Artist Reacts OMG!! I got a Draw with Jazza Art Box #JazzyArtBox

July 2, 2019

hey everybody its Simon Cooney or Archer and today we're opening Josiah Brooks is draw with Jones's jazzy art box on the mic is my husband John hey guys he is gonna track me with all of our camera so you can see everything that's going on in the box this is gonna be a little different than probably many of the unboxings that you're gonna see for a couple of reasons one I am a professional artist I've been doing this my entire life in fact I'm a third generation working artist so I'm very familiar with many many art materials many products and I really understand what makes something a good art material and not a good art Metellus I'm going to be able to give you a lot of information that being said and my promise to give you a full and honest reaction to everything you should know that I have met Josiah and thought he was a super-duper nice guy man I'm a clam colony he was just really nice to me in my kid and he's just always been a sweetheart that impresses me as a human being so that's definitely you know something you should be aware of and I know the people who make the smart art boxes yep hi yeah I feel like my professionalism will allow me to like take my genuine like of all the people involved but still really look at the box that I'm very excited to get and I'm not being paid for this video but decided send me the box so yep that's all limors disclaimers and honest facts I just want to get in the box you guys is gonna get in the box there's no undos it's just a done deal okay so this box is very splashy it reminds me of the pants from the 80s to remember those the big swish pants they had to like the cut the colors cross colors was across colors they have all the splashes on them yeah this is Jerry – that's a collector's edition this is a collector's edition so that's like the first thing to think of this box is gonna be really different than the traditional smart art box smart art is known for giving you full art supplies premium art supplies and a whole art experience generally they come up with a theme and they source really good art materials put them in a box there's accompanying videos all that and it runs about fifty dollars on a monthly subscription um I anonymously subscribed just to see what it was like and I found it was easy to subscribe and unsubscribe I did that unn sponsored just to make sure that whenever I talked about them because again I haven't met them then I was speaking from a very authentic place this particular box was $99 which in art supplies on is that much money but that for a friend for a box of stuff that's like a party and I'm excited like I I like this premium creative supplies personally selected by jhaza of YouTube it's actually his address traumatology but it's just so funny because it reads YouTube with Johnson of YouTube that's right you're not you're not just I write books of Australia you are Johnson of YouTube and he's in collaboration with smart our box so that is that and there's a little there's there's like this is his hashtag if you if you use the hashtag the jazzy art box on your stuff and he's gonna be looking for like artists out there his followers has found his community to do art with this and to share it on Instagram and Twitter and on YouTube in different places and I believe he's gonna be featuring you guys in one of his future videos yep ouch and show the smart art thing on the wall on the on the website yep so that you get read and I like to hang out at the various trade shows that when we can get the chance we're but check him out smarter Foxconn yeah they're actually pretty cool I just this is how cool they are they are we met them at the Warhammer 40k booth so Atlanta because that's where we all go in an art supply shows we went to the we're like where's the miniature pay so and they're also foodies so fun fact fun weird facts I am going to open this I have D taped but I have not opened it this is fresh brush hotness oh okay so here we have put my face on your face have fun making some art and take a picture use the hashtag Jezza art box so I can see it camera shine no problem where my face instead and then there his crate and shared so these are the places that you can share with him to find things whoa he has a face then I can wear now y'all know I'm gonna be wearing it a Jezza face by the end of this video right that's happening so let's pull the tissue back I'm not a note you gotta know I got a note hopefully hopefully the note doesn't say why sure but don't open this live oh my gosh hey wouldn't die and the video would just go black because I really respect other youtuber space hopefully it's not he did not ask me to make a video in any way it was just like would you like one and I was like I'm curious if it's one of those notes is this please don't you can't written in all all right I'm not gonna read it in a J okay I'm gonna come here no no I'm gonna keep it on face cams oh my gosh you guys can't we can't we read it can I read it quick-quick do it I don't know I I don't know if I I think if I do an Australian accent on a sound no I'm you quick scan it and make sure it's okay cuz it might say don't read this online make sure it does oh yeah no it's fine doesn't say that anymore okay good okay all right I'm gonna do my not good Australian accent err cinnamon I can't do it well we're do it anyways I'm so glad to get to meet you back at climber con and follow you content since I think that guy has any type of following my content and he's so nice I am inspired by the positivity you bring to the world through art something that makes a much bigger difference this is still my Australian accent you can hear it right then i Vegemite then i think we will ever see the full effect of I hope you enjoy the box of things that have brought me creative joy and wish you all the best thank you for being you much love oh my gosh and an actual signature that I will now be fighting my 14 year old daughter hello dere that fights for I better get the heavy pillow I can't be bringing the down pillows to that I got to get the foam that I might brave for me vanity wall I don't actually have a vanity wall but now I will there's a beautiful beautiful card here to tell you all kinds of things about the box and then it tells you what's in the box but I personally like to just get into it because I kind of I like know all these things also oh guess what I have a bookmark for my book club now oh that's convenient I am NOT excited about things whoo whoo there is a print of art from Josiah oh that's pretty cool and let's get into it because actually I'm excited this is a lot all right so first glance I can tell you all right now I can buy art materials at retail or wholesale and I can promise you there is more than 99 dollars worth of stuff in here for you and that's not by making lists which nobody ever uses the metric by which you price things okay so that being said first of all you should know I have about 20 of these myself I bought like 20 I use them constantly it's one of my very favorite markers I give them to my kids I give them to our friends when they're looking for a marker it's the tombow ABT water-based markers so yeah that's not seriously good art supply I can't imagine anyone that does any rendering without it um this here is another tombow but this is like the really good like straight from like they went like really deep into that to get that one this is not the repackage for American consumer and the thing to know about arts play is when you're buying from overseas not for this but just in general just be aware that packaging and labeling may be different and if there is a warning label on the package you may not be able to read it there is not for this this is a absolutely gorgeous piece and I will not be allowing my daughter to touch that even though she's super duper talented I'm Way excited about this this is the only baller what you see I can't go in that that's limited edition and that gorgeous so that's gonna really opaque ink is very color it's not fugitive it's not flimsy it doesn't do all kinds of crazy skips on you this is again you can tell an artist picked these materials because this is somebody who's like I don't like to be mess with which i think is like the mark of real artists this is how we get into professional materials not that we're like I'm professional now I'm not no more professional arts applause that is not what we're doing what it really is is like I'm super tired and I do not want your stuff to mess with me because I got no time for that so I will pay whatever you need me to pay if you would just give me the good stuff that's how we are whoo look at this baby this is this is gonna be John this is zebra and it's a mechanical pencil the LEDs on these tend to be super high quality just to be really honest and the mechanics of them hold up really well it's it's like it's sort of a one-and-done you're not going to need to be replacing it any time soon John will steal it from me but I will fight him to the death work also with pillows with pillows ooh prison the color I haven't used this the cola race I haven't used this one so I'm gonna try it yeah I'm gonna try I usually don't do prismacolor things but since this was selected by an artist I am willing to look at that because generally like there's a couple companies that I don't normally buy their art supplies but maybe I buy a product they make generally that's because they nailed that product and I just will go get that one and pluck it out look it out like a cherry and do that Oh graphics yeah wait that looks really is this this is not custom I think this is actually current packaging and I also have some of the marabou fineliners I have a bunch of these oh don't like to be messed with and you think but you just paint acrylic why do you have all these things artists with lots of stuff I do lots of other stuff it's it's not I don't video it oh I know what this is it's the dust free buy favorite castile I have a lot of favorite cast-off when I'm working favorite Castile over prismacolor unless I'm gonna really like kick it up into some other really high-end pencil arts pie I really like favored Castile like all things being equal I have a ton of their stuff and I know for a fact these are fantastic they don't get a lot of what I call the bolder what color pencils get a bolder in them and see your coloring in the next skip it's aggravating this is not aggravate and look at the nice colors election hearing pretty much make anything with us and these will work it together but this is what I'm excited to get into you and I have not because check this out spectrum noir now first of all I'm gonna give you some back on this company this company does not just talk to any artist they see me all the time I get a nice handshake and I'm allowed to demo a pen at the trade materials show but nobody's like crossing the aisle to even be like hey like we check out your stuff so it's a big deal it's a big deal to be here so first of all it's in my friend congratulations because I know them and I know what a big deal it is to get on their packaging like huge huh huge congratulations dude that is awesome and while normally I would absolutely crack the spectrum Noirs I would normally oh do you know he helped them fix the nibs really mm-hmm so that you said this sort of soft squishy a very imprecise nib again they weren't Hocking to me so I had no chance to tell him that I could have they used to the pigment was nice but the nib is really squishy and so like there's back and forth and that has all been fixed and he tested it himself so you're not going to see that it's just a hot mess it's like it is really now very competitive I I think you'll find that they're gonna give any other marker a run for its money and look at the colors that he picked right so these are colors that you would be able to do quite a lot of pieces with now if you follow jhaza and you know he likes to do characters and not environments they're perfectly fine in environments I think it's like a mental thing to be really honest like I look at it I'm like no your environments pretty fine like you've got a light source there's shadows objects are well organized I don't I don't know what you mean but I think it's because in a certain arena of art the the the people involved are so deep and so extraordinary like some of digital artists it's it's I think it's just mind-blowing right so in that world he might be like Payan not really an environmental lawyers but you know that's just my expert opinion I haven't done this Xpress it blending cars oh no idea what that is and I will use it and tell you whoa whoa oh it's a nice sketchbook this is a very nice sketchbook so when you're looking for a sketchbook this is ninety pound paper I wouldn't do any paper I don't do under ninety pound it just I like a really quality paper mm-hmm it's my thing I'm not kidding and so and this is just a gorgeous book like the binding on it's beautiful I've opened these and done them in the art store and I think there's probably but this I have not had and this is the pencil case that he is his personal favorite pencil case and I think this might actually be true like we might actually seeing this pencil okay look at this though this is how like I don't think I've ever had when the head snaps and look I've got nails so I can't Han snaps there go snaps 600 honestly is brace like this nice stitching it's by speedball pretty much trusty ball a lot of things but this is a really beautiful case and now I feel like so here's the thing I want to wear the face but I don't want to cut the Box mm-hmm oh I can help you there hey Nina give me your best Australian accent all right um help me say say I wish I was Australian why I wish I was Australian can I give his muscles I gave his abdominals I don't know he does a lot of sit-ups yes I I feel like on YouTube to be a successful artist you got to do a lot of sit-ups now I worry about my future cuz I'm like oh I don't notice it this is this now say I just never had to know myself really gonna do this probably say think we think you have it down under we could we could do it that way I like that have no wrinkles in their brains I I'm just I keep going British you do it's a not good British like British that would make all Moranis people everyday but all right so wherever you are across the pond doing what you're doing you put together a beautiful box I cannot thank you enough for even thinking of me and reaching out and doing this or no is really meaningful you know and I know that YouTube is very isolating it's challenging and it's a hamster wheel where you work hard every single day and you're literally working for the next 30 days because the algorithm wants to just kick you as soon as you can and they it is really something really something that in all of that you manage to get this produced and produce at such a high level and I cannot wait to see what you do next I hope these companies keep working with you I really was just blessed to get to meet you if you're out there and you're wondering is he nice he's just as nice as he seems and just as singing and just as sweet and just as funny um so it's just really great to meet a really genuine amazing delightful person I hope whoever gets the Box that you get the original art because there was some original art that went out in a mystery box so I'll be looking for that don't forget to use the hashtag I can't wait to see what everybody's boxes make I might make some I'm not gonna open any of this to be really honest I'm gonna hoard it I'm gonna hoard it like an art order because it's so nice and I'll just use my materials like it to make sure it stays on and touching it this is going into the treasure chest with my youtube swag from oma YouTube training y'all don't know what that is but seriously it's gonna go with the pillow and all my stuff that I work so hard to get our treasure you go to yourself and turn your foot mm-hmm here we go you're here oh that one yeah okay let's put this let's put this right here I want to do this oh maybe we go out as design oh you want to I be design and a video yeah I want to be just we all want pictures aya I want to be Josiah and singer my show and be amazing but I shouldn't sing on my own show same all right so good to yourselves be good to each other live in the light every minute that you can and I want to see you at the easel really soon congratulations as I you're amazing

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