordination. Are you ready to name that tune? – I’m ready to try. This is gonna be interesting. – Can you just give me a beat, just a
(taps foot on floor) (taps hand on couch)
– Yeah just like that, little faster.
(melodica plays) – Ooh, I don’t know it
but this is getting me. This one sounds familiar too. (melodica plays) Oh, I know this song. (melodica plays off tune)
– Nope. Did you get it from there ’cause
I’m gonna keep messing up. (laughs)
– It sounds extremely familiar I know I know it. (melodica plays) (sighs)
I’m not gonna guess it Danny. – It’s by a young man named William Eilish – Okay.
– Called “Bad Guy”. – Oh, I know that song. – Billie Eilish
– Billie Eilish – Female artist
– Female artist, I know that song.
– Very hot song right now. This one’s a little harder
so I might mess this one up but I think you’ll still get it. – Okay. (melodica plays) Oh I know this one. This is a TV song right? (melodica plays off tune) – This is actually in that song, this is the instrument they play. – Is that Park and Rec? – It’s close.
– Oh wait. (melodica plays)
Oh it’s The Office. – You got it.
– Yeah, okay. – The Office theme, actually originally
played on the melodica. This has been used a lot. Ben Folds uses it. There’s in the Gorillaz’ “Clint Eastwood”. It seems like you do a little
better with the older songs than the newer ones so I
think you need to get a radio. – Okay. All right Joey, what is this thing? This looks like a ukulele
but it’s a populele. – Oh.
– So this is a Bluetooth learning ukulele, so like, you turn it on and the frets light up and you can sync it to the app and then it kind of
teaches you how to play. – Oh.
– So it shows you the cord shapes with a light on the frets and you can play along and it kind of, there’s a game in it, you
know you kind of get through one level and you get to the next one and you just get better
and better and better. I don’t know if you know this
song but it’s pretty popular. – Oh, well then I probably don’t know it. (populele plays) Ooh. Okay I know this one. I sang this in a video recently. ♪ I’m gonna take my horse,
down the old town road ♪ ♪ I’m gonna ride down (I
don’t know the words) ♪ That is “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus
– Billy Ray Cyrus, yeah. If I’m not mistaken, you’re
a big fan of this song. – Oh, okay.
– So, I think you might get it in as little as two chords, no pressure. – Lets do it.
– You ready? – Yeah.
(populele plays) – Do I need to do a little more? (squeals)
– Wait. (populele plays) It sounds that could be like
a theme song or something. – Mm-hmm.
– Is it? Oh what is that, oh my gosh. (Joey mimics song) I know what it is, that is the theme song
to Arrested Development. – That’s right.
– Okay, okay – I’m not very good at playing it, I’ll admit.
(laughs) – This is Arrested Development. – That’s right. – Well I was two for two on the populele. – Two for two, good job. – I’m proud of myself, that thing’s got a nice sound to it too. All right Danny, what
do you got for me next? – I have the stylophone, which is a retro keyboard instrument that
you play with a stylus. It’s kind of fun. You create a circuit by just
(stylophone plays) touching the sound there. Yeah it’s just like a piano keyboard but you play with this little pen so. – All right well, hit me with the song. (stylophone plays) Oh, I know this one. This is a good stylophone song. (stylophone plays) ♪ Here in my car, I feel safest of all ♪ ♪ I have a nice car
and it’s called a car ♪ ♪ And car ♪ (chuckles)
Is that the words? – Uh that’s close, you got cars. It is “Cars” by Gary Numan. – “Cars” by Gary Numan, I could not have told you who sang it, I know that song though.
– Yeah. – That’s an 80s song
– Yeah. – So this is perfect for the stylophone. – That’s pretty good. This next one I think is pretty good too. It’s a little simpler so it might be challenging to get but we’ll see. – Okay. (stylophone plays) (mimics tune) Give me a hint Danny. – What Drew’s doing is
the name of the song. – Drew’s jumping up in the air right now and kind of spreading his legs. Is it Jump? – Jump.
– Jump! – “Jump” by Van Halen.
– “Might as well jump” (stylophone plays)
(mimics tune) Okay, I could kind of hear it now. Yeah that was a little trick–
– I get up! – Another 80s song though. – Yeah, so it all worked
– Okay, – Out pretty well, yeah.
– I’m sensing a theme, okay. – And that’s the theme
because that’s all you get for the stylophone, on
to the next instrument. – This video is brought
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– Yeah man. This is our old friend the otamatone. – Uh-huh, it’s perhaps
the weirdest instrument I’ve ever seen in my life. – It’s a love-hate relationship wouldn’t you say.
– It’s a love-hate for sure. (otamatone plays) – You can kind of do some vibrato with it. Slide up and down the neck. (otamatone plays) – I hate it. (chuckles)
– It’s pretty annoying. So I’ve got a little treat for ya. – Okay, this is gonna be
my hardest one I think. – I think you’re gonna get this. – Okay.
– I’m pretty confident. You ready?
– Yeah. (otamatone plays) Oh, I know this. Okay I’m gonna stop you right there Adam. – I’m gonna get this second part, – I’m gonna stop, nah.
– Hold on Ben. (otamatone plays) (chuckles)
All right, what is it? – Oh God.
– What do you think it is? – That is “The Star-Spangled Banner” – That is “The Star-Spangled Banner”. – You know how it’s a felony
to like disrespect the flag – Yeah.
– And to like burning it or whatever.
– Sure. – Using the national anthem on that thing, – Really?
– I think should constitute some sort of criminal offense. I think that’s all the
otamatone I can handle. – You sure you don’t want a second one? I’ve got another one that’s
– I think I’m good, I’m good, let’s just
– pretty good in here. Let me find it.
– Let’s just call it there. (otamatone plays)
Let’s keep moving. Bring on the next thing. All right John, you got
a couple drumsticks. We got some mood
lighting, what’s going on? – These are the Aerodrums,
they’re invisible drums. Basically Aerodrums use this
camera and your computer to detect these drumsticks
and these little (symbols play)
sensors I’ve got on my feet – Oh, here we go.
– To (drum plays)
To kind of like play invisible drums.
– That’s so funny. (drum plays)
Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Give me the beat. – All right this one is a
pretty dead giveaway, I think. It’s a pretty easy one, I think, we’ll see.
– Okay. (drum and symbols play) Wait I know this one. Wait this is the easy one.
(chuckles) Okay I’m gonna tell you
what I first thought. I don’t think this is right. – Okay.
– My first thought is reminding me of that song “Mickey”. – Hey that’s actually a really, that’s not right
– That’s not it? – But that’s a really good guess because this song is almost like,
you’d say maybe like, an homage to that song in some ways. (drums and symbols play) – Now it’s like got a
Taylor Swift vibe to me. Is that it? Is it “Shake It Off”? – It’s “Shake It Off”.
– Yay! – You got it, nice, wow.
– Yeah all right. Cause after you said that I’m like, oh there is that other song
that kind of reminds me of. – Yeah, “Shake It Off”
– Shake it off Mickey. – It’s gonna sound really hard at first but then I’m gonna give
you a little drum fill that’s gonna give it away. Here we go. (drums and symbols play) There’s guitars here. Here we go. (drum plays) – Oh, what is that? I don’t know if it’s cause
you said this earlier, now I’m thinking it’s “Give It Away”. – You got it.
– Is that it? – You got it.
– Oh! – That was my vocal hint. I said, I’m gonna do something that’s gonna give it away.
– Oh! I wasn’t even that smart.
– Mm. – I didn’t get it that way but just the (mimics tune)
– You got it. (mimics tune)
Hit you with the pauper. (mimics tune)
Hit me with your mama. Yeah you got it.
– Yeah I think that’s it. – We pretty much know it.
– Yeah. Well done to all the musicians
– Thank you. – We have a lot of weird music at a Vat19 – That’s true.
– And I am mediocre at naming songs
– Yup. – Played on them.
– I’d say you’re bad in about 500.
– Yeah. – It’s good.
– That’s Cooperstown baby. (chuckles) – [Narrator] The saxmonica
is a little reed instrument with a big saxophone sound. Pick up the pocket size saxmonica and find hundreds more gifts at – I have a radio, I use it to listen to NPR and
AM baseball broadcasts Danny. – Next time on boring.vat19
(laughs) – [All]

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