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Big Duke: Creating Hip-Hop hits with V Collection | Arturia

August 24, 2019

I’m Big Duke, the brand is “DONTMINDIFIDUKE” born in Cleveland Ohio. I produce, I started as actually a manager I was working with these artists and I was
producing on the side it was kind of a thing. And then I worked with a few
people, one of the first people I work with was Currency. I sent him some beats, he recorded on ’em. Next thing I know, I’m like seeing
this record on blogs and all that stuff. And I kind of started taking this
serious like full-time. Usually I come in, I plug the KeyLab, open up the Arturia joints, get these synths loaded up and just really kind of start vibing. I might start with like some keys
or trying to find the melody that I like. And then from that I go on to add some drum and then as I take the idea, I start sculpting it. And the song, I look at it like a painting, you just you kind of make the outline, then you start filling in with all the colors. I feel like that’s like the process, as far as me like creating something. I’ve done work with TLC, I did work with Eric Bellinger, I did work with the game. You know, as a recent, I just did some work with Bryson Tiller. That’s on The Game’s albums we did a joint with 21 Savage. Had a joint with Anderson .Paak
on there, Marsha Ambrosius the list goes on man. The V Collection 7 it’s like over 8,000 sounds so it’s like endless. The Mellotron, the CZ and the Synthi is the new joints, you know those are just like
that. The crazy thing is, I feel like about Analog Lab, is the DSP sound, it’s literally live sounds, like tweak & tailor, to your liking. It’s dope that you can kind of add all kind of filters and effects within the program. You can essentially take these eight thousand plus sounds one by one and create a new sound so you got endless multiplications and sounds. When you make music I feel like you make it from the heart, so it’s like you’ve got to love who you’re around, who you creating around. I feel like that’s how you create the best
stuff, you know what I mean this is the next level man.

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