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Brompton’s Auctioneers – Fine & Rare Musical Instruments

August 5, 2019

it is one of the most prestigious addresses in London on the top floor of the headquarters of the Royal Institution in Albemarle Street Brompton auctioneers are holding a sale of musical instruments and the market is buoyant the thing about instruments is that then bogans was not be made any more every year you have less and less instruments on the market because people are living longer they’re holding on to them for longer they’re keeping them off the market and every year you have literally tens of thousands of new musicians coming in to the market from academies all around the world all looking for fine violin to launch their careers so you’ve got a long term a fairly toxic equation because you’ve got less instruments more musicians but of course that means the price new cans and rising a rising market in fine musical instruments explains why there’s a top estimate of 80,000 pounds for this cello made by Raphael and Antonio Galliano in Naples in 1848 it’s a very very fine example of these makers work the two brothers and they were part of a very famous dynasty of violin making the Galliano family this was sold in 1985 Christie’s and it made a world record price for the make event which was around 17,000 and today we’re asking sixty to eighty thousand pounds and I think I’m very confident it’ll fetch the top estimate but the star lot today is a violin made in Venice in 1723 still covered in its original varnish once owned by Joseph Roseman who fled the Russian Revolution and later became first violin in the Budapest string quartet originally this was bought in 1928 by Sarah Shahi who was an amateur violinist and she bought it from Hills as in 1928 and she played it in New York it was then sold to Joseph iseman in 1942 who was the principal of the Budapest string quartet which was the probably the greatest quartet in the 20th century and he sold it then to the present Trinity that is a very lovely doctor called Bertram Jacobs who also lives in New York and he he could easily have been a professional musician but chose to be a doctor and he’s loved it since 1962 when he bought it from from Redmond he was heartbroken to have to sell this but he he hasn’t played it for over a year and he realized that at the time was the right for somebody else to play it it’s in absolutely stupendously good condition and needless to say the is big magnet there hasn’t been a great violin like this for auction I had by Martin Jana for about 20 years there’s going to be a massive contract for this we’ve got a lot of bidders on the telephone and those are the ones that we know that apart from the tender sound of this violin its association with the 20th century’s most famous string quartet justifies a top estimate of 400,000 pounds at auction the Galliano brothers cello falls short of its top estimate but still sells for 75,000 pounds but all eyes are on the royzman bile in at 160 170 180 190 200 had 280,000 pounds at 200 and even mild mannered musicians get excited when the price climbs over a thousand pounds 290 now a few minutes later the violin reaches its top estimate but the bidding goes on ranges the next bid 400 thousand pounds I’m beat four hundred and twenty thousand at four hundred and sixty thousand four hundred eighty dollars why not five hundred thousand it’s much neater number five hundred thousand I meet at five hundred thousand five hundred and twenty thousand on the telephone at five hundred and twenty thousand pounds anybody else in the room would like to come in do you feel free five ten all right I’ll take five ten you don’t want to come in again five twenty five hundred and ten and here at five ten have you all up last chance five hundred and ten thousand bands thank you very much nine two two five hundred and ten thousand pounds for a small but perfectly formed piece of musical history

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